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Question: I feel like I should be doing ALOT more DPS for the gear that I have but I can't seem to go higher than 50k. I have the opener burst down mostly but keeping the damage up seems to be trouble. I've played using defile, breath, and necroblight but find that breath is usually where I do more DPS. Any tips on how to pump out better numbers? When I have breath I usually try to take advantage of using AMS to absorb magic damage for extra runic power but It doesn't seem to be helping to much.



EDIT: gonna try DW frost. I don't think I have the gear for unholy

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So, I enjoy digging through logs to see what I could do better, and since you posted yours I figured I'd see what I could do to help you out. I didn't look through all of your logs but I dug into your Iron Reaver fight a bit since it is a simple one to pull apart. I noticed a few things that should help bring your DPS up if/when you decide to come back to playing Unholy.


1) You wasted a rune to plague strike after getting into melee range instead of using outbreak on the way in. Its not a big DPS lose but its a simple thing to fix as well.

2) You are running Breath of Sindragosa for the fight but you spent runic power to cast a death coil at 6.6 seconds into the fight. You need to save all of your runic power until after your first Breath of Sindragosa is finished to maximize its uptime.

3) You got procs of Sudden Doom at 7.8, 15.4 and 22.9 seconds (3 separate procs) but didn't use any of them until after a 4th proc (at 24.7 seconds) came up. They don't stack, you need to make sure you use them.

4) You reached a full 12 stacks of Blood Charge at 19.5 seconds into the fight but you didn't use your first Blood Tap until 33.3 seconds into the fight. If you are having trouble properly managing your blood tap, switch to runic corruption instead.

5) Ring was used (not by you, but if you aren't using it then you have to line your rotation up with whoever is using it to maximize your dps) at 2 seconds into the fight, but you didn't start your Breath of Sindragosa until 10.5 seconds in and only got 13 ticks of Breath despite having a heroism active. You want to try to start Breath as soon as the ring is used and to keep Breath going for the full 15 second duration of the ring, at a minimum. If you aren't able to do that, consider staying with Necrotic Plague or Defile instead.


Overall your gear isn't bad, but you will want to pick up your 4 set bonus as soon as you are able. On top of that I strongly suggest putting in the effort to get yourself a Convulsive Shadows trinket from Iron Maidens in BRF. Even the heroic version (685 iLVL) of the trinket will be better than either of the trinkets you are currently using.


All around you aren't doing badly, Unholy is a challenging spec to master and you have the concept well in hand, you just need to polish up your rotation a bit.


I hope this helps you out and good luck!

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    • By Omikami
      Hey guys,
      I'm new here in the Icy Veins forums and would like to request your assistance.
      So this is my Mage haven't been playing Legion for a long time (around 2 weeks and a half), been trying to start rading so I would like to improve my DPS, I'm running GS.
      What I would like to ask you guys is if you could check me out and see what I could improve, it's been hard to get some more gear now since it's hard to get into groups, plus my pawn addon seems like its kind of bugged which is kind of confusing me about gear/stats. I know my stat priority for GS Build but nor sure about stat weigths for it.
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      So, I've been rather disheartened by my current DPS as a sub rogue in tomb. I feel that I have the burst windows down with the rec'd talents, my opener is usually solid unless affected by mechanics, not to mention ilvl, but I'm hitting nowhere near the burst damage of other sub rogues that not only are my ilvl but over 10 or 15 lower - even without the t20 two piece. And not just burst, but overall damage output, I'm nowhere up to par making the numbers that other sub rogues are. 
      The only thing that I have noticed when using the compare feature on warcraft logs is : every person parsing above ~850k has the convergence of fates trinket, and the denial of the half giants wrist leggie. (Mantle is also typically what they have too, but I've seen others with the leggies I have of insignia of ravenholdt or valeera legs.)
      Is sub's dps right now really that dependent on the uptime of shadow blades as to why we are parsing as top spec for tomb since the class changes? I understand how powerful it is, but the fact of the matter is that RNG has not decided to bestow upon me either the trinket or legendary, so any fight longer than two minutes or so my dps and damage is down the drain. Should I be rolling with different talents to compensate for my lack of these things to get better results? I've played around with not using death from above and it wasn't a gain, as did AMR tell me that it wouldn't be, as well as running sims with my current gear and other talent combos amr always tells me I won't get the best results.
       Or I have wondered, I see people saying about not backstabbing too much. Is it truly a dps gain to just stand there autoattacking? The combo points generated automatically are slow to come when they do, and I fear pooling for that long just autoattacking will result in a damage loss? 
      Here is a link to my logs page. I have seen an increase with my gain of ilvl, but it's poor and I'm still in the lowest percentiles for spec and ilvl. Any advice or if it truly is based on those rng items would be helpful, thanks. 
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      Hi guys, I'm new here in Icy Forums but always checked the site for information, you guys do an awesome job. I'm dpsing in Legion as a Ret Pally and I'm having a little issues with dps constancy. I can easily do a burst of 300k in one target fight, but when I look overall my dps is always near 190k. I will put some info to see if you guys could help me to see what I'm doing wrong.
      My armory Armory - Saskov (Gallywix)
        The rotation I usually do is: (burst) Crusade, Greater Judgment,       if AoE:  Wake of Ashes - Divine Storm - Crusader Strike - Divine Storm - Blade of Justice - 
      Divine Storm - Crusader Strike
      Single Target: Blade of Justice - Crusader Strike - Templar's Verdict or Justicar's Vengeance when low life Wake of Ashes to fill Blade of Justice cd
      A log of my guild 7/7N EN Really don't know what I can do to improve it, I had a complete revamp of stats (I was advised to focus Haste till 22% > Crit = Vers > Mastery)
      I thank you guys since now.
    • By Tobacha
      ok need some help here. I have followed the Fury guide from this site and almost have the stats in alignment with what is suggested from it. I have been trying to upload combat logs from Ask Mr Robot but I keep getting some error where I cannot add my gear to it and then it tells me to close app. So this is what I have so far.
      As for my rotation i hit rampage when it procs all the time, I also use Bloodthirst and rarely use furious slash. I use it more it seems as a filler. I do however use the talented version of Raging Blow, it does a lot of dmg. I really seem to WW a lot when in doubt a lot, a lot. I also use Bladestorm usually when my cd's are active.
      If I make Rampage and Raging Blow up at all times and when I do I see a slight boost in my dps. but otherwise it is trash right now...:(
      So I will need help if somebody would be so kind as to maybe give me some direction toward uploading combat logs. Thank you ahead of time for your help.
    • By Framling
      I hope that links right - I have no logs on Butcher/etc, but this is the most stand-still raid encounter I can think of. I hope that's okay! I didn't have to do more than a little moving, and this is pretty indicative of my DPS in most encounters that aren't a lot of cleaving or movement (My dps is pretty bad in fights like Xul'H or Iskar as well, but they're probably a lot harder to read)
      As you can see, I have a mix of mythic dungeon, heroic and normal HFC gear, and a few pieces of baleful I'm not yet rid of.
      normalized stat weights given by my own simcraft runs are
      Int 1
      Spell Power: .89 (due to archmage's ring)
      Haste: .57
      Mastery: .67
      Multi: .62
      Crit: .57
      Versa: .51
      My rotation is the same as the one listed on icy veins/altered time/etc -> I do admit that I make some mistakes, sometimes I split a cast on a crystal and it despawns before the cast lands, sometimes I supernova when I could have held it for my next crystal, etc.
      1. Prepot on pull
      2. stack Arcane Charges to 4/let boss get positioned
      3. Drop crystal + arcane power
      4. PoM Arcane Blast + 2 Super novas
      5. Arcane Blast/Arcane Missile to 50% mana
      6. Evocation
      7. Stack AC to 4
      8. Expend missile charges
      9. Arcane Barrage
      10. Repeat 7-9 until evocation has 20sec left
      11. Drop Crystal + charge and commence burn phase
      With Supernova being used on cooldown when I'm not really close to 50% mana or have a really good reason to hold it (like crystal coming up soon, or lots of adds soon)
      I realize that I only have the 690 ring and don't have any good trinkets, which is a big deal, but that can't account for all of my crappy DPS - I'm looking at my log rankings and they're all <20th percentile for my ilvl, so I must be doing something wrong.
      Any help would be great!
      edit: Added video