Heroes At BlizzCon: A Quick Reference

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Only officially released 4 months ago, Heroes of the Storm is now making its first BlizzCon appearance as a full-fledged franchise. Alpha versions of the game had been presented in 2013 and 2014. Here is a brief writeup of the things you should prepare for.




Just as in 2014, three Heroes of the Storm-related panels will be presented this year.


The Hero Deep Dive panel is making a comeback on Friday, starting at 2:15pm, aiming to "take a closer look at all of the new Heroes coming to the Nexus". A mistranslated post from the EU Blizzard team hinted at the presentation of 4 or more new Heroes. Although it is uncommon for the team to release more than a single Hero every 3 week, it is still entirely plausible for the panel to discuss those coming over the next 3 months. Cho'gal, Kel'thuzad, Samuro, and Vol'jin, models of all of which have been sighted in different videos and images released by Blizzard over the years, are pretty good guesses as to what we may be seeing in the presentation.


The Overview and Sounds of the Nexus panels will not be coming back this year, being replaced by the   Battlegrounds and the State of the Game panels. Presented on Sunday at at 4pm, State of the Game will discuss the game's evolution and upcoming design and balance changes for Heroes, battlegrounds, and talents. This panel will be a good test to see how well our developers team is acquainted with the current meta-game state.


As for Battlegrounds, presented on the same day at 4pm, the panel will allow players to have a "look at the new locations and objectives [they'll] conquer in Heroes of the Storm". Although entirely speculative, players believe that a Starcraft-themed battleground may find its way into the Nexus, as a way of celebrating Legacy of the Void's impending release.


pZnhTHo.jpgThe Nexus Battle Beast mount is a reward for those who attend BlizzCon 2015 (including Virtual Pass owners)




For those craving some competitive play, the World Championship group play will begin on Friday at 4pm, and go on for a planned 6 hours thereafter. Although crowd-favourite Cloud 9 and Na`Vi have already qualified for the semifinals happening on Saturday, these BO3s are sure to innerve the teams that did not qualify during last month's group stage. Dignitas, DK, and Tempo Storm are considered the top teams in this bracket, and the matches between DK and Tempo Storm should be especially ferocious, given that only one of the two wrecking balls can make it to the semifinals.


The semifinals and grand final are both happening on Saturday, starting at 8:45pm, and will feature Cloud 9, Na`Vi, and whichever teams claw their way out of the group play.


We will keep you updated on the outcomes of these games as the tournament progresses, and we will also provide some post-match analysis.

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    • By Stan

      Braxis Outpost has been chosen as this week's brawl. Complete three games on the single-lane map to earn a Loot Chest.
      Blizzard (Source)
      Shuffle Pick Choose from one of three randomly selected Heroes before entering the battle on Braxis Outpost. Be quick about it though, you only have 30 seconds to choose! ARAM Rules Players cannot use Hearthstone Players do not heal at their starting location. (Hall of Storms) Cores have no shields Mercenary Camps Braxis Outpost features two mirrored Goliath & Raven mercenary camps. Be the first team to take down the enemy Core to claim victory! Rewards:
      Complete three matches of Braxis Outpost to earn a Loot Chest.
    • By Stan

      Discussions continue about D.Va and her post-nerf win rate and Xul's nerfs from yesterday.
      At the time of nerfs, D.Va had the sixth highest win rate in Hero League for players that leveled her to 10 (Blizzard's standard metric). After nerfs she's at 48%  and it's very likely that some of her underperforming talents will be buffed. Blizzard (Source)
      Hey guys, I'm Alex from the Live/Balance Team and I wanted to chime in here.

      At the time of the nerfs to D.Va, she had the 6th highest winrate in Hero League (~54%) for players that had leveled her to 10 or higher (our standard metric). She was behind only Malthael, Uther, Ragnaros, Probius, and Tassadar. A lot of those Heroes have also received nerfs since that point in time.

      We also find that newer Heroes continue to trend up for a while, and our personal experience told us that players were still learning to be really effective with D.Va, so we believed that nerfs were correct.

      She's now at 48%, and anecdotally I've never been upset to see a D.Va in my games (nor felt like I shouldn't play her when the team composition made sense).

      It's very likely that we'll do more Talent tuning as we progress, which will likely result in buffs to some of the under-performing Talents. Overall, we won't always hit it perfectly the first time, as each Hero reacts differently to tuning, but we're always watching and will continue to make adjustments to get it right eventually. We care deeply for each Hero that is released, and want to see them have a nice place in the Nexus.

      GG WP! Xul
      The intention of yesterday's changes was to nerf Xul, but at the same time, improve his W-oriented (Cursed Strikes) build. Devs want to make his three builds on par and they're closely monitoring his win rate. Blizzard (Source)
      Just pointing facts here. At the time i post this, Xul has a win rate of 55.8% or ~56% in hero league. I am waiting for the deserved nerf. Honestly, that champion is a beast, both in qm and hero league.
      We're watching. The intention of the changes yesterday were to nerf Xul, but make the Cursed Strikes (W) build a little better in the process (since it was about 5% lower winrate).

      It's still too soon to make any conclusions, but an interesting observation is people are taking Grim Scythe oriented builds less often, which is leading to a rise in his winrate (since the build isn't performing as well on average).

      Obviously that's not ideal, we want to make all 3 builds on par, but its one of the things that leads to a fluctuation in a Hero's overall winrate that we need to keep in mind.
      I love your posts. Feed us more hero data!!!
      Thanks again.

      I am glad you are watching the situation closely. I just want to say something, though i doubt it is necessary. Please, don't try to balance the game only on 1 gamemode. Balance the game around every gamemode - QM, HL, Bot games.
      In general, we we aim to balance Hero League primarily, as that style of play usually trickles down into the other modes. If things are balanced there, we're usually in a pretty good spot in other game modes.

      We do watch Quick Match especially to make sure nothing gets out of hand though. Certain Heroes thrive in the more chaotic Quick Match (and with less structured team compositions), so we expect some deviation from Hero League's results because of it. But if it makes for a degenerative experience, we'll make some changes trying to address just Quick Match problems when we need to.
    • By Stan

      Senior Game Designer Matt Cooper talks about Brightwing, her current state and future changes. 
      The devs think Brightwing is in a healthy spot right now balance-wise and has good talent diversity. One exception to this are her Q talents. Her niche is a support with global mobility and there aren't any plans to change her Z. The fact that it has a long cooldown and can be interrupted with CC make it balanced. Her shield build was problematic when it was the only "correct" way to play her and invalidated her Z. On the other hand, the build was fun and had a strong sense of idenity and Blizzard would like to explore whether they can reintroduce some aspect of what made this build unique and fun. The community brought up that currently, there's no skill differentiation on Brightwing aka there's no difference between a good and a great Brightwing. The problem with Arcane Flare and its talents is their balance of effectiveness vs reliability. You don't get enough value from taking them compared to other options on the same tier and the team will be addressing it at some point when time allows. (Source)
    • By Stan

      For the True Horde! Learn more about Garrosh in our Hero preview.
      Victory or Death! Garrosh, Son of Hellscream has been added to the official website and Blizzard released a Hero spotlight with his abilities. Check out our preview for full talents!
      As the new warchief of the Horde, Garrosh is a proud and vicious warrior who rules with an iron fist. His hatred for the Alliance burns like wildfire, and he will stop at nothing to destroy them. By his axe, the orcs will reclaim their rightful glory.
      Skin Variation - Mad Axe Garrosh
      Of all the biker gangs marauding the wastelands, none are as feared as the Warsong Outriders. Led by the mutant warlord Garrosh, the roar of their engines is the sound of death on wheels.

      Trait - Armor Up
      Garrosh gains 1 Armor for every 2% of maximum Health missing,
      Primary Abilities
      [Q] GROUNDBREAKER Deal 81 damage to enemies in an area. Heroes hit on the outer edge are pulled toward Garrosh. [W] BLOODTHIRST Deal 156 damage to an enemy and heal for 10% of Garrosh's missing Health. Healing is increased by 100% against Heroes. [E] WRECKING BALL Throw a nearby enemy Hero, Minion, or Mercenary to the target location, dealing 91 damage to enemies near the impact and Slowing them by 30% for 2.5 seconds. Heroic Abilities
      [R1] WARLORD'S CHALLENGE Silence nearby Heroes and force them to attack Garrosh for 1.5 seconds. [R2] DECIMATE Deal 50 damage to nearby enemies and Slow them by 30% for 1.5 seconds. Deals 100% more damage to Heroes, and each Hero hit reduces the cooldown by 1 second. Stores up to 3 charges. Talents (Source - Credits go to redditor WarHamsterQueek)
      Level 1
      1 [Q] Warbreaker Quest: Pull Heroes with Groundbreaker Reward: After pulling 5 Heroes, Groundbreaker deal san additional 150 damage over 3 seconds to Heroes. After pulling 15 Heroes, reduce Groundbreaker’s cooldown by 3 seconds. 1 [E] Unrivaled Strength Increase Wrecking Ball’s throw range by 20% and its damage by 100% 1 [Active] Body Check Activate to deal 111 damage to a target enemy and Slow them by 30% for 3 seconds. Damage is increased by 200% of Armor Up’s current bonus, and the Slow amount is increased by 30% if Armor Up’s bonus is above 25. Level 4
      4 [W] In for the Kill Increase Bloodthirst’s damage against non-Heroes by 60% Killing enemies with Bloodthirst resets its cooldown and refunds its Mana cost. 4 [Passive] Thirst for Battle Basic Attacks against Heroes reduce the cooldown of Bloodthirst by 2 seconds. 4 [Active] Indomitable Activate to become Unstoppable for 1.5 seconds. Level 7
      7 [Q] Intimidation Groundbreaker reduces the Attack Speed of Heroes hit by 40% for 4 seconds. 7 [Active] Brute Force Enemies hit by Body Check receive 50% reduced healing for 4 seconds. 7 [Passive] Oppressor Basic Attacks against Heroes reduce the target’s Spell Power by 40% for 2.5 seconds. 7 [Active] Into the Fray Activate to throw a nearby ally and grant them 25 Armor for 3 seconds. Deals 91 damage to nearby enemies upon impact and Slows them by 30% for 2.5 seconds. While in flight, allied Heroes are Unstoppable. Level 10
      10 Warlord’s Challenge Silence nearby Heroes and force them to attack Garrosh 1.5 seconds. 10 Decimate Deal 50 damage to nearby enemies and Slow them by 30% for 1.5 seconds. Deals 100% more damage to Heroes, and each Hero hit reduces the cooldown by 1 second. Stores up to 3 charges. Level 13
      13 [Q] Defensive Measures Pulling a Hero with Groundbreaker grants Garrosh a 350 Shield for 6 seconds. 13 [W] Bloodcraze When hitting a Hero, Bloodthirst heals for an additional 10% of Garrosh’s maximum Health over 3 seconds. 13 [Trait - D] Double Up Armor Up can be activated to increase its Armor bonus by 100% for 3 seconds. Level 16
      16 [Q] Rough Landing Heroes pulled by Groundbreaker are Slowed by 50% for 3 seconds. 16 [Q] Mortal Combo If Wrecking Ball is used on a Hero within 2 seconds of pulling them with Groundbreaker, Wrecking Ball’s cooldown is reduced by 10 seconds. 16 [E] Earthshaker Wrecking Ball Stuns enemies near the impact area for 0.75 seconds. Level 20
      20 [R1] Death Wish Increase the duration of Warlord’s Challenge by 0.5 seconds. If an enemy Hero is killed while affected by Warlord’s challenge, its cooldown is reduced by 45 seconds. 20 [R2] Deadly Calm Heroes hit by Decimate deal 20% less damage for 3 seconds. 20 [E] Titanic Might Wrecking Ball now throws the 2 closest enemies. 20 [Active] Inner Rage Body Check gains an additional charge, and its cooldown recharges 100% faster while Armor Up’s bonus is at or above 25. Hero Spotlight
      Garrosh will be playable on PTR starting July 31.
    • By Stan

      Blizzard just released a balance update with plenty of Hero changes and bug fixes.
      Blizzard (Source)

      Health reduced from 1600 to 1550 Health Regen reduced from 3.3 to 3.2 Abilities
      Shuriken (Q) Mana cost increased from 15 to 20 Dragonblade (R) Cooldown increased from 80 to 100 seconds Mana cost increased from 50 to 75 Talents
      Level 7 Dodge (Passive) Charges reduced from 3 to 1 Cooldown reduced from 12 to 8 seconds Greymane

      Cursed Bullet (R) Damage reduced from 40 to 35% of enemy Heroes’ current Health Tychus

      Level 4 Fully Loaded (Q) Cooldown reduction increased from 33% (4 seconds) to ~41% (5 seconds) Specialist

      Raise Skeleton (Trait) Health reduced from 300 to 270 Cursed Strikes (W) Cooldown increased from 15 to 16 seconds Talents
      Level 1 Backlash (Trait) Damage reduced from 15 to 12% of enemy Heroes’ maximum Health Level 4 Grim Scythe (W) Cooldown reduction per attack increased from .5 to .75 seconds Maximum cooldown reduction increased from 10 to 12 seconds Support

      Healing Pathogen (Q) Mana cost increased from 30 to 40 Flailing Swipe (R) Pushback distance increased by 50% Talents
      Level 1 Spine Launcher (Passive) Slow duration increased from 1 to 1.5 seconds (now matches his attack speed) Fetid Touch (W) Quest requirements reduced from 20 and 40 Heroes hit to 15 and 30 Growing Infestation (E) Added functionality: Now increases the Cooldown of Lurking Arm by 4 seconds Level 4 One Good Spread… (Q) Spreading requirement reduced from 4 to 3 Heroes Mana refund increased from 30 to 40 Vigorous Reuptake (D) Healing bonus reduced from 50 to 40% Level 16 Pox Populi (D) Adjusted functionality: Detonating Bio-Kill Switch no longer refreshes heal duration, but instead extends it by 3 seconds Level 20 Controlled Chaos (R) Cooldown between casts reduced from 3 to 1 second Cooldown for each charge reduced from 40 to 30 seconds Push Comes to Shove (R) Duration requirement reduced from 1.5 to 1.25 seconds Uther

      Holy Light (Q) Healing reduced from 380 to 360 Self-healing reduced from 190 to 180 Holy Radiance (W) Mana cost increased from 60 to 70 Warriors

      Fortifying Brew (Trait) Brew per second reduced from 40 to 30 Chen will now instantly gain 25 Brew upon activation Talents
      Level 1 Elusive Brawler (Active) Cooldown increased from 20 to 25 seconds Cooldown reduction from Basic Attacks reduced from 3 to 2 seconds Muradin

      Health increased from 2633 to 2765 Health regen increased from 5.5 to 5.8 Rexxar

      Level 1 Flare (Active) Cooldown reduced from 25 to 20 seconds Stitches

      Vile Gas (Trait) Damage reduced from 18 to 17 Talents
      Level 1 Heavy Slam (W) Bonus damage reduced from 50 to 40% Bug Fixes
      Heroes, Abilities, and Talents
      Diablo: Casting Shadow Charge on Sgt. Hammer while she is in Siege Mode will no longer cause Diablo to pass through her. Malfurion: The Moonburn Talent will no longer cause Moonfire to deal bonus damage to Mercenaries and Monsters prior to reaching 25% bonus damage against Minions. Malfurion: Casting Astral Communion now properly consumes 100 Mana. Nazeebo:  Fixed an issue that could prevent Voodoo Ritual from gaining stacks after scoring the killing blow on a Minion. Stukov: Fixed a typo in the tooltip for Fetid Touch. Stukov: Stop, Hold Fire, Taunt, and Dance commands can no longer be issued while casting or channeling Lurking Arm. Stukov: Fixed an issue that could cause FPS to drop to 30 when targeting Lurking Arm. Stukov: Massive Shove will no longer be cancelled when used on Sgt. Hammer while she is in Siege Mode. Tyrande: After learning Huntress’ Fury, Basic Attacks against targets with Hunter’s Mark will now correctly splash to nearby enemy Mercenaries. Tyrande: Fixed an issue causing Sentinel to benefit from increased width prior to learning the Ranger Talent.