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[EU-DRAENOR] [H] <Microtransaction> 8/13 M Recruiting Healers and DPS

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Attention raid junkies! Microtransaction needs you for Mythic raiding!

We are a freshly reformed raiding guild on Draenor EU with a solid core of seasoned progression raiders. Our current team all has extensive Mythic experience and we anticipate fast and fun progress with a little help from raiders like you to fill out our roster.

Here at Microtransaction we take progression seriously, but we are also committed to creating a fair and enjoyable environment, where we can all give it our best and let the good-natured insanity flow freely. We are not looking to mass recruit a revolving door of unsuitable raiders. We want to take the time to recruit people who are the right fit; people who share our idea of what a good raid is. If this sounds like the place for you, we invite you to join us and add to the crazy.

Our Expectations

# Be committed – We understand that RL interferes at times but we do expect reasonable raid attendance

# Be prepared – We expect you to show up on time with knowledge of the fight and your gear gemmed and upgraded.

# Be informed- We don’t expect perfection but we do expect thorough and up to date knowledge of your chosen class.

# Be Patient – Understand the nature of progress raiding. We’re not interested in raiders who will rage quit after one wipe.

#Be Active – Isn’t it depressing to log in to a ghost guild on non-raid days? In Microtransaction we understand that this game has things to offer outside of raiding, we enjoy achievement runs, dungeons and just shooting the breeze in Teamspeak…some of us even like battle pets!

Recruitment Priority

Hunter (2)

Paladin – Ret/Holy


Shadow Priest

Death Knight (DPS)


Balance Druid

Skilled players of all roles will be considered

Raid Days

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday: 19:45-23:00

Join us today!

Apply at http://microtransaction.enjin.com/recruitment

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