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[US-Kilrogg][H] <Spiritus Mundi> Is Recruiting (Off-realm raiders too!)

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<Spiritus Mundi> (Spirit of the World) is an newly reformed guild recruiting for H HFC. We all have come together because we truly love raiding, from the wipes to the first downs, it's all enjoyable. We stress progression, but it's always important that we are having fun while doing it. We want our raiders to come prepared to each raid with knowledge of the fights we are attempting, properly enchanted gear, as well as flasks.

At the moment we are looking for all types of roles (from all-types of realms, but you get benefits for being in the guild!), please apply if you are interested!

  1. Times available & time zone: Our raid times are a little up in the air at the moment, however, we plan to stick relatively close to our old raid times (Friday 9-11 / Saturday 8-11 Pacific) - However, to help make times accessible to more of our raiders we might move raid times down an hour (i.e - 8-11 / 7-11).

  2. Server preference: At the moment we do not require you to be on our home server (Kilrogg/Winterhoof - US) to join our raid times, however, in the near future we plan to have weekly rewards and benefits for raiders within the guild.

  3. Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: We identify ourselves as a "semi-hardcore" raiding group, with a major focus on progression and fun.

  4. Current progression/experience: Over half of our raiders have completed all of 13/13H, and even some mythic experience, but as a whole we are beginning heroic - We request that you have basic knowledge of the Normal modes (13/13), we plan to push through Heroic, putting Heroic on farm before pushing to Mythic before Legion, where we plan to stand out on our server as one of the top raid groups.

  5. Recent logs (if available): Logs are not required, but if you have logs it would really help us gauge your ability to preform fights.

  6. Contact info: If you wish to contact me for more information or you are interested in joining please, do not hesitate to add me over battle-tag (@Torterraumad#1338, as this is my preferred method of contact).

  7. Anything else: We use vent to communicate, we request that you are able to AT LEAST listen to raid, communication is not required, but makes raids more personal and fun.

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