Diablo 3 Season 5 Firebird's Finery is Bugged, and Won't Be Fixed This Season

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Each season in Diablo carries its own culture of builds and level of power. This is what most players mean when they reference "the meta." It would seem that Season Five is shaping up to have a meta which is based on game bugs being abused to make the most out of each class. We have already reported on the Barbarian Furious Charge Bug, and now a new one which will last the season is being discussed.


The bug is with Firebird's Finery, the Wizard 6 Piece which promotes the use of fire skills. The set is apparently bugged in a way that is actually increasing the damage capabilities of the set, similar to the Barbarian bug. This has been noted by Blizzard, but they are sticking to a philosophy where they don't want to alter a set for the positive or the negative during a season if it's avoidable. So Wizards who use this set, enjoy the boost that you will have during this season, as the bug will be addressed at the close of the season. 


The full post can be found here, or scroll down to see it reprinted.


Blizzard Icon Nevalistis

Just a quick update on this one:


The issue with Firebird's Finery 6-piece bonus is currently under investigation. We don't have an ETA for a resolution at this time. However, any fix we may implement would likely result in a reduction in power for the set. For this reason, similar to the situation with Raekor's/Furious Charge, we will not be addressing this issue for the duration of Season 5. (Source)

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