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hearthstone Nominations Announced for GosuAwards Hearthstone 2015

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GosuGamers have announced the nominations for their 2015 awards, the second year that Hearthstone has been included. Last year, Kolento took down the "Player of the Year" award. With "Firebat's run" voted the best story and Frodan voted the best caster.

This time around there are 14 categories and there's a wide choice, with 79 nominees to choose from.
The headline "Best Player" award nominees are Firebat, Kolento, Lifecoach, Ostkaka, Purple, and Thijs; a list that reminds us what a great year this has been for Hearthstone.
The other categories include: "Best player", "Best team", "Best tournament", "Biggest potential", "Best new caster" and "Best production" as well as some more casual categories for events like "Tavern Brawl" and "Drama". Icy-Veins very own Sottle is nominated in the caster category. Congratulations to him.
Voting will close at 00:00 CET on December 26 and we'll be sure to let you know who wins.

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