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Disguised Toast/Hearthstone Science

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YouTuber Disguised Toast has used an idea created by Patashu and Pattux from Hearthstone Science to produce a video that shows a way to get twelve cards in your hand.

As with anything connected with Hearthstone Science, the results involve some pretty spectacular interactions. Toast has put in the time to set up those interactions. He shows the video first and then explains how it was done.

While this is interesting and entertaining, the fact that it is possible to have more than ten cards in hand does mean that this is something that could be used deliberately by the design team in the future. I personally don't expect that to happen any time soon, but it is always nice to know what is and is not possible.

Note that Hearthstone Science also also known as the Hearthsim Community. Their website can be found here. They cover several different Hearthstone tools and simulators.
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