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heroes BlizzCon: Heroes World Championship Results

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The Heroes of the Storm World Championship is the final step of the Road to BlizzCon competition held by Blizzard. As the name implies, the tournament featured 8 of the best teams in the world, all vying over a 200,000$ first-place prize and, of course, an inestimable deal of fame and glory. Although it is not the first BlizzCon-held tournament for Heroes, it is the first to feature teams that actually had to qualify as opposed to simply being invited, thus making the event much more competitive. Here you can find the results of these matches, highlight descriptions of each of the series, and relevant VODs.


Friday, November 6th, 2015 - Group Stage


16:00 PST


YL 2 : 0 GIA


YL outright knocked the only Taiwanese team out of the tournament with a perfect score. The matches were notable for featuring extremely aggressive team compositions from the Chinese team YL, even purposefully.


Game 1


Game 2


18:00 PST


Brave Heart 2 : 1 Tempo Storm


An unexpected result that left the North American scene in shock, as Tempo Storm was one of the crowd favourites and the longest standing team of the entire Heroes community. The Chinese are now very confident as two of their teams dominated the tournament from the get go.


Game 1


Game 2


Game 3




Coveted by all, the trophy comes with an acceptable 200,000$ check.


20:30 PST


Dignitas 2 : 0 YL


These sweeping victories did not only rekindle some public faith into a team that was seen as losing some of its former momentum, but would also set an important precedent to Dignitas' upcoming success.


Game 1


Game 2


22:00 PST


DK KR 2 : 1 Brave Heart


While expected to be a sweep from the overconfident Korean team, these matches, although good, began to display certain weaknesses that would soon spell DK KR's demise.


Game 1


Game 2


Game 3




DK KR was once considered the best team in the world.


Saturday, November 7th, 2015 - Semifinals



9:45 PST


Dignitas 2 : 0 Na`vi


Scheduled to begin at around 10 PST, the matches were delayed for over 3 hours as both teams were stuck on stage with several technicians trying to solve a minor audio issue that allowed one of the teams to hear the other team's voice comms. Dignitas, heavily expected to be dominated due to their unsteady late performances, surprised the world with a stellar performance that would annihilate Na`vi, the team that was predicted to win the entire tournament.


Game 1


Game 2




Dignitas amazed the world despite recent struggles.


15:00 PST


Cloud 9 2 : 0 DK KR


Matches that were expected to be very close ended up in a sweep as C9 used pocket strategies against which the Korean team was clearly not prepared. If there were ever any doubts that Murky was not a competitive hero, game 2 of the series will change your mind, and forever remain in the hearts of all players around the world.


Game 1


Game 2


Grand Final


17:00 PST


Cloud 9 3 : 0 Dignitas


Confidence. If there was one word to describe Cloud 9's play, it would be it. Right from the drafting screen, it seemed that the team was on another level. Was it the momentum from the Korean sweep? Was it the desire to show everyone what it meant to be the best? Who knows. In the end, the team would secure an unequivocal victory over a speechless Dignitas. Heartfelt congratulations to my friends and former teammates, DunkTrain and KingCaffeine.


Game 1


Game 2


Game 3




A proud Cloud 9, rewarded after countless hours of practice... and for great team cohesion.

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