Diablo 3: The End (and Start) of an Era. Era 5 Has Begun!

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Well, the end of an era came upon us. Diablo 3 has the widely known Seasons feature, and additionally each non-Seasonal leaderboard closes at the same time as each Seasonal one. The Blizzard term for these non-Seasonal periods is Era. We have now officially closed the Era 4 leaderboards, and Era 5 is live!

For those who are interested in non-Seasonal leaderboarding, you can get to work now! Perhaps you can use your Season 4 characters to make a push prior to Season 5 beginning, on January 15! For those who missed out on our Season 5 Preview Coverage, feel free to check it out here.
Jump below for the full Blue post detailing the change:

Blizzard Icon Vaneras

Era 4 has now ended, and with it, Season 4.
In Diablo III, an “Era” refers to a specific period of time in which non-Seasonal leaderboards are active. At the end of an Era, all current non-Seasonal leaderboard standings will be wiped and players will be unable to attain new leaderboard ranks until a new Era begins. Similar to Seasons, players will be able to view previous rankings in-game and as well as on our website.
Era 4 ended Wednesday, December 30. Era 5 has now begun, and Season 5 will begin on Friday, January 15.
All heroes created during Season 4 have become non-Seasonal and are able to compete on the Era 5 leaderboards. For more information on the end of the Season and upcoming Season rollover, click here.
Thank you for participating in Era 4! We look forward to seeing you in Sanctuary.

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