Hunter Tier 15 (T15) Set Bonuses

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T15 Hunter 2P Bonus - Your ability_hunter_steadyshot.jpgSteady Shot and ability_hunter_cobrashot.jpgCobra Shot have a chance to summon a Thunderhawk to fight for you for the next 10 sec.

T15 Hunter 4P Bonus - Your ability_impalingbolt.jpgArcane Shot, ability_upgrademoonglaive.jpgMulti-Shot, and inv_spear_07.jpgAimed Shot have a chance to trigger a Lightning Arrow at the target, dealing 100% weapon damage as Nature.

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Will the thunderhawk from the 2P get the mastery bonus for BM hunters? Will that put them back on top?

While the 2-set benefits from BM's mastery, the 4-set benefits from survival's. However, they have different proc chances depending on your spec (BM has the lowest chance to proc the 2-set, and surv has the lowest chance for the 4-set, pretty sure).

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I've been working on implementing these set bonuses into simulation craft, so I've spent a lot of time on the 2-piece bonus. so here are a few findings or confirmations of things that were announced.

The Thunderhawk only casts spell_nature_lightning.jpgLightning Blast. At low haste levels, it casts it 5 times. As you increase your haste, the chance to get 6 casts increases. At some point, you get a chance to have 7 casts, and so on. I'll get back when I have computed values.

spell_nature_lightning.jpgLightning Blast does not scale with Attack Power, so it always does 20k damage, in average. If you are playing a Beast Mastery Hunter, then it scales with your Mastery, so if you have 25% Mastery, then your Lightning Blast will always do 25k damage, in average.

spell_nature_lightning.jpgLightning Blast can critically strike, according to your own critical strike chance. It can also miss, regardless of your chance to miss, so we believe that it may be a bug.

Also, the proc for the Thunderhawk is on a set value per minute: 0.7 PPM (Procs Per Minute) for Beast Mastery, 1 PPM for Marksmanship, and 1.2 for Survival. I still want to test whether having more Haste Rating causes the Thunderhawk to proc more often, but it is hard to get conclusive data (with 1 proc per minute, I'll let you judge how long I need to test :P).

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Actually, after further testing, it seems that recount was not properly working, and that Haste has no influence on the amount of casts of Lightning Blast by the Thunderhawk.

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