Overwatch Kicks Off with the Gosugamers EU Weekly #3

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With the second phase of the Overwatch Beta just having kicked off the tournament scene follows suit with the GosuGamers EU Weekly #3. This time around it will only feature European sides, with the American teams deciding to skip this one.

Since a lot of teams changed their lineups during the downtime, it will be interesting to see which roster moves have paid off and which team is the best at shaking off the rust. As always we will try to help your viewing experience by introducing you to some of the favorites, as well as some predictions for the current meta game:


Melty eSport Club
  • [flag:fr] Laurent "DeGun" Prinderre
  • [flag:fr] Amaury "moonL" Dennielou
  • [flag:fr] Guillaume "KabaL" Ettori
  • [flag:fr] Jonathan "Kryw" Nobre
  • [flag:fr] Nicolas "NiCO" Moret
  • [flag:be] Julien "Baud" Robert
Prediction: 1st

The best team in Europe of the first Beta phase will go into this tournament as the team to beat. Having elected to keep the lineup, the teamplay shouldn't be too much of an issue. It will be interesting to see however how the change to Symmetra will affect the team, considering they were one of the few teams running her relatively often.

  • [flag:nl] Thomas "Morte" Kerbusch
  • [flag:nl] Eric "2Easy" van Hoorn
  • [flag:ee] Hendirk-William "Vallutaja" Kinks
  • [flag:nl] Stefan "stefan" S.
  • [flag:ru] Andrei "uNFixed" Leonov
  • [flag:es] Sergi "Winghaven" Torras
Prediction: 2nd

The former fnatic team will debut under their new name for the first time in this tournament. Just like melty, they decided to stick with the roster that has worked for them in phase one. However, unlike melty, reports suggest that they approached several players during the off-time. Should they perform below their own expectations in this tournament a roster change might seem likely.
On a positive note, with the European meta slowly moving away from Pharah in favour of Genji, reunited.gg could be one of the teams profiting the most, as their Pharah play was often lacking.

Eccentric Gaming
  • [flag:se] Sebastian "Lewd" Andersson Seger
  • [flag:se] Kevyn "TviQ" Lindström
  • [flag:de] Nico "skipjack" Rosanda
  • [flag:ch] Nadir "leNadir" Laguerre
  • [flag:se] Martin "BUR1X" Buric
  • [flag:se] Andreas "Likely" Lindberg
Prediction: 3rd

The surprise team of the first Beta phase will look to continue on their upward spiral. The departure of their former DPS Nevix to SK Gaming might throw a wrench into these plans, however. That being said, they managed to pick up an equally talented player in TviQ. It will be interesting to see how the team can adapt to the quite hefty D.Va nerf, considering the D.Va specialist Lewd emerged as one of their best players of phase one.

  • [flag:gb] Seb "numlocked" Barton
  • [flag:gb] Michael "Mike" Adams
  • [flag:fr] Jean-Louis "KnOxX" Boyer
  • [flag:ru] Viktors "Forsak3n" Bernevs
  • [flag:ru] George "ShadowBurn" Gushcha
  • [flag:se] Oliver "Vonethil" Lager
Prediction: 4th

The prediction for the fourth place might be a bit of a tossup, with a lot of teams being on equal levels right now and the initial seeding quite often deciding who goes how far. I decided to give Gamers2 the edge over the other teams, purely on the fact that they have done some of the best roster changes on paper during the break with bringing in ShadowBurn. Particulary with the rise of Genji in the European meta Shadowburn in topform could help Gamers2 to clinch a spot in the final for or even making it to the finals.

Meta Predictions

We will likely see a lot of teams moving away from the Mercy and Pharah combo in favour of running a Genji together with a Zenyatta and a Zarya. While the nerf to Mercy didn't seem to affect her impact at all, Lucio and Zenyatta both recieved an indirect buff by shields now being affected by healing effects. This makes Lucio's healing aura even stronger and also provides a little more sustainability to Zenyatta, as most of his hitpoints are in shields. This change allows teams to field a more aggressive lineup and gain access to the incredibly powerful Orb of Discord and Orb of Harmony. As Pharah really suffers from not having a Mercy helping her increase her damage output a lot of teams elect to field a character that works well with Orb of Harmoy. Genji being the popular choice, although some teams also used Reaper.

As soon as the official streams are announced, we will of course let you know and provide you with links!

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      PTR Noes, January 8 (source)
      Damage reduction from armor reduced from -5 to -3 Developer Comments: Before this change armor reduced all incoming damage by up to 5, maxing at half of the normal amount. This change reduces the damage reduction to 3, while still capping at half. This change will be mostly noticeable on heroes that fire quickly or in a burst of shots (such as shotguns), and which do more than 6 damage per shot. For example, Soldier: 76’s Heavy Pulse Rifle will now do 16 damage per shot to armor, up from 14, an increase of 15%. Armor was a bit too strong overall, especially when being healed quickly and often. This change will help more heroes fight against higher armored enemies.
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      Defense Matrix Cooldown increased from 1 second to 2 seconds Developer Comments: This change allows D.Va’s enemies to try to play around her Defense Matrix by increasing its downtime between uses.
      The Reaping Life steal increased from 30% to 50% of damage dealt Developer Comments: Reaper’s passive is one of the main tools he has which allow him to play aggressively when near his enemies. This change allows him to keep the pressure up as long as he can stay near his enemies enough to keep dealing damage. This change is particularly effective versus tanks, as they tend to do less damage than damage heroes, and also take more damage from his Hellfire Shotguns due to their larger hit volumes.
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