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skull-with-flamesqsssa1123.thumb.jpg.ebf19b9c86f330db7bafab93de98827e.jpg  <Would Crit That> [H] seeking RAIDERS 
Raid schedule: 
 The leader has full control of the Raiding schedule but does his best to accommodate schedules.
CASUAL GROUP IS CASUAL smile.png Loot rules are followed, members are not "disciplined" or "penalized" for not having a hardcore raider mentality- this is a casual setting. NO COMMITMENT. 


WOULD CRIT THAT is on realms: Sisters of Elune and Cenerion Circle


WCT is a Horde All Purpose Guild created June 2015 by Lovithla, a long time player that enjoys all the aspects of the game - offering a taste of everything the game offers with no obligation from members to attend events created or meet game activity requirements. 

We get that this is just a game to have fun playing and people have actual lives. We are VERY helpful with a quirky sense of humor, appreciate

TO JOIN: Just "LIKE" our  Facebook page [would crit that] and leave a message/post that you want to join and Sirona or Lovithla will reach us to you.

Server: Sisters of Elune 
Faction: Horde 
Website: http://emailkrishere...?fb_ref=Defaul 
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.../wouldcritthat 
WoW Wiki: http://would-crit-th...rit_That_Wikia 
Armory: http://us.battle.net...d Crit That&p=1 
Gaming: PVP / RP / Battle pet / Questing / Dungeons / Instances / Mount farming / Achivements / old Raids and new. 

NOTE: We generally have an average of 10 on at any given time - but realm time 7pm-1am is usually our busiest and at times we have 4 or 5 parties going at a time. We offer Free Guild Vent - this is less active with basically just a core party of 6 utilizing it currently.

alt-aholics, love achievements, offer monthly events with prizes at no obligation to attend and monthly winners of BattleNet gift cards. 400. 18+ Members



GMs : Lovithla / Kharmakaboom / Notfound / Skourn












What we offer
An environment of partying up frequently, very helpful and respectful people that tease and have zero competitiveness as we focus on helping each other enjoy the game.

WOULD CRIT THAT screencapture-wowhead-list-35739003-us-sisters-of-elune-lovithla-1489548876262.thumb.png.53a0dc5a42e1caa045ef24331e3df3b0.png    GUILD RULES

1. RESPECT-ful to all Guild members.

2. Guild members will not charge other guild members for services/ assistance/ materials / anything … if you want to make cash off of people that are in a bind~ find a victim outside of your guild family.Please help others out and they will help you out- this increases gaming ease, pleasure, and comrade for all <3

3. Joking Teasing Acting stupid ...all encouraged! - BUT not when deliberately trying to hurt someone's feelings or game play.

4. Be polite IN and OUT of Guild
Remember that you represent the guild- our name is under your name… 
when you rage out / hold back heals / tank with no regard to your party ~ people remember that they won't join your guild, pick you for pre-made groups, pick you for raids or co-guild with us on Raids... cuz your a tool. So represent with pride don't be a tool.

5. If the boss isn’t killed - your  DPS / damage / heals don’t matter. 
Don’t put your recount % above your team or mechanics. Wipes cost money in repairs, learn your class or ask for help.

6. If you see a player without a guild mention us. No sales pitch or pressure, just mention smile.png

7.. 16+ so that members can be inappropriate without having to worry about a young kid reading chat or listening to chat

 (we likely inappropriate lol) if you are under 21 you can IGNORE ppl in guild chat or MUTE ppl in DISCORD that bother you <3 

 8.Please participate. even if it's just in chat. Active members make a Guild- build Guild Achievements and open up Guild rewards smile.png   Guilds die a slow death when no one talks/help.

 the hammer will drop. Kristi no likes azz hats, so don't be one please-Skip the barracks go straight to (regardless your rank or theirs)9. Know that if the GM sees or hears you being a massive tool or causing lame drama to guild members banded….along with all your Alts.


We look forward to you CONTACTING us 
Edited by Lovithla
Updated for Legion

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      <Fate of the Fallen> aktivni balkanski guild na Sylvanas EU – Allianca. Prvenstveno PVE guilda koja uz samo 5h raidanja tjedno ostvaruje progres na mythic težini aktualnog raida. U skorije vrijeme smo uz stabilno i zrelo vodstvo postali veći i jači od ostalih balkanskih guildova i na allianci i na hordi!

      Ovdje možete provjeriti naš progress. TOP!
      Naše prednosti su:
      1. Domaća atmosfera – možete se opušteno igrati i socijalizirati s domaćim ljudima koji vas razumiju, povezati se s ljudima i upoznati još ljudi iz svoje okoline koji dijele isti interes za igricom kao i vi.
      2. Opuštenost – guild progress na raidu je uvijek prioritet, ali nismo hard-core raideri. Vaša prisutnost u raidovima poželjna, ali nije obavezna. Naravno, ne dolaskom više puta u raid postoji mogućnost da vaše mjesto zamjeni stalniji igrač, ali nikad vas se neće prozivati za nemogućnost dolazka u raid (osim ako ste potvrdili dolazak u kalendaru).
      3. Zrelost – bez obzira na godine od svih igrača očekujemo da se problemi rješavaju mirno i učinkovito.
      4. Tim – držimo do toga da su ljudi u guildu timski igrači i da će si međusobno pomagati. Ne želimo ljude koji igraju za logove, opremu ili za sebe. Guild je naša zajednica i raid je zajednički napor.
      5. Komunikacija – naši najbrbljaviji članovi se uvijek nalaze na Discordu, stoga ako želite razglabati o wow-u i drugim temama, znate di se trebate zaputiti. Osim discorda, aktivni smo i u našoj facebook grupi koja omogućava članovima da se dodatno izraze i podijele zabavne wow sadržaje s ostatkom guilda.
      Budući da okupljamo ljude sa svih balkanskih prostora NACIONALIZAM je strogo ZABRANJEN! Ako već u startu znate da određenu nacionalnost ne volite - ne žurite se kontaktirati nas te trošiti vrijeme sebi i nama jer je pitanje vremena kada ćete napustiti guild.
      Generalno još o guildi možemo nadodati da trenutno brojimo preko 250 jedinstvenih računa u guildu s time da uklanjamo neaktivne/ u pauzi preko mjesec dana (bez najave pauze i povratka), te sve one koji prelaze društveno pojmljive granice dobre zezancije i općenito socijalizacije s drugima. Znači samo aktivni i pristojni ljudi ovdje! ;)
      Naravno, osim za progres, prihvaćamo i igrače koji žele raidati sve težine raida budući da imamo još 2 zasebne raiding grupe za N i HC koje raidaju jednom do dvaputa tjedno. Za one koji ne raidaju postoji rank [casual/social] tako da se za sve dobre ljude nađe mjesto.
      Za više info ili join nemojte oklijevati nas kontaktirati na sljedeće in-game kontakte:
      Recruitment officir: Darkdream (Valentina) – Valchy#21358
      GM: Ninjsa (Sanjin) – Njinsa#2144
      Ostali oficiri za in-game kontakt: Apocalipse, Kaluddar, Stankelaa, Shomty

      E-mail: fate_fallen@yahoo.com

      Čujemo se ljudi! :D