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Fury Warrior DPS Support & Suggestions

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Howdy and thanks for any help and suggestions.  I have looked on YouTube, Icy Vein (War guide), and various other websites for rotation guides and addons for my warrior.  But I am still struggling.  I have been told that my DPS with my ilvl should be 50K+ DPS.  Any rotation, talent build, anything really will be of great help to me so that I can better assist my guild and raiding team.  Thank you.




Logs for last few raids:



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This is a tough one, your gear looks good to me. The thing that's really standing out for me is that your melee attacks are doing most of your damage. That should never be the case for fury so I can't help but think that you're clicking your spells. Whether or not that is the case fury is not a spec that can be played with your mouse, it's far too fast for that. It won't be easy but I can almost guarantee that learning to use hotkeys will improve your damage.


Another thing that will help is tracking your enrage buff because while it is up you will do at least 30% more damage (depending on your mastery). The whole spec is based around that single buff and I noticed a difference when I started tracking it using TellMeWhen. As annoying as it can be you really shouldn't be using any abilities when you're not enraged except to prevent yourself from rage capping.

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