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Cross-Realm MSV Group Starting Soon (US Horde)

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    • By gnomad
      Would you like to learn to raid but don't know where to start, don't have a guild team to help you, or are intimidated by the pugs in LFG?
      I am running Alliance Tuesday "learning raids" on OpenRaid, a website for organized wow events. Sign up to get a small taste of "real" raiding and work on learning the fights, learning your spec, and learning what raiding is all about.
      If you would like to join, you will need to create OpenRaid profile on http://openraid.org/
      You can see my raid events on OpenRaid in my profile: http://openraid.org/c/132360/381599 Click "Upcoming Raids" on the Left-hand side menu
      I'll keep making these for Tuesdays. These might be cancelled early on if we don't get enough sign ups but I will keep making them until we have a group going.
      I can be contacted @ RudeByFiat#1329
      There are other learning raids on OpenRaid -- Mordecai runs 2 raids a week one for Alliance and one for Horde. See his thread here: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/17071166989
      About me and about this event:
      My name is Morganna, GM and RL of <TenPercentMoreDelicious> (we are moving to Sargeras!) that was 10/14M in SoO, AotC in HM and BRF and our team is 5/13 H HFC. I made the Tuesday learning raids because of the "That's right, I'm scared to join LFM groups" thread on battle.net General forums.
      I'm not a pro-raider but I like the challenge of raiding and I like the social aspect of it. I was a total noob keyboard turning in LFR about 2 years ago until I decided to try raiding through OpenRaid. In a few months I went from being totally clueless to leading my own Normal (Heroic) team. We are taking a break from raiding so I thought I could try starting a learning group.
      People seem to be afraid to try out "real" raiding. If that is the case, my event is for those who are actually interested in learning in a friendly non-intimidating environment.
      However, this is NOT a carry group. We will discuss strategy, mechanics, what went wrong, what needs to be improved, and players will be asked to perform things like interrupts, dispels, etc.
      If you sign up, you will be given feedback and will be expected to make sincere efforts to learn and improve as we work through the encounters. All fights will be logged to warcraftlogs.com and anyone interested in feedback about their play or what they need to work on will be welcome to contact me after the raid.
      Finally, this is NOT a group for people who are impatient, elitist, or generally obnoxious. There will be wipes and we might not actually kill anything.
      Thanks for reading and hope to see some of you at my events!
    • By Schroomin
      Guild Name: From Ashes
      Faction: A
      Realm: Kel'Thuzad - US
      Realm Type: PVP
      From Ashes is looking for players that are reliable, dedicated and exceptional for casual paced Normal/Heroic progression. We are currently 12/13 Normal and looking to move into Heroic. Tue/Thur 8PM - 11PM EST. All players welcome including cross server.
      PST for more Info
    • By Gnar
      For those that don't know, OpenRaid has created a WARLOCK ONLY T14H run this Saturday.
      The goal: Beat EU-Horde's warlock team
      Currently, EU-Horde has a lot more signed up, and personally, I don't wanna get beaten by this team of scrubblings.
      The event is this Saturday, 17 May at 5pm EDT New York / 11pm CEST Paris
      Link to the battle: http://openraid.us/main/news/131
      Link to the sign up: http://openraid.us/events/view/193447
      Read the sign up instructions. Be sure to watch videos on all the fights.  This forum thread can continue to be used to talk about personal survival strategy for any fight (bosses will melt, but no reason to go in blind), although I am hopefully that Dpsonroids will give any info they feel is necessary to the success of the run.
      For the US-Alliance!!!
    • By squigums
      <Echelon> on Black Dragonflight is recruiting for MoP raiding. Echelon was 8/8 HM 25m in Dragon Soul (10% buff) and is a guild for excellent players who are unable to commit to 3+ days a week, yet still desire upper level content progression. Echelon is a stable 25 man raiding guild that has been progression raiding consistently since Ulduar.
      We raid 2 (TWO) nights a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8-12 EST (server time). On off nights, we generally run 10 man runs for alts and those who were not able to make it to the main raid.
      As of 11/9/2012...
      We are currently 4/6 Normal HoF
      We are currently 2/6 HEROIC MoguShan
      We are currently 6/6 Normal HoguShan
      Because we raid so little, it is important that applicants be top tier of players and come to raids prepared. This includes showing up consistently for raids, knowing encounter details and strategies, and having the proper consumables. Although we have a casual schedule and fun guild environment, we focus on progression during raid times.
      We are currently looking for a few players to round out our raiding core all classes and specs are welcome to apply!
      Please visit our website at
      realID is stevenwow1@gmail.com
      or contact Taters or Squigums if you are interested in joining or would like additional information.
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