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Icy Veins is Getting a New Look

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Stay awhile and listen. Today, we're proud to present you with the next chapter of Icy Veins.


We've been hard at work behind the scenes fleshing out a new Icy Veins experience and today, we'd like to show you what the site will look like in the future.



The website is still under development, so if you see something break, or have suggestions/feedback, we'd love to hear from you! You can contact us at contact(at)icy-veins.com or drop a message in our Feedback channel on Discord.


The new design has been first implemented in our Diablo 4 section, ahead of the Server Slam and the game's launch on June 6. Below, you can see the new landing page, news section, and a sample guide as they appear on both desktop and mobile devices.

Landing Page (Desktop)


News Section (Desktop)


Guide Page (Desktop)


Mobile (Landing Page / New Section / Guide)

The new design allows us to serve content on mobile devices more efficiently.


Let us know your thoughts about the new design in the comments below!

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Dissenting opinion, apparently, but bleh. Call me old fashioned or whatever, but I will take simple and straightforward over flashy but messy pretty much every time.

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The new design looks terrible bad, and the proportions on big screens are horrible. The maximum width of the container in 1200 px is ridiculous, please learn to design responsively for bigger screens as well not just smaller ones. Already your screenshots look really bad, like the actual content is only 50% of the whole screen, wtf.. seriously find some better web designer (I can suggest you one lmao) 

Ps.: The pointless <div called "largeboi" is the best : D

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3 hours ago, Brightamethyst said:

Dissenting opinion, apparently, but bleh. Call me old fashioned or whatever, but I will take simple and straightforward over flashy but messy pretty much every time.

Same here. Current layout is more convenient, it has menus on top. Now they are going to move to the left, plus they are so small. I'm also not a fan of tile design. So many sites have switched to similar style and browsing through them has become annoying to me.

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Agreed – I don’t like this modern style: sure, it looks better, but is very inconvenient in usage. Now I have everything on short lists, all in the same place - new style just forces me to scroll too much because of unnecessary arts. I come here every day for info, not nice views 😄 Why everyone goes this way today I do not understand. Newer isn’t always better. If you think you need a little modernization here and there, change small things (colors, font etc), not layout. And please, please leave all the lists on upper edge of the screen alone. In new version I have to choose section on middle, then move my head to look at the list on left (or scroll for ages because of  way to many arts) – I don’t like it. To end this in nice way: in terms of pure info you make a very good job and for years Icy Veins was always my first choice when I wanted to learn something about Blizz related games – thank you for that.

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Sadly, everything these days is dominated by narrow, touch-screen-style layouts, making most websites an absolute nightmare for widescreen computer users.

When cinema evolved its widescreen format in the mid-20th century, it was a true revolution, with audiences able to enjoy large, immersive movies and a stunning visual experience.

However, in the computer world, we are hampered and held back by the limitations of small phone screens. For some stupid reason, EVERY website feels the need to prioritise small-screen usage, and it's VERY frustrating when computer users KNOW how good things could look if we weren't being DELIBERATELY discriminated against!

Just imagine how cinema audiences would react if the next Hollywood blockbuster movie was released in narrow-screen format! They would see a limited, narrow picture, with large blank areas either side of the image. Maybe the movie makers might use these areas for scrolling subtitles, making the viewing experience even worse! There would be an uproar, and cinema attendance would tank overnight.


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I'm always am in favor of simplistic looks, Looks simple and modern.

Great job guys.

Edited by Ardawulf

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