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AMP [H] on Dragonmaw is looking to recruit to fill out our ranks. We are a fresh transfer to this server with a core group of players looking to add members. This could be a place for you if you are looking for a mature atmosphere to pursue your goals, whether it be raid progression or achievement gathering. We’ve been an active guild for over 8 years and with this fresh home we are hoping there are some others we might add to the family. 


Our current raid group runs 2 nights a week on Sunday and Monday from 5:30 server to 8:30 server. Any level of experience is welcome as long as you are willing to learn and grow. This might mean taking feedback on the fly or working with guildmates on off nights to improve your rotation or running Mythics. 

Recruitment Need

Tank: Medium (Death Knight preferred)
Ranged DPS: Low (Shadow Priest or Warlock preferred)
Melee DPS: Heavy
Healers: Medium (Holy Paladin or Mistweaver Monk preferred)

No qualified player will be turned away based on just this need. If you feel an exception should be made for you, let us know.

Not into that?

Outside of raiding we are often running Mythics/Heroics, engaging in World PvP or Battlegrounds, running old raids looking for transmog gear, you name it. If you’re looking for a place to hang out and level an alt, or testing out a new group of pets and how they work together then look no further. 


Aston#1420 or Leitbur#1939

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