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a friend of mine wanted this deck so here it is



1-shadow step

1-cold blood

1-leper gnome



2-gang up


1-defias ringleader

1-jeweled scarab

1-patient assassin

2-undercity valiant

1-perdition blade


1-master of disguise


1-antique healbot


1-shado-pan rider


1-dr boom

Ok theres the deck,this deck probably does need some tweaking so please give me some ideas thx

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I merged it with Help my deck or whatever is its name. I feel too lazy right now, I will have a look at it tomorrow [CET] (unless someone will get to it sooner than me, ofc).

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    • By NichtSupp
      I was wondering if there was a standard deck that was reasonably cheap, and can get to a decent rank with (rank 10ish or lower). I am getting destroyed by people with full quest decks, hoping to craft one soon myself, need a decent deck for now.
    • By TheBeninator
      Hey everyone, mediocre deck builder here. I love experimenting with new decks and wanted to try a new totem shaman deck after Blizzard´s patch reworking shaman/aggro cards.
      Note: This deck is made for AFTER Blizzard´s next patch.
      2x Totemic Might
      1x Evolve
      2x Lightning Bolt
      2x Primal Fusion
      2x Spirit Claws
      2x Flametongue Totem
      2x Totem Golem
      2x Hex
      2x Tuskarr Totemic
      2x Mana Tide Totem
      2x Thunder Bluff Valiant
      1x Bloodlust
      2x Thing from Below
      2x Master of Evolution
      2x Azure Drake
      2x Fire Elemental
      If you hadn´t noticed already, its a very cheap deck to make because of the lack of epic and legendary minions.
      Flood the board with totems early game and control the board with Totem Golem, Spirit Claws, Lightning Bolt, etc.
      Try to buff at least 2 or more totems with Totemic Might Early game to give the totems more survivability. 
      Bloodlust Can get you the early win if you have enough totems on the board.
      Evolve Is a good card for having lots of smallish minions on the board and can sometimes give you a charger to close the game.
      Azure Drake Combines well with Spirit Claws and draws a card. (Who doesn´t love some good card draw?)
      Master of Evolution A master of evolution. Need I say more? Yea, probably. He curves perfectly with Tuskarr Totemic and can turn that 3/2 body into a 4/5 minion or something more useful. What could possibly go wrong?
      Final Additions
      This the first deck I´ve tried to explain on a website, and I´m not too great at building decks so if you have any questions or thoughts put them in the comments so I can reply and add them to the explanation.  
    • By Sottle
      Hey guys, Sottle here. In case you don't know who I am, I am the new person in charge of Icy Veins Hearthstone content, and responsible for all the new deck guides since a little while before GvG.
      I thought it would be nice to have a thread where people can post decks they were working on, or looking for advice on, and i'll take a look at them, suggest possible improvements, and hopefully help you to tear up the ladder.
      To help us out, please try and stick to the following format as much as possible.
      -Deck Image, or Decklist
      -Available Cards (just a general idea is fine, "I have most Rares", "Good Vanilla Set, but few GvG cards" etc.
      - Amount of adventure wings.
      - Your current rank on ladder.
      Go ahead and get posting
      positiv's edit: If you want a 0 dust change (ie. using only the cards you own), you can give me link to your collection uploaded through Innkeeper. Your collection gets uploaded to Hearthpwn, you can find the link somewhere on the site. 
      Also, it would be nice if you wrote the amount of available dust.
    • By vaidab
      I'm constantly fighting the deck in the picture. It's a Tempo Mage GVG a bit modified from this deck.
      Here it is:

      I'm constantly losing to this deck and I'd love some hints on how to beat it.