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We are a casual guild with mature members. Looking for people that would like to raid now and then, but not too seriously. We are stuck in HFC normal at the moment, mostly because we are 1 or two ppl short of putting up a 10 man raid. It's a nice quiet guild with grown ups. 
Looking for any type, dps, tanks, healers.. Most of our members have several roles as we have had to switch roles a lot to get our raids going.
We are not looking for people that expect us to run through HFC Heroic after a week. What we are looking for is people that would like to come raiding with us maybe a few times a week, and to join in on trying to figure out tactics and executing them, one boss at a time.
This is a guild for ppl with real lives, and we are happy when people log on, not grumpy because they didn't yesterday. 
So, anyone interested, feel free to send me an ingame mail, or to one of the other members in the guild. Other officers would be Inwee, Nevare, Mizchief.. but you can find us on the armory too.

Also, look us up on


All officers online will be happy to invite.

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