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[US-Thrall][H] <Requiem> 5/13M

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Hey! Thanks for checking us out. We're a Horde guild here on Thrall. We're currently looking for a few more awesome folks to round out our Mythic team!

Quick Facts

Recruiting: Ranged DPS
Schedule: 7:00PM - 10:00PM Server, Wednesday, Sunday, Monday
Progression: 5/13M
Website: http://requiemwow.com
Active since: February 2013

About Us!

We're all about having a great time while raiding. Pull time is business time, but otherwise we just want to have a blast.

As the title says, we're currently 5/13 Mythic HFC. We're looking for some people to help us maintain a bit more stability in our Mythic progression. There are no dedicated bench positions. Roster will rotate reasonably based on encounter needs and attendance.

Most of the members are quite active outside of raid times, having alt/catchup raids, achievement runs and other such shenanigans. It's a great, helpful team and the leadership is always available to help work towards progress and improvement.

We also have coaches for each role available to help you bring your performance up or give you tips for encounters if you find yourself having trouble. If you have the desire, we'll help you grow into a great raider, which in turn helps the team grow!

About You!

What we want are people with a great attitude towards raiding. As long as you're willing to learn and improve, we have a spot for you. Experience, particularly Mythic (past or present) is a huge bonus, but not mandatory.

As for classes:



Even if you're not on the list, please drop us a line! These are our urgent needs but we can always make something work. A few of our raiders are extremely flexible with role and wouldn't mind shifting around to a different role for the right person.

Contact Info

Reply here, add Bhair#1879 or Oni#1403, or just contact someone in the guild to get some more information!

Already sold? Head on over to http://requiemwow.com/apply today!

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