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Hearthstone on Google Play's best games of 2015 list

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Google Play has published its comprehensive list of best games of 2015 that are available in its store. There are 55 games on the list including Candy Crush Soda Saga, Forge of Empires, Angry Birds 2 and agar.io. It is no surprise to see Hearthstone among them, and with a high rating. The breakdown of user votes however follows a different pattern to other games of similar rating.


Hearthstone has an average user rating of 4.3 (4.34 to be more precise) which is up there with the highest rated games. However, although most games do have a larger number of 1-star votes compared to 2 and 3 star, Hearthstone scores 1-star 9.9% of the time which is significantly more than most games of similar average.


The breakdown of user ratings at time of writing is as follows:

  • 5: 519,820 (72.9%)
  • 4: 72,486   (10.2%)
  • 3: 31,681   (4.4%)
  • 2: 18,292   (2.6%)
  • 1: 70,318   (9.9%)

A read through the comments reveals that the bad ratings are not in general because of the random elements of the game, or the cost, but mainly about the size of the client. This sentiment has also been echoed in a long Reddit thread over the last couple of days, with iPhone users finding it only takes up 1.4GB of memory but Android users finding it uses over 3GB.


The good news is that with 72.9% of people rating it five stars, it seems that Blizzard are keeping the vast majority of people very happy.

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