Priest Tier 15 (T15) Set Bonuses

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T15 Healing 2P Bonus - Your spell_holy_prayerofmendingtga.jpgPrayer of Mending heals for 10% more each time it jumps to a new target.

T15 Healing 4P Bonus - Your spell_holy_penance.jpgPenance and spell_holy_circleofrenewal.jpgCircle of Healing have a 40% chance to summon a Golden Apparition, which moves to a nearby ally and heals for an additional 100,000.

T15 Shadow 2P Bonus - When your ability_priest_shadowyapparition.jpgShadowy Apparitions damage their target, they have a 65% chance to extend the duration of your spell_shadow_shadowwordpain.jpgShadow Word: Pain and spell_holy_stoicism.jpgVampiric Touch, causing each to deal damage one additional time.

T15 Shadow 4P Bonus - Periodic damage from your spell_holy_stoicism.jpgVampiric Touch has a 10% chance to trigger your spell_shadow_painandsuffering.jpgShadowy Apparition.

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