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[US-Stormrage][A] <One Shot> (7/13 H-10M) Recruiting competitive raiders

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<One Shot> is an adult 10 man raiding guild located on the Stormrage server. We pride ourselves with our achievements and teamwork. We are currently looking for more competitive progression focus people to continue moving forward.

One Shot is a guild built on some very strong values that is lost today. Values such as Honor, Respect, Loyalty, and Integrity. We are looking for people that share the same value as us to grow together into a wonderful place to raid and progress through end game content. One thing we want most of all are good people. We want people that take pride in what they do and how they perform. Big egos never killed a boss but pride and the desire to achieve have.

Our Raid Schedule

Tues/Wed/Thur 7-10:30 pm EST

Our Current Progression

7/13 Heroic ToT

6/6 Heroic MSV

4/6 Heroic HoF

4/4 ToES

Currently Recruiting



Mistweave Monk

Disc Priest




Balance Druid

Excellent raid awareness and management of cooldowns is extremely important. We are looking for people with current content experience and geared for heroics.

In order for us to keep the great atmosphere we have in the guild we do have a couple of simple requirements...

We are looking for active people

Must be over the age of 23

No Trolls, not in guild chat, not in trade chat

Must be on time and prepared for raids

Must come with knowledge of encounters

Must be able to use mumble, have a working mic and not be shy to use it

Most of all be a good and fun person to hang out with

Real ID: Krazy#1922

Website: www.1shot.enjin.com

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Downed 3 more boss on Thursday. Guild now 11/12. One more to go and our heroic progression starts. Get in now and become part of something good. We will be working on a 2nd casual team and need members to fill in for both runs.

Core openings for main run

Holy Pally

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Updating post...

4/13 Heroic

We had some solid attempts on Heroic Council and will be working on Heroic Tortos.

After being set back due to several of our memebrs quitting WoW, we have been able to start our heroic progression again, but we are still looking for more highly skilled, reliable, and progression minded people for our team.

Shadow/Disc Priest

Balance Druid

MW Monk

Also trying out



We are seeking people for fill in as well. Fill ins must be able to play at the same skill level as our core members but do not have the time to comment to our 4 night schedule. Must be here at least 75% of time and must have knowledge of encounters the guild is working on.

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A couple of updates since my last post. We are currently 7/13 heroic and still looking for more.

Right now we are in very high demand for both



We are expecting interested people to have killed bosses in heroic and have a great understanding of their class. We are also expecting logs to be reviewed.

If interested real ID me for more info Krazy#1922

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