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Protection Warrior Weakauras setup (6.2.3)

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My Weakauras (as of 03.05.2016): 


Hey guys. Kinda late in the xpac, I know. I usually make these videos for myself when I revamp my UI, so I don't lose any of the settings, but this time decided to share it, maybe someone will find it useful. You can copy the whole thing or just take bits and pieces from it to make your own setup even better.


WA strings:
p.s. My WoW client is in Russian, so some skills (the ones that are by spell name, not by spell id) could not be working properly for you. It's easy to fix, just go to "Trigger" tab of your weakauras and switch the cyrillic letters of the spell to english or whatever language your client is. But most of them should already use spell id and won't need any fixing. Any way it's not a huge hassle to fix.
Hope this helps.
Edit: Updated to to a new video and WA strings (03.05.2016)
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Updated my WA setup. Added legendary ring CDs, blood lust, resolve bar to the main group.

Tweaked around DPS cooldowns, now in a much better position.

Also new addition is the "Stats" group on the right of the screen, tracking crit, parry, mastery percentage.


WA strings are in the description of the video, if anyone is interested.


Edit: Updated to a newer video

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Yeah, most spells are going to give an error because my client is in russian language, so WA is using spell names in my language, but some I made with spell ID, so they should work universally on all clients. I fixed what I could fix (swiched spell names to spell id numbers), but some of the spells I just can't change.


For the rest of the spells it's an easy fix, but you have to do it yourselves. Just go to "Trigger" panel in every spell that doesn't show/work properly, and switch russian spell name to your language. Just try putting in "shield block", "revenge" etc etc, and it should fix everything. Should take like 2 minutes.


Edit: Oh I just realized, Shield Barrier and Resolve are using different code, so I replaced the russian spell name in those two myself.


Here's the fixed (as much as I could) main group WA: http://pastebin.com/5cuZ7JPJ


Also, one last thing. Don't worry if the icons don't show the spell icons and some have like a question mark, just make sure every spell works correctly in combat, on a target dummy.

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If you did everything right in "Trigger" panel, then the only thing why it won't be loading should be in "Load" panel. Just check the conditions of the skills loading. They should be "in combat", if your class is Warrior, and if your spec is Protection. Some have conditions, like Blood Bath, if you have talent taken Blood Bath. But this should be already all in there, I really think it's just replacing the spell names.

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