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Ideal 1 mana neutral starting hand cards for rush deck

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Hello, I have never posted anything before but have always relied heavily on the knowledgeable team at Icy Veins and the incredible members of this forum to aid me in becoming a better Hearthstone player. so thanks to everyone for that. However, when i tried to find a good discussion about preferred starting cards for a rush/aggro deck i couldn't really find one comprehensive post singularly dedicated to discussing the pros and cons of the many 1 and 2 cost cards as they relate to a rush deck and achieving that oh-so-vital early game advantage. Of-course, there are many, many points of reference to ideal starting hands over several dozen posts and articles though only some are mentioned and most are discussed in how they relate to specific and circumstantial contexts rather than to each-other, both in combination and as opposing forces, across all classes. So I thought I would try and get a conversation going on this. There are so many truly gifted strategists out there who have taken this game to an incredible level. I would love to see those with this comprehensive knowledge of the card pool as a whole weigh in on this discussion. What are the most ideal starting cards and why? How do they relate to each-other when played in combination or in opposition? What are your opinions? What examples of powerful or advantageous plays can you give?

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Most of the times you want a class card in your starting hand. This would be Tunnel Trogg, Darnassus Aspirant, Mechwarper, Mana Wyrm and so on. Out of the neutral cards, it would be Juggler (especially if you have other low-cost minions in your hand), a 2/1 (such as Leper Gnome), Mad Scientist (if you play Hunter or Mage), Haunter Creeper, Secretkeeper (if you play Aggro Secret Pally) or a Worgen Infiltrator. Generally a 1- or 2-drops that don't rely on other cards or are not pieces of combos. 

One of the best early game plays would be Coin + Creeper into Juggler next turn. Also Juggler into Living Roots, Coin + Juggler into a 2-drop. Well, basically any Juggler combo. 

Do you mean by opposition that the enemy player play an aggro card/early drop? If so, Argent Squire and Zombie chow are best to deal with such problems (although Chow is a control/midrange card). Argent Squire can trade with two 1-drops or one 2-drop, same as Chow. 

Probably the sickest early game would be T2 Juggler, T3 Coin + 2x Living Roots + 2x Leper Gnome. You have a Juggler with already 9 damage done and full board. Also T1 Coin + Juggler, T2 Juggler, T3 2x Living Roots + Leper Gnome. 7 knives, 16 damage done within 3 turns. 1 damage off lethal next turn. Both are concede worthy. 

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