Blue Tweets & Posts: Class Changes

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In the last couple of days, blue tweets and posts have surfaced talking about future class changes for certain Heroes.

Class Changes
  • Artanis
    • Heroes of the Storm Game Director Dustin Browder was asked on Twitter if there were any changes/buffs planned for Artanis, according to his answer, the Hero is likely to receive changes in a major forthcoming patch.
  • Nova
    • The same applies to Nova's talent linearity, a rework is under way.
  • Sylvanas
    • Possession improvements are currently being discussed by the developer team.
  • Gazlowe
    • Our goblin friend will also be among Heroes receiving class changes according to Trikslyr's post on the official forums.

Blizzard Icon Trikslyr on Gazlowe Changes

They're coming. Don't worry. Gazlowe buffs were hinted at during BlizzCon. The changes in store are, well.... I'll just say that I'll personally be playing him more often once the changes hit. =) Give it some time, though. They're going through internal testing at the moment.

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