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Heroes of the Storm Greymane

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2 hours ago, DeskDrawer said:

With the nerf to the max splash radius of Gilnean CocktailGilnean Cocktail, cocktail build is no longer preferred. Incendiary ElixirIncendiary Elixir takes much longer to complete, and that's the fatal flaw. I think this build should either be completely removed or moved to a secondary position.

I don't think this build should be recommended in the current state. 

2 hours ago, DeskDrawer said:

In the latest patch Gilnean CocktailGilnean Cocktail got a slight buff in CD, and that sort of pushed ViciousnessViciousness to standard -- which was gaining pace in the meta already even before the patch.

The thing is, you don't need Inner Beast to be active all the time. You just need it at the crucial moments, like during team fight, reliably; that's exactly what Viciousness offers. 

2 hours ago, DeskDrawer said:

Blizzard also combined CDR into Unfettered AssaultUnfettered Assault, and I saw Fan of Tempo Storm pick it in HGC. With the previous nerf to Razor SwipeRazor Swipe this CDR feels even more valuable, but as it competes with On the ProwlOn the Prowl so whether Unfettered AssaultUnfettered Assault will become meta remains to be seen.

Unfettered Assault is generally picked in a Worgen-centric build, while On the Prowl is prefered in a Human-centric build. Worgen build is basically the going-ham build: talents like Wizened Duelist and Alpha Wolf provide a lot of damage if you can deliver many worgen basic attacks. Human build utilize talents like Quicksilver Bullet and On the Prowl to let you safely deliver human basic attacks. 

3 hours ago, DeskDrawer said:

Speaking of which, it seems pros overwhelmingly prefer On the ProwlOn the Prowl over Running WildRunning Wild, but I guess On the ProwlOn the Prowl requires more skill to use fully? So I dunno whether this should be recommended over Running WildRunning Wild for HL.

Pro players play safe most of the time, so naturally they'd prefer Human build over Worgen build. Running Wild is usually not needed unless you need to execute those long-range backliners like Chromie.

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I've only played him a few times b ut I was gravitating toward the talents that allow him to very quickly shoot off his bullets, and hitting w allows for that to go very quickly and start dealing more damage.  I've not spent a lot of time yet in worgen form and finding the proper balance to do the most damage, and run out of mana fast but the point is, it seems like focusing on his basic attacks being fast and cooldown decreases was the way to go.  Gilnean cocktail is pretty powerful but at this time [12/7/18] it seems like its not very efficient to pick in pvp since you're supposed to be attacking lanes and not playing the middle and doing a bunch of PVP the first 5-8 levels?


There's still a lot for me to learn like when to be in certain lanes and when its time to go join everybody who's decided to go all in on the mid or top lane (at least this is how it goes in vs ai adept more often than not), but I've yet to find a group that's playing to learn and get better, casually to learn all these things.  in the meantime I'm reading what I can for the characters I find interesting and available to play each week, lots of reddit and youtube videos.  If you read this and have some feedback and suggestions, I'm TangentChaos#1131

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