[US-Hyjal][H] <Oblivion> HFC: 1/13 M, dps

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Our Progression - 13/13 normal 13/13 heroic 1/13 Mythic

Raid Times - Sun/Mon 7:00-10:00 pacific time

Server/Faction - Hyjal US (pacific time zone), Horde

We have a fun raid atmosphere but still work toward progression each week. We are comprised of people who are great at raiding but have lives too busy for hardcore.

Right now we are recruiting with high priority:

- Ele Shaman with Resto OS
- Balance Druid with Resto OS

Also recruiting:

- Mage
- Fury Warrior
- Rogue

Minimum Requirements to raid with us:
710 ilvl
At least 13/13H experience
Your 715 ring and working on tomes

We are always looking for solid players who will reliably show up to raids, so even if you are not a class/spec we are actively recruiting, feel free to contact us!

Please Contact - Grimlen#1586

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