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Twitch plays Hearthstone

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"Twitch Plays" has previously been done with several games. In those games users input moves via Twitch chat and try to collectively beat the game they are playing. Chat's most notable achievements so far have been beating Pokemon and Dark Souls. Someone thought this was a great idea to apply to Hearthstone, and now there is a channel for exactly that.

As with the games described above, TwitchPlaysHearthstone is a channel where you can input what you think is the best play, and the game will react to commands as it sees them.


As you can see, each card has a code and you can play cards or attack by inputting the code of the card you wish to play. If you wish to attack, all parts of the battlefield are labelled so you can tell the game how you would like to attack. With multiple users trying to enter multiple plays, it will be interesting to see if Twitch chat can once again do well at a game, or if the trolls and bad players will prevail!
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