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Throne of Thunder Restoration Shaman Style

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We got that mutation (I think) and barely noticed it. One advantage of an insanely good healing team is DoTs like that (even when they do a lot) get handled really well. :)

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Durumu the Forgotten

Tip for this fight for all Resto shaman added to the nest groups.

Use spell_fire_selfdestruct.jpgMagma Totem on every nest, it does help dps and use spell_nature_chainlightning.jpgChain Lightning if you have down time between heals

Watch out for the delay between casting and arrival of ability_hunter_pet_dragonhawk.jpgQuills and only move as a group when you are sure quills wont hit you in flight

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Did you mean Ji-kun? Added the tips to the Ji-kun section. Thanks for the contribution.

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I have some tips for Dark Animus, Iron Qon, Twin Consorts and Lei Shen (these sections are empty yet). Sorry for any english error, I'm not an english speaker.


Dark Animus


Useful Glyph: 

Glyph of Riptide - keep up Riptide on raid members.


First fase:

Keep up Riptide on raid members e use Earth Shield in member that is getting more damage. 


Second fase: 

Keep moving if you get Anima Font, if you need to heal use Spiritwalker's Grace. Stop to cast before Interrupting Jolt and after use one Healing Cooldown.

Try to use Unleash Elements + Healing Rain before Interrupting Jolt on main tank and melees.


Iron Qon


Useful Glyph:

Glyph of Telluric Currents


First fase:

Use Unleash Elements + Healing Rain in stacked group that will get Unleashed Flame.


Second fase:

In this fase boss's damage isn't high, just need to heal tanker who is tanking boss. You can use Mana Tide Totem or Glyph of Telluric Currents to recover mana.


Third fase:

Use Windwalk Totem to release members slowed by Freeze Spear: Frozen Blood.


Fourth fase:

Use Unleash Elements + Healing Rain to heal all stacked members. Use your Healing Cooldowns in each Fist Smash in combination with other healers Cooldowns


Twin Consorts


Use Unleash Elements + Healing Rain in place where are tankers and melees. 


Use the Tremor Totem, if any player gets sleep from Moon Lotus.


Use your Healing Cooldowns when Tidal Force is casted.


If the tanker gets Beast of Nightmares, stop the heal. You can use Healing Rain and Healing Stream Totem.



Lei Shen


Useful Talents:

Astral Shift

Healing Tide Totem


First fase:

Use Earth Shield in tanker with boss aggro. Change the shield to another tanker when gets decapitate.

Use Unleash Elements + Healing Rain in melees before Thunderstruck. Use Ghost Wolf to escape from it.


Intermission fase:

In each intermission fase, use Earth Shield in yourself or Astral Shift if you are getting too much damage.


Second fase:

After first intermission fase, the raid must to stack in boss, so use Unleash Elements + Healing Rain.


Third fase:

After second intermission fase, use your heal CDs after each Thunderstruck. 

Stack when adds appear and use Unleash Elements + Healing Rain.

Use o Spiritwalker's Grace if you need to heal more in Violent Gale Winds. 

Use Ghost Wolf to escape from Thunderstruck.

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Some good tips there. I'll just note that we try not to put tips like "put Healing Rain down on the melee" since we expect that most people will do that anyway. I'll update the thread later :) Thanks for the contribution!

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