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heroes HotS: More Info on the Two New Heroes

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Yesterday, we talked about the big reveal of Xul the Necromancer and Li-Ming the Wizard, while we also provided you with a video with Dustin Browder's telephone interview to Razer. Dustin had interviews with two other sites, so we got to learn a bit more about the two new Heroes.


In addition to Razer, Heroes of the Storm game director Dustin Browder talked about Xul and Li-Ming with Gamespot and Metabomb. Here's what we learnt:


Li-Ming, the Wizard

She will have quite similar skills as her Diablo 3 counterpart: Magic Missile will be her Q skill, while other skills she will have on her arsenal are Arcane Orb, Disintegrate and Teleport. The team wanted to make a very high skill cap Assassin, with skills with fast cooldowns; so, they came up with the Diablo 3 Wizard.


Dustin even had three build suggestions for Li-Ming: there's a straightforward, yet flexible Magic Missile build; there's an Arcane Orb build, that focuses on long range poking; and there's a Teleport build, that is all about the Wizard teleporting in the midst of the enemy and doing high amounts of burst damage.


Xul, the Necromancer

The Diablo 2 Necromancer was a Hero that had been repeatedly requested by the community. He wasn't as easy to iterate in the game as was the Wizard: he couldn't be all about the skeletons, nor could he stand alone without his signature bony companions. Therefore, the team actually spent more time on him than they usually do.


Xul will be a melee Specialist. He will have his skeletons, as well as skills like Bone Prison and Poison Nova. A lot of people noticed that Xul was missing one of his signature Diablo 2 skills: Corpse Explosion. However, Dustin implied that we would be seeing the skill and a Blizzard 3D artist teased on Reddit that we will probably be getting skills like Corpse Explosion and Bone Spear as Talents.


Blizzard Icon KinaBREW

Hmm, I wonder what Bone spear and corpse explosion would look like. You know... if there were talents for them. wink.png



We are definitely excited to see these two new Heroes. The Necromancer, especially, looks amazing and with all that time the team spent on him, I really hope he's awesome!

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