[US-Bleeding Hollow][H]<Syndicatë> 10/13M Recruiting

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Guild Information

  • Semi-Hardcore 10/13M
  • Raid Times: 8:30EST - 11EST Tues/Wed (invites start 15m prior)
  • Loot Rules: BIS will take priority. MS > OS.
  • Trial Length: 1-2 weeks (during trial period loot may be deferred to core raiders)
  • Website: www.syndicate-guild.org


Mythic ready:
Mage, Rogue, Hunter, H Paly, and R Shaman 


About Us:

Guild is competitive and progression oriented. Our raiders are respectful, trusting, and dependent on one another. 9/13 Mythic bosses are on farm. We are trying to push Xhul, Tyrant, Manny, and Archi as soon as possible. We are extending lockouts to save raid time, and spend as much of our time mastering new bosses. We are open to hearing any input that will make our boss kills more efficient. Experience with Xhul, Tyrant, Manny, Archi is a big plus.


What we want from applicants:

Mature, respectful, competitive, self/group-driven, well prepared, and professional individuals. We want raiders that love raiding end-game content. We want people open to constructive criticism, and always striving for self-improvement. We want quality raiders who can perform at their peak consistently. We like to joke around, but we also like to get bosses down. We know when to be serious, but we still have a great time with one another. We do not tolerate discrimination, or drama of any kind.


We expect 90% attendance from all of our members and 100% during the trial period (2-4 raids over 2 weeks). Your schedule should not conflict with our raid days. You need to be online 15 minutes before raid, stocked on potions, runes, food etc. so that we can fully utilize our raid time.


We are looking for individuals who strive to perform at the top. You analyze logs to see how you compare to people at your gear level and constantly strive to improve. You contribute to guild progression by sharing your knowledge with the guild, or by helping people improve themselves as well. You are well-versed in fight mechanics, and research bosses ahead of raids. You speak up and contribute to strategy and approach where you see room for improvement.


To apply:

Contact any of us in game or via our website (link below) with any questions. Fill out an online application (link below) or whisper us in game. All applications are private and are reviewed quickly. We will contact you soon after making a decision.




  • Seräph - GM
  • Turbomeister - CO-GM
  • Titañium - Officer
  • Izanagì - Officer
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