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Hearthstone: Savjz Discusses His Top Ten LoE Cards

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We are used to players previewing cards during spoiler season, but we are less used to them doing a review after the cards have been played for a while. Savjz has bucked that trend, and produced a video talking about which are the top ten most powerful cards from League of Explorers, and why. It is 17 minutes in total, which allows for a lot of discussion.

Something I think Savjz does well during this video is that he not only talks about the cards as they stand in the current meta, but how he thinks they might develop in the future. He also explains what he believes makes the cards on the list so powerful and how they can be used, which makes the video educational as well as opinion based.

For people who wish to just see what the list is, I have included it in a spoiler tab below the video.

10. Elise Starseeker
9. Anyfin Can Happen
8. Tomb Pillager
7. Keeper of Uldaman
6. Brann Bronzebeard
5. Museum Curator
4. Entomb
3. Dark Peddler
2. Tunnel Trogg
1. Reno Jackson

Special mentions: Excavated Evil, Unearthed Raptor, Reliquary Seeker

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