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HotS Community Managers Trikslyr and Spyrian have been active on the official forums and on Reddit respectively. Here’s what they said.


Players have noticed that tower damage seems decreased since the last patch. Trikslyr has confirmed that this was an intended change, but the team is still keeping an eye on it.


Blizzard Icon Trikslyr

Towers are a bit weaker now due to the scaling changes. This was an intended change.

Because of this, we are seeing more "Gank related" types of team compositions (Diablo/Tyrande). I can assure you, the balance team is keeping an eye on the change and will make alterations as necessary. Feedback is certainly appreciated on this topic if anyone wants to chime in.




Gazlowe hasn’t been the most popular Hero around. It was announced at Blizzcon 2015 that Gazlowe will be on the top of the list of Heroes that will receive changes. Trikslyr clarified that these changes won’t be coming before 2016.


Blizzard Icon Trikslyr

Some changes are coming to Gazlowe in 2016. However, he does control space well and, as a result, can perform well on maps like Battlefield of Eternity or Sky Temple. Give it a try sometime.




There was also an explanation as to why the first Heroes of the Storm Season is taking so long.


Blizzard Icon Trikslyr

We want to make sure matchmaking and a few other things are in a solid state before moving forward with a new season.




Meanwhile on Reddit, Spyrian revealed that the Haunted Mines battleground isn’t coming back very soon. Just like Gazlowe, this battleground hasn’t exactly been popular among the playerbase.


Blizzard Icon Spyrian

No date right now, but I can look into this to see if we have any plans to bring it back to matchmaking rotations. Wouldn't count on this being anytime in the very near future, though.




Lastly, Spyrian came to discard a theory on a Reddit thread that the team is working on a new engine for Heroes of the Storm and referred to a Dustin Browder tweet on the issue. Earlier this week, Stan covered all the latest Dustin Browder tweets.


Blizzard Icon Spyrian

While there are some very hard working members of the Heroes dev team that do work on bug fixes and improvements for the engine, performance, optimization, systems, and much more, we are not working on a new engine for Heroes right now.

Dustin also tweeted about this topic a few minutes ago.


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