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Hey all. New player here looking for friends. Currently rank 16 running this Pali deck. Advice and a few friends would be great. Thanks.


Blessing of Might x2

Abusive Sergeant x2

Argent Squire x1

Leper Gnome x2

South Sea Deckhand x1

Annoy-o-Tron x1

Argent Protector x2

Ironbeak Owl x2

Knife Juggler x2

Shielded Minibot x2

Divine Favor x2

Muster for Battle x2

Argent Horserider x2

Truesilver Champion x2

Blessing of Kings x2

Consecration x2

Piloted Shredder x1





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Hello and welcome to Icy-veins. 

There is a topic made for tips around deckbuilding in this forum already, so please, next time post there. 


By the first Blessing of Kings I think you meant Blessing of Might. 1 BoM should be enough. Swap the other one for my favourite 1-drop, Worgen Infiltrator.

Annoy-o-tron has low value with paladin being the post popular class. Add an Arcane golem in its place to have more burst damage.

Other than that the deck seems fine. 


If you mean forum friends, the posting good advice or good question will definitely help a lot. If you mean friends, just edit your post to include your tag.


Can't really help you with the playstyle of the deck, just go for face a lot and try not to trade much. Aggro is hard to master and takes a lot of practice.

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