Knights of the Frozen Throne Quest Hunter

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Here's my current take on the quest Hunter. Stitched Tracker and Build-A-Beast in my eyes have really given Hunter some good and greatly needed flexibility. The ability to create an extra Tol'vir Warden, Tundra Rhino, Hyena, or Cult Master, or any of the various 1 drops needed for the quest allow for a nice range of minions without having to worry about getting that one draw you need to combo. Build-A-Beast is such a fantastic ability and the AOE that Deathstalker Rexxar gives is a very welcome addition. While a little expensive Exploding Bloatbat + anything with charge, preferably a Boar, gives Hunter a nice suicide bomb. Alternatively Hyena + anything with Stealth is a great way to safely build up lethal, or a Stealth Rhino to consistently hurl charge raptors at your opponent's face.  

This deck is by no means perfect, but it's a hell of a lot of fun to play in its current iteration. I'm open to any suggestions or criticisms about how to make this more viable. 

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Hunter has two main problems, one they just get tempoed out of the game by most aggro decks, they can't get a board to stick early, can't get any repetitive damage in, and just can't stabilize and lose.  Two, one of the better tempo tools they have, freezing trap, and secret synergy in general is broken for them right now because freezing trap (one of their best secrets) is terrible in a meta where 1 mana 1/1 charges exist.  The marsh queen really doesn't help this.  In fact giving up playing a 1 drop on turn 1 is often suicide since you are actively trading tempo at this point for the iffy long term value of the quest.  On top of that most control decks can pretty confindently deal with the queen and her brood, which makes it a pretty worthless card imo.  Currently hunter is actually doing pretty okay, but only because everyone is playing more controly or midrange decks.  If this continues, they might see a decent amount of play, if the meta goes back to aggro, the game will probably be back to only 8 classes, maybe even fewer.  So my overall suggestion would be remove the marsh queen package from the deck and focus on a stronger mid game package.  Corpse widow + death rattles looks promising, and death knight rexxar can give you a lot of inevitability vs control decks that manage to stabilize.  

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