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Just got back to playing WoW and trying to figure out the rotation for my Fury Warrior. My guild says that I'm not doing enough DPS and that it might be my rotation thats the problem. Please any suggestions would be helpful since Im not sure what Im doing wrong.


My Warrior


And my latest attempt at HFC




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The key to playing fury warrior is less in the rotation and more in managing your enrage up time. On your normal socrethar kill, you have an enrage up time in the 55% area. That needs to be 90%+. It'll go up the more crit you have, but make sure you're weaving in as many bloodthirsts as you can and using berserker rage when you've had a drought of crits and your enrage is about to fall off (e.g. if you just used bloodthirst, it's on CD for 5 seconds, and you have 1 or 0s left on enrage). If you don't have enrage and you're not rage capped, don't spend rage. Just wait for bloodthirst crit or berserker rage to spend rage again.

Warriors are also extremely, extremely gear dependent. Weapons and set bonuses really make or break us, so if you can get into pugs or something to get tier pieces, you'll see a dramatic increase in your DPS.

Now, for more specific advice: on that socrethar kill, you used recklessness once. The fight was nearly 5 minutes, you should have been able to fit in at least two recklessnesses in (one on pull, then one during execute phase).

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Hey sorry it took forever to respond to your advice. Since my last post I was able to get two normal tier pieces, and have been more conscious about having enrage up as much as I can. My dps in most boss fights is around 35-40k now, but my guild hasn't been recording the logs lately so I can't post any logs to show this yet. Ill post the logs when their available. Thanks!

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So in looking at your gear you need to drop your haste you have like 1500 you don't need any basically with the class trinket.  You need 25% crit unbuffed then stack mastery.  So in essence drop haste for crit then mastery. 

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So in looking at your gear you need to drop your haste you have like 1500 you don't need any basically with the class trinket.  You need 25% crit unbuffed then stack mastery.  So in essence drop haste for crit then mastery. 

I know, I've been trying to get gear with more crit. I'm noticing that the HFC heroic plate gear has more crit so hopefully I can pick up more when I start running heroic with my guild. Thanks for the advise though.

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      Would anyone please take a look at it to see where I have room for improvement (probably everything) and how can I tackle those issues?

      PD: Im lacking one of the BiS leggos, and ever since I have the Convergance of Fates trinket, I lost my rotation, cant seem to find when to fire each ability now.