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How to conquer Heroic Bosses using Basic cards.

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I challenged myself to conquer the Heroic Bosses from League of Explorers by using only the Basic cards from the hero's start.


So far I was able to conquer the first wing, using a Druid deck (Zinaar), a Shaman deck (Phaerix) and a Mage deck (Temple escape). Here are my deck strategies and game play.


Check it out, and leave me your comment,

and if you like it, please share ;-)








Temple Escape:

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    • By WayneManship
      OK so I just purchased the League of Explorers adventure and have gained some pretty interesting cards. I play a Deathrattle/Beast Hunter and it seemed as though several of the new cards could really offer some interesting new dynamics to my deck. I messed around with a few different combinations but had some difficulty finding just the right arrangement. So naturally I turned to the forums and deck lists to get some ideas and there was nothing. No Hunter decks with LoE cards and no threads addressing this. Thus, i pose unto you, the vast and varying strategic geniuses of Icy-Veins,  these questions. What, if anything, does LoE offer the Hunter class? Has anyone managed to create a successful hunter deck incorporating LoE cards? And if the consensus is that LoE has nothing of significance to offer the hunter class, why the inclusion of so many beast cards with this adventure pack? As always, all opinions are greatly appreciated.
    • By Freshness
      I've had fairly consistent success with this fight using a pretty cheap mage deck loaded with secrets.
      Dire Wolf x2
      Mad Scientist x2
      Counterspell x2
      Frost Nova x2
      Ice Barrier x1
      Ice Block x1
      Mirror Image x1
      Spell Binder x1
      Vaporize x2
      Flamewalker x2
      Kirin Tor Mage x1
      Etherial Arcanist x2
      Kezan Mystic x1
      Flame Lance x1
      Etherial Conjurer x2
      Summoning Stone x2
      Blizzard x1
      Emperor Thaurissian x1
      Flamestrike x2
      Archmage Antonidas x1
      The early turns can be tough, especially if he gets a turn 2 buff off and has two 3/8s on the board. You'll want to mulligan for Dire Wolf, Mad Scientist, or Vaporize to help stabilize the board in early game. The key to this deck is getting a Summoning Stone in play and just unloading spells to fill your board with useful creatures before it becomes clogged from his hero power. I've also had luck with an Etherial Arcanist staying in play long enough to become a 15/15 and pounding face with it.
      The three main counters I try to aim for are:
      Stealing his Sacred Trials with the Kezan Mystic Having his Entomb hit a Spell Binder Having Ice Block for when he clears the board and hits your face. In normal this only hits for 1 damage per statue destroyed but in heroic it does 3 damage per, so it has the possibility of killing you in one shot if you're not careful.  
      If you find yourself getting overwhelmed I'd recommend dropping the Flamewalkers for a couple Doomsayers.
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