Icy Veins Is Looking for World of Wacraft Guide Writers

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We are looking for 3 WoW guide writers. Click here for more info!


If you have a passion for World of Warcraft and writing, we are offering 3 paid WoW guide writer positions.


Icy Veins is pleased to announce that we are opening up 3 paid positions for our World of Warcraft section.


Here is a summary of the positions.

  • a raid guide writer and video guide maker (one single person);
  • a PvP class guide writer;
  • a PvE class guide writer for Mage, Rogue, Shaman, and Warlock (one single person for all 4 classes).

We detail each of the 3 positions and how to apply for them in this post, but first we would like to get some shared general considerations out of the way.

  1. All positions are remunerated on a revenue-sharing system, meaning that the people we end up working with will receive a percentage of the amount of ad revenue generated by their work. Since World of Warcraft content gets a lot of views (moreso than Diablo or Heroes of the Storm, for example), the amount of money is not negligible. More details about this will be provided at a later time during the application process.
  2. Taking someone on will be on the basis of a contract (we always do everything transparently and legitimately).
  3. We work on the basis of cooperation, and not employment. This means that there are no fixed working hours. These are not full time, nor part time positions; if you find the time to produce content at an acceptable, agreed-upon rate, then you are free to have another job at the same time, and managing your time is your own business. You would of course work from home.
  4. Anyone applying must be at least 18 years of age, without exception.
  5. Anyone applying should have a very high level of written English, as well as the ability to write clear, concise, and easy to understand sentences explaining sometimes complicated concepts.


Position #1: Raid guide writer (including video guide production)


For this position, we are looking for someone who is able to write WoW raid guides for Legion (and hopefully beyond), as well as create video guides for the same bosses (including narrating them). This is a great opportunity for any budding video creators, as it will increase the visibility of your channel.


The requirements for this position are:

1) extremely high level of spoken English (as well as the previous written English requirement) - native-level preferred; 2) that they be a raider in a very good guild, allowing them to experience the fights first hand early on (including on the Beta/PTR) and obtain the required video footage; 3) high video-creation and editing ability.


For this position, we are offering 45% of revenues generated by the written guides and 45% of the video guide revenues.


Position #2: PvP guide writer


Historically, we have never had PvP guides on Icy Veins because we always lacked the expertise to write them. However, we have always had requests from our readers for such guides, which we have now decided to honor. To this end, we are looking for a person who is able to produce written PvP guides.


We have no clear format in mind for these PvP guides, so this is something that we would work out with the person we end up choosing for the position. The idea we have is to start out with basic PvP guides for all classes, and then eventually expand on these if they prove to be successful (which they should, given that they will rank very highly on Google).


The requirements for this position are:

1) extremely high PvP credentials; 2) proficiency with all classes (and the ability to research where needed).


For this position, we are offering 45% of the revenues generated by the guides.


Position #3: Class guide writer (for Mage, Rogue, Shaman, and Warlock)


For this position, we are looking for someone to replace Damien (who currently writes and maintains the class guides for the above-mentioned classes) in his writing duties for these classes, so that he can focus more on the technical side of the website. Our hope is to be able to keep up the same standard and level of detail that our class guides currently have.


For this position, you need good proficiency with all the specs belonging to each of the 4 classes; you do not need to be a top player (but if you are, this is a huge bonus), because you will be working with the various world-class raiders who review our guides, meaning that you need to be able to interpret their information and turn it into the kind of thing worthy of being written in a guide.


Here, we are offering 20% of the revenues generated by these guides (which, for all 12 specs, means upwards of $500 per month).




To apply for these positions, simply e-mail us at Please note that we have no formal application format; your first e-mail will need to impress us sufficiently for us to want to take the process further. Since we are recruiting guide writers (who should naturally be very good at explaining things clearly, not omitting crucial information, etc.), the first impression matters a lot.


We will stop taking new applications on the 3rd of March 2016, at 00:00 GMT. After that time, we will begin replying to all applicants.


Thank you, and good luck!

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This would be an awesome job and i would absolutely love pvp writing! however, i do not have the time to so this, I would be more than willing to assist in my free time for no cost however and i love your guides!

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Hello, my name is Patrick McGrath. I have been PvPing in the World of Warcraft since 2008. I have extensive knowledge in most if not all of the available classes and the mechanics in which one should obtain in order to beat certain 2v2, 3v3 and rbg comps. I was sitting here coding my own HTML webpage in hopes to recreate what you guys have here, but after I glanced that a position was opening to work for you guys, I just couldn't pass it down. So here I am, putting my eggs into a basket and hoping to work along side with you guys, and expanding not only our own knowledge, but the knowledge of every viewer and gamer that comes through the icy-veins domain in general. 

Thank you, Patrick.

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