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[US-StormRage][A]<Opponent> 6/13H - Recruiting for Main Group

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My Battle tag: Storm301#1174

Team - "No Mercy" is a hardcore 10 Man team. 5/13H ToT, and previously 11/16H. We raid Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday nights 7:30-11:30pm EST, with Sundays being our optional farm night.
Applicants must have some form of previous Heroic progression to apply to this team.

We have immediate core possitions available for any two of the following

  • 1 Monk DPS /w Heal offspec or vica versa
  • 1 mDPS - Rogue or Warrior (Tank OS a plus)
  • 1 rDPS - Hunter

If you are an excellent player with heroic progression do not hesitate to contact me on the forums here, or add Storm301#1174 in game. I usually check the Icy forums a few times a day, and I'm in game most evening after 6pm EST.

Even if you do not see your class on the list we may still have a spot for you if you are an exceptional raider. We like to run with a roster of 12-13 players and currently we are down to only 9-10 on most nights. None of our spots should be considered bench positions because we rotate everyone in and out based on who needs gear from each fight, and what comp would be the best for progression fights. If your goal is 13/13H before 5.4, and you want a hardcore raid team that will still allow you to miss a night once in a while (preferably with a few days notice) then we just may be the right raid team for you.

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Bump, updated our progress. We're now 5/13H. Also updated the recruitment needs for a few of our teams.

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