Will Legion Save WoW?

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Featuring interviews with Venruki, Treckie and Tegu!


The question on everyone's minds in the run up to Legion is: will this bring back all those subscribers? We sat down with Venruki, Treckie and Tegu to discuss some of the highlights of the past, as well as what Blizzard should be aiming to do with Legion.


In order to assess the topic fairly, we're going to break this down into a few main topics. There are of course more ways to look at the issue, but I felt these were the main contenders. Things like class balance can't really be spoken about here, since we haven't seen any balancing taking place yet. You can choose which topics to read by clicking on them below:

  1. New class (TL;DR Version)
  2. Leveling in Legion (TL;DR Version)
  3. Artwork (TL;DR Version)
  4. PvE (TL;DR Version)
  5. Interview with Treckie
  6. Interview with Tegu
  7. PvP TL;DR Version
  8. Interview with Venruki
  9. General Conclusions

Demon Hunters


Demon Hunters are one of those classes that have been rumoured and whispered about for a long time. Ever since the Burning Crusade, players have been awaiting their introduction, especially after seeing so many of them at the Black Temple.




From a lore perspective, I think Blizzard are definitely going about this in the right way. Demon Hunters have been restricted to the Elven races, as they should be, and have been given a pretty great starting zone. I don't think anyone can say that the other hero class, the Death Knight, had a better starting zone than this.


Throughout the starting zone, you encounter these incredible moments that hark back to the times of the Burning Crusade, with certain NPCs and names popping up throughout the zone. You get an amazing feeling of nostalgia mixed with awe, an interesting combination since you are experiencing new content while revisiting incredible aspects from the past.


One of the more interesting highlights within that starting zone is the ability to choose your path and it's something that Blizzard is actually touching on more in Legion. Choice is one of the most important features in an MMO as big as WoW. If players are forced to do certain things a certain way, you start moving away from that "open" feel. The Demon Hunters are given the choice of which individual to follow during their starting zone, either Kayn, who remains loyal to Illidan, or Altruis, who instead aided the Alliance and Horde in the Burning Crusade.




The quest window that appears when you have to make your choice.


I love the fact that you are choosing which story to follow, even if it is a purely visual and lore-based choice. These little things allow players to enjoy different aspects depending on their preferences, as well as having some level of replayability. Most players that enjoy the Demon Hunter class will most likely level a Night Elf and Blood Elf version, so it's nice to allow players to experience a different story each time.


From a visual perspective, nobody can deny that the Demon Hunters look fantastic. Their abilities are incredibly visually appealing, as well as the actual models of the characters. Tattoos are something that has been widely requested ever since we saw such incredible artwork on the Vrykul, but the Demon Hunter markings are wonderful. They match the aesthetic perfectly, as well as having enough styles to ensure we're not all wandering around looking like Illidan. 


The Demon Hunters aren't perfect, unfortunately. Gameplay-wise, I feel that they do need some work to make sure they have a sufficiently interesting gameplay style. This is especially true for Havoc, in which you can essentially perform the rotation with 2-3 buttons. This is slowly being addressed, especially with reworks to the higher level talents, but I still think the gameplay needs work. If they can fix the problems here, we're going to see a perfect addition to the world of Azeroth. 

TL;DR - Demon Hunters have been given a fantastic visual treatment, with flashy skills and amazing models. The starting zone is great, it keeps you focused on the story, but the gameplay needs work. It's very stale right now, with barely any keys to press. It got better, but needs more.

Leveling in Legion


Despite only experiencing a small number of zones so far, the leveling in Legion is taking an interesting turn. In Warlords of Draenor, one of the problems with leveling lay in the linear format. As we said above, choice is one of the most important things in the game. If players are forced to do things in the order Blizzard wishes, it all becomes very stale, very quickly and any replayability factor is destroyed.


Legion is taking a different approach, in which players will begin their journey with the artifact quest. You are allowed to choose which artifact to pursue, regardless of the specialisation you are playing at the time. Once it has been completed, you can venture into any zone of the Broken Isles questing that you wish. There is no specific starting zone, since they all act as one. This is a hugely welcome change, since it means players can experience content at different levels, meaning it will have varying difficulty. A piece of gear obtained at level 106 might make one zone a lot easier, whereas if you were to do it at level 104 without that gear, you might find yourself struggling slightly. 




This also ensures a much smoother release for Legion. Warlords of Draenor saw players cramming themselves into single zones in order to level, however there is going to be a more varied approach this expansion. Players will be choosing different zones at different times, so certain zones are going to be much less congested. One hopes that this will ensure that players aren't struggling to play with the amount of lag, as we saw happen with WoD. 


Leveling in Legion is going to see a return of one of the best new introductions of WoD, the bonus objective. These are fantastic, allowing players to still level while keeping away from major quest hubs. You can't level solely on these, but they give a hefty heap of experience. I'm definitely welcoming the return of these, they give you a wonderful break from spamming quests and can really speed up leveling an alt.


One of the other fantastic parts of WoD were the cinematics while leveling; they gave players a small insight into the events happening while they were questing, as well as adding an "epic" feel to the major events. Watching Thrall and Garrosh fight in the Mok'gora from a cinematic perspective was a million times better than watching them swing a weapon at each other in-game twice and then /kneel-ing when hurt. If you missed that cinematic (how?!), check it out below:



Judging by the events we have seen so far in the questlines, there are going to be some unbelievably good cinematics coming in Legion. We are yet to see any of them, instead replaced by placeholder text describing them. Regardless, I'm beyond excited for them, especially since it seems Blizzard are bringing characters forward that we haven't seen before, such as Sylvanas appearing in the cinematic trailer.

TL;DR - Blizzard are bringing back a lot of the good parts of WoD, mixed with the new zones and stories. Questing so far looks really good and, with the new choice of where to level, players might find themselves more willing to replay the content when leveling alts.



It's difficult to deny that one of the best things about World of Warcraft is the artwork. If you're a fan of the style, you are in for a serious treat with Legion. The new zones look incredible, while still managing to maintain a different feel in every zone. I'll move on to the other aspects of artwork, but I think time is needed to appreciate just how amazing these zones are. Below, you can see a comparison of two zones from the Alpha.




The first zone shown is Suramar and it looks amazing. The natural feel of the image radiates that summery, forest feel from somewhere like Eversong Woods, while still maintaining the strong, darker feel of the Night Elf structures. It's a perfect blend of Blood and Night Elven influences to represent the Kaldorei theme. 




The next zone, Stormheim, beautifully encompasses the idea of a rocky landscape hidden in misty hills. Imagine approaching by sea, only to be met by a huge viking carved from stone. Scary stuff!


The zones aren't the only thing that has been designed well in Legion. The new models for so many NPCs and bosses just look fantastic. A perfect example is that of Sylvanas, her model has been changed so many times and yet they have still managed to make it even better. Check it out below:




While the models are looking fantastic on the whole, I do think some of the PvP sets we have just seen released on the Alpha are a bit of a let down. In comparison to the other sets, the cloth set seems extremely underwhelming. While some players might prefer that, I feel that, for example, the mail set is just as simple as the cloth one, but it has small details that make it look special. Take a look at a comparison below:

TL;DR - The artwork so far in Legion is looking great. The new models and zones are fantastically designed, but I'd love to see them spread the love. There are some areas in the artifact and gear area that definitely need some work to bring them up to scratch. If they keep a level of quality consistent with the other work they have done, this expansion is going to look fantastic once again.



Despite managing to finish the current tier with a high ranking, I felt that I wasn't quite qualified enough to talk about PvE alone. Instead I've brought two guests in to discuss both WoD and Legion PvE, so that we can get a proper analysis of the changes.

My first interview is with Treckie, an accomplished tank who now raids in the guild Nihilum, as well as being in charge of reviewing the Protection Paladin guide here on Icy Veins. You can check out his stream over on Twitch, as well as following him on Twitter.


What was the best part of PvE for you in Warlords of Draenor?


For me, the real strength of PvE for this expansion was the instances being done incredibly well; the instances had some of the best design we have seen in a long time.  Hellfire Citadel was, for me, one of the best designed raids in ages. It was nearly perfect, bar one or two bosses.


How did you feel about the style of legendary that Warlords of Draenor brought? Was the gradual increase the right style of nerf?


The legendary questline will always be a pain, but the ring seriously impacted the way fights worked once people got their 735. It was an incredibly powerful DPS increase when you first got it, but the gradual increases were a perfect way of nerfing content. By increasing the item level of your ring each week, you would be getting more powerful every week even if you didn’t have any loot dropping. It wasn’t a crazy buff, but it was still a buff.

I prefer seeing Blizzard buff the players rather than nerf the bosses, as they have in past expansions.


Did the ring seriously impact the world first race? Was it a race to the rings?


I think Warlords saw Blizzard exploring different legendary paths; in MoP, we had legendaries that were awarded as soon as Siege of Orgrimmar started, while now we had that delay before obtaining them. Method got the world first kill without a ring, but personally I’d like to see them either extend the period in which nobody had a ring or just give everyone a ring at the start. This means that, at the highest levels of PvE, RNG drops won’t play a factor in progression. If you compare getting a legendary ring to getting a piece of gear 1 week earlier, the difference is crazy.


What was the worst part of PVE for you in Warlords?


I was never a fan of the whole split-tier idea. The first tier of Warlords was done really badly, since it basically made Highmaul completely obsolete. We spent some time clearing Highmaul and then, when Blackrock Foundry released, there was no point going back to Highmaul. There was better gear in Blackrock, but it wasn’t even a new tier. MoP did it slightly better, with the first tier being spread across 3 raids that each class required gear from, but I’d prefer to just not see the split-tier thing.


Would you like to see a return to 10 and 25-player raiding or do you prefer Mythic?


I think the way the game is constructed now works so much better. 10 and 25-player raids always had such strange problems, especially when attempting to balance fights. I loved the 25-player raids, but I think 20-player is still big enough. I think the fixed number of raiders is a good thing, since it means there is no debate about X-difficulty being more difficult/easy. For Heroic and Normal, I like the whole scaling idea since it allows slightly less-developed guilds to raid even if certain people don’t turn up.


Are the class changes in Legion moving in the right direction?


There are a few changes where people don’t really feel a change was necessary, but we don’t have all the information that Blizzard does. We don’t know what their final plan for the classes is, yet people still feel very entitled when it comes to demanding changes to be put into place or reverted. I think Blizzard are definitely listening to feedback on the changes, we just can’t see all of the feedback and information that they can. Sometimes, we don’t know what their master plan for a class is, so some changes don’t make sense to us.


How are you feeling about the instances in Legion so far?


I really love the instances in Legion. I’m a huge lore fan, so I think they are doing a really good thing by stepping away from us killing huge lore characters in dungeons, like we did to Ner’zhul in WoD. Instead, we are starting fights with big lore figures and they end up running away after a period, meaning we will face them again at a properly epic stage of the expansion.


I think this takes us back to some of the best dungeons we have had, such as the Icecrown Citadel dungeons in Wrath. We had a preview of the Lich King and what he could do, but we didn’t directly fight him.


It can really take away from the epicness of a boss if you kill him 50 times in a 5-man while barely concentrating.


Would you welcome smaller, 1-boss raids in Legion between tiers?


Ruby Sanctum was the perfect example of this and it was pointless. We still did Icecrown Citadel every week after clearing Ruby Sanctum because it was the “main” raid of the expansion. RS was essentially a world boss in an instance. I would rather have seen another boss added to the main raid to push that “epic” feeling further.


Do you feel add-ons have simplified too much in the game?


Every tier, bosses get more difficult. We see more complex mechanics introduced and more complicated add-ons being created to deal with them. I think some features of add-ons are definitely going too far, such as the radar on Archimonde, but I can’t imagine doing the bosses without them. I think there are definitely certain add-ons that are too advanced, where they alter positions and commands based on the deaths of certain players. This starts to actually do parts of a raid leader’s job for them.


Would you support the introduction of Timewalking raids?


I would, but only if they introduced them at a very low difficulty level. I’d hate to see Timewalking raids introduced and then Blizzard trying to make them a competitive thing. It would be nice for players to go back and experience the fights at the appropriate level, but a Heroic Timewalking event of Wrath would just see people continuously wiping on fights. I would totally support a Timewalking weekend for raids though.


Have you got a favourite boss in WoW?


I think Lei Shen is probably one of my favourite bosses. He had an amazing mixture of intermissions and phases, as well as the incredible aspect of choice. While you were going for your first kill, you would take the easiest route, but this differed depending on your raid. You could choose which pillars to activate and then which mechanics to deal with. Your choices directly impacted the later phases of the fight.


Are you excited for Legion or are you waiting to pass judgement?


I’m really excited for Legion. I love lore, I love the story of this game and I can’t wait to see our storyline moving forward again. Warlords of Draenor was a nostalgia expansion, we simply revisited old lore that would then be brushed away as another timeline. I’m excited to see our timeline and the story of WoW moving forward again.

Blizzard need to keep the standard of raids that they did this expansion and they will be in a great position PvE-wise.


The big thing that needs to be changed though is the social aspect of the game. Garrisons slowly killed this off, as well as a general feeling of discontent, so it would be nice to see Blizzard actively promoting the social aspect of the game. The Alpha seems to be moving in the right direction, especially with garrisons gone, but people looked forward to that idea in WoD. It’s really hard to tell how things will impact the game when they are announced, so we’re just going to have to wait and see. Overall though, I’m really excited.


Speaking to Treckie was interesting, especially on the topic of instances in Legion. As he says above, WoD dungeons had two major problems: killing off characters too soon and no reason to go back to the dungeons. Moving forward in Legion, Blizzard is doing a great job of making sure characters don't die too early. His example of Ner'zhul is perfect, since he was meant to be this incredibly powerful warlord, who had just unleashed the power of the Dark Star, and yet we kill him swiftly in a 5-man. Not quite epic.


His point concerning the Lich King is interesting, since the Halls of Reflection did exactly what he describes. We were given a small preview of the final boss of the expansion, but there wasn't any chance of fighting him. We literally just ran. We knew we couldn't defeat him and he didn't feel the need to chase us quickly. We were nothing but bugs under his feet that he could easily squish. We got away because of him underestimating us and a huge heap of luck. 




I'd love to see something similar to this brought back into the game, because this was perfectly done. Being able to fight the Lich King in that dungeon would have been equivalent to us deciding to kill Illidan in a 5-man or face Deathwing in The Hour of Twilight. It just completely removes any epic feel to a boss. Running away in terror from a boss that can one shot you? Yes please, that's a boss to be feared.


His point on the split-tiers looks like it's going to happen in Legion, which is unfortunate. I would have preferred to see specific tiers being set out, rather than us (most likely) getting Suramar Palace and Emerald Nightmare set out in the same fashion as Highmaul and Blackrock Foundry. One can only hope Blizzard has other things planned, otherwise there might be another 2-tier expansion on the way.

For my second PvE interview, I sat down with one of, if not the best Death Knight in the world, Tegu from Serenity. He reviews the Frost and Unholy guides here on Icy Veins. Make sure to follow him over on his Twitter, as well as checking out his Twitch.



What were the aspects of PvE that you think Blizzard did well in Warlords of Draenor?


I’ll be honest here, the only thing worth mentioning for me is the raids. Highmaul was fairly enjoyable as a first raid instance, with a few challenging fights put in. I liked the open-plan feel of the raids this expansion as well, since you could choose which bosses and wings to progress first.


What was done badly in Warlords of Draenor in PvE?


I’m sure that this one aligns with most players’ feelings, but garrisons for me were a huge let down. Many people were looking forward to them when the feature was announced, but I think it has seriously hurt the game. The majority of the players spent their WoW time this expansion sitting in their various garrisons, recruiting followers and doing missions. There has also been a crazy amount of inflation caused by the easy gold.

P.S. Thanks for the easy gold cap, Blizzard!


Is there a specific aspect of a past expansion (Vanilla - MoP) that you would like to see brought back to the game in PvE?


I’d love to see certain dungeons brought back into the game, but as I say this, I know that Violet Hold is re-appearing in Legion. That definitely isn’t the type of dungeon I was talking about, please don’t add it! I’d love to see some of the short raid instances brought back, like Throne of the Four Wins and Obsidian Sanctum, since it would mean more content being brought out more regularly.


Are there any aspects of the game that you think are currently damaging PvE in WoW? Should they be removed?


Garrisons. Never again. Please!


Do you feel that the changes made so far in the Alpha are moving in the correct direction? Are Blizzard learning from their mistakes?


I really do, I have the Alpha and I’ve been testing a few classes. I’m really enjoying it right now, not because it’s new content, but because the game feels like what WoW should be. The choice rests with the player. You choose the way you level, you choose where you level, there are things around the world to do outside of the normal stuff. I love the levelling experience, the quests are well done and the new system of zone-choice might mean we have a better launch than WoD did.


The artifact weapons are another good point for me. I like that we can upgrade their power through a number of different ways, rather than forcing players to do one single thing. The new legendaries are also pretty interesting, but I’m waiting to see the effect these will have on raiding.


Even with what’s on the Alpha, there’s still more enjoyable content than WoD, so I think it’s looking pretty positive right now!


Given your role as a melee DPS, are there any changes that you feel “need” to happen in Legion?


I think we need to exclude fights like Blackhand, where we saw nearly every melee sidelined and replaced by a ranged DPS. Rogues had their positions in the fight, but the other melee just weren’t deemed good enough. I think outside of this, melee is in a good position. I’d like to see slightly more competitive DPS figures (and more mobility for my Death Knight!), but unfortunately that can only be guaranteed if there is 100% uptime on the bosses for the melee. This likely won’t happen, since the fight mechanics will have to be extremely basic for the melee. I’d also love to see some of the other melee specs represented next expansion, ones that perhaps we didn’t see much of at the top tiers of raiding in WoD.


As a melee DPS, do you think melee are at a disadvantage at the highest levels of raiding? Are ranged more useful?


I think this was much more prominent in older tiers, where the ranged basically could do everything a melee could. It has definitely got better, with melee players bringing certain utilities, such as Rogues using Feint and Death Knights using Gorefiend’s Grasp. We saw melee represented very well this tier, so I think they are definitely fixing the issue.


Do you think the introduction of yet another melee DPS class is going to affect the class balance in a negative way? Since melee spots are already quite limited, will Demon Hunters cause a lot of problems during raid setups?


I think that no matter what role a new class takes, it’s going to cause problems. There’s a lot of classes and there will always be a struggle trying to fit a completely new class into the raid. It will most likely depend on how good their DPS is, as well as the raid utility they bring.


With another melee class that will most likely start the expansion being very strong, do you think we will see a return to the vanilla-style of certain classes being forced out of certain roles? Will we see a return to people being completely rejected as, for example, a DPS paladin?


In the top guilds, there is always a huge amount of class rotation before and during progress. This ensures that they can clear the raids with the best setup, in the fastest possible time. There are a lot of unique abilities being given to classes, like the mobility spells being given to Ret Paladins (don’t forget DKs!). I think these unique abilities are going to ensure that people can maintain spots in raid groups, regardless of their specific spec and class.


What’s your favourite boss and why?


Patchwerk, because nothing is more enjoyable than being able to smash my keys and never move, right? For real though, Mimiron is probably my favourite boss. It was just a simply unbelievably amazing fight from start to finish, whether on the normal or hard mode. From this expansion, Operator Thogar really stands out for me. It brought a really unique twist to the game’s mechanics and forced raid groups to adapt. I loved it.


Would you like to see Blizzard re-visit the old “favourites”, such as re-using older challenging mechanics in new ways, or do you prefer to see new mechanics on each boss?


WoW could always use more trains and Mimirons, just preferably not in the Violet Hold (please!). Blizzard never disappoints with their mechanics, they really make some fantastic new ones every expansion that continue to adapt and challenge us as players. I’m really looking forward to it!



I think Tegu touches on a few interesting points here, most notably about the utility of melee classes in WoD. As you most likely already know, melee classes often struggle with uptime on certain bosses. The ranged have no issue in regards to range, movement, whatever it may be, they can normally adjust themselves to keep DPSing the boss. 


Unfortunately for melee, we don't have that luxury when moving from a mechanic, hence why raids often appoint stack locations close to the boss. Instead, certain classes got given utility that really made them stand out. Rogues using Feint could avoid huge amounts of damage when soaking abilities from bosses, as well as Death Knights simplifying many fights with a number of adds by using Gorefiend's Grasp. This is an ability that also simplifies large portions of Challenge Modes, by ensuring AoE stuns and abilities hit every mob. 




I'd love to see more of these abilities introduced in Legion to make sure melee classes stay competitive. We don't want another scenario like with Blackhand Mythic, where many melee raiders were forced to sit out or attend on an alt due to their complete uselessness on the fight. 

TL;DR - Both Treckie and Tegu are hyped for Legion, with each of them pointing out their expectations and hopes for the expansion. They both agree that PvE was very strong in WoD for the most part, with BRF and HFC being incredibly well designed raids. Let's hope this continues in Legion!



We recently saw a huge patch go out on the Alpha introducing a preview of the PvP action in Legion. With a revival in the tournament scene of WoW from GCD TV, it's becoming more important that the PvP scene is paid the attention it is due! 

I sat down with arguably one of the best PvPers in the world currently, Venruki, to discuss some of the changes that need to happen. Our interview actually took place before the patch released on the Alpha, so I'll discuss that more later on. If you enjoyed reading through Venruki's points, make sure to check out more of his content on his Twitter, YouTube and Twitch



In Warlords of Draenor specifically, what do you feel were some of the highlights of the expansion for PvP?


Personally, I think Blizzard did a fantastic job of ensuring that every class (excluding tanks) had a viable team that they could bring to high-rated arenas. Even Retribution Paladins were able to play at Gladiator/Rank-1 levels this expansion. If we look at the Blizzcon qualifiers and main tournaments, every class was represented except Monks. In terms of balance, they really nailed it this expansion.


Despite them doing so well on the balancing front, there is always the issue of bots interfering with the balance. Is this something that you encounter at higher ratings in arena or are the banwaves removing enough of the cheaters?


This is definitely something that we encounter and it’s a huge problem right now. The problem with the banwaves is the sheer delay in punishing those that cheat. If I was to submit video evidence of someone cheating on League of Legends or Counter-Strike, that person would most likely be banned within the next few days.


Blizzard’s banwaves cause them to wait, gathering multiple reports until they can ban a large portion of the cheaters at once. This means I can submit video evidence of someone cheating and they will still be able to play for a few months before getting banned. It can become extremely frustrating playing against someone that I know is cheating and has been for months, but won’t be banned until the next banwave.


Do you feel that Blizzard needs to introduce a targeted team that looks solely into reports and bans? An anti-cheating task force might be able to put out more frequent bans that punish cheaters much faster, rather than allowing them to continue playing.


Yeah, I think it would be a really smart move on Blizzard’s part to have a dedicated team that investigates cheating and bans those that are breaking the ToU as soon as they are reported. I’m sure they get a huge number of videos and reports sent in, but botting is becoming a serious issue that needs to be addressed.


One would assume that, with the introduction of the “Prestige System” in Legion, botting is only going to become more common, so they’ll hopefully have a better system of reporting in place before then.


For sure. It will become incredibly disheartening for players that have worked hard to grind their prestige levels, but are still less “prestigious” than someone that just botted for a week.


Do you think the prestige system is going to work out for Blizzard? Are we going to see players coerced into battlegrounds in order to earn the rewards, despite them being solely arena players?


I think that the prestige system needs to stay as a purely cosmetic system, otherwise we are just going to see a repeat of the problems that players had with Ashran. It will be really awesome to have something to do outside of arenas, as well as a new target to work towards rather than just rating.


Was Ashran one of the worse parts of the expansion for you then?


I think they fixed a lot of the problems with Ashran, but certain gear only dropping from Ashran was a huge mistake. It was completely RNG-based and meant that two situations were happening for classes like Warlocks and Warriors: either they would get their accolade trinket within the first few weeks and have a huge advantage or they are still sitting there now, being forced to continue doing Ashran in the hopes of getting the trinket to drop.


Don’t get me wrong, the lootboxes were a fantastic addition, but they never should have had exclusive gear added to them. It just meant that people geared at completely different rates, depending on the luck of getting the right piece of gear early on.


Would the introduction of standardised gear help to avoid these kinds of issues in Legion?


I hope that what is planned for Legion is going to address the issue of different gear levels. There’s two main perspectives that we need to look at the situation from: the geared player and the undergeared player.


Players that manage to get the right gear early will love running into battlegrounds, stomping through teams of poorly geared players. They might be fantastic players, but there’s only so much you can do with such terrible gear. It’s extremely satisfying to watch your spells nearly one-shot players while reminiscing about all those old PvP videos, where players would plough their way through entire teams.


The problem with this is that there’s a player on the other end of those one-shots. It’s completely demoralising to sit there and be completely incapable of fighting an opponent simply because of gear differences. My opinion is that we need to have players fighting on a relatively level playing field to ensure that they have a fighting chance, if they really do have the skills to beat their opponent.


Despite the gear changes planned in Legion, do you think the class pruning is going to counter the positives of the changes? Are we going to see classes becoming too similar?


I think they’re actually doing a pretty good job of keeping the classes separate and unique. They’re removing abilities that, in the past, caused certain specs to be played in almost exactly the same way. An example of this would be Frost and Fire mages in Cataclysm, which shared nearly exactly the same playstyle.


I’ve tried out Arcane and Fire on the Alpha and I loved both of them. They play very differently and, outside of a few core spells, such as Blink and Polymorph, have a really unique feel to them. I haven’t played every class, but, at least for Mages, it’s looking good.


You mentioned Cataclysm there, so I was just wondering if you had any aspects of an older expansion that you’d like to see brought back with Legion?


If I had to pick one, I’d say the progressive rating requirements for gear in Burning Crusade. I absolutely loved that you had constant progression for pieces of gear as you climbed up the ladders, rather than just getting all your gear and farming rating. With the way the game works now, it probably wouldn’t work well for balance between teams at different ratings, but I’d love to introduce a cosmetic progression system.


This would allow you to, for example, unlock different parts of the elite gear at different ratings, rather than having to farm all the way to a specific rating to purchase every piece. The other big downfall of the current system is that players have to spend an insane amount of Conquest Points on the cosmetic elite gear. I think you should be able to just unlock the gear and then buy the “skin” for your wardrobe for a tiny bit of gold.


I’d also love to see rewards brought back to different brackets in arena. Personally, I love playing 5v5 arenas but nobody wants to queue them anymore. Since they removed the rewards from everything except 3v3, nobody wants to play anything other than that. They could even introduce a model of shorter seasons in which the rewards come from different brackets depending on the season.


Are you someone that supports a model of shorter, more frequent seasons then? I saw that you recently tweeted to Holinka requesting a ladder reset, but with no new gear added.


Here’s the problem. The season begins, people farm their gear and then they basically play for a few weeks, farming themselves to some relatively high-level of rating. We then hit the dead period that occurs during every single season recently, where players simply stop playing. This means that high-rated players will sit on their extremely high ratings, but they can’t be caught up to since their rating isn’t being re-injected into the queueing pool. These players return later into the season, during those final weeks, and the ladder suddenly reignites with activity.


It’s a really horrible model to play in and I think one of the solutions might be the shorter season model. I personally don’t care about the gear farm, especially since it almost becomes a chore when you have this many characters. I play to play the game with friends, achieve higher ratings and just have fun. I’d love to see temporary rewards introduced in shorter seasons that allow people to just keep playing, rather than playing for 25% of a season.


Adding new gear is definitely still important, since gear can change the way certain match-ups work, and they should continue doing it, but it could be new gear every other season rather than every season with the shorter model.


Outside of ladders, the competitive scene of WoW has slowly died over time. With the introduction of GCD TV, do you feel that we might finally see a revival of something that was once so great?


Firstly, I think that WoW is still holding out strong given that the finals at Blizzcon had such huge viewing figures. Outside of Blizzard-hosted events, I think GCD has shown that WoW is still very popular. Thousands of people watch the games on Twitch and enjoy the content that is there. Both David and Hannah have put it a huge amount of work and they’re doing a great job to keep the company running as well as it is.


I feel like there is a die-hard community behind the scenes of the WoW tournaments that continue to drive the game forward. It’s this community that allows us to keep WoW relevant on the big stages. I also think streamers really advertise the scene well, since they are something to aspire to. When I used to play CS: GO, I’d watch these legendary players making these unbelieveable plays in tournaments. I’d sit there and think, that’s what I want to do. I want to be able to play that well. It made me work harder to become better and without it, I wouldn’t have had something to really push towards.


I think GCD is really showing us what can be done for WoW competitively. People want to see skilful players battle it out in arena and that’s what GCD is bringing to the table, along with some great casters.


Is there a season that really stands out for you as you’re favourite?


I think it has to be season 3 or 4, since I really enjoyed playing with my teammates at the time. I still love my team now, but we were playing a comp that was new to arena at the time (RMD) and I managed to get my first rank 1 title. For me, it stands out as the one title I’ll never stop using. Vengeful Gladiator Venruki just fits too well.


Will Legion save WoW or are you waiting to pass judgement?


The only thing I am waiting to do is play Legion, I can’t wait. There’s so much that looks fantastic and I really can’t wait to experience it all. I’m seriously looking forward to the PvE/PvP gear meshing, since it means I can join my friends like Mes in PvE if they ever need a Mage.


Nostalgia is great and it’s nice to look back at how things were in the past expansions, but it’s time to look forward. Warlords of Draenor has received just as much crap as every other expansion at the time, but I enjoyed it. I played it, I still do play it and I 100% plan to continue playing WoW when Legion arrives.



There's a few points here that I'd like to go into, since they're fantastic really. The first is the discussion we had concerning bots in PvP; anyone that has taken part in arenas or battlegrounds will most likely have encountered bots at some point in their time playing. They are extremely infuriating, no matter what the player is using it for. They can borderline ruin the game completely, such as when your healer can't cast a spell without being interrupted immediately, or when you're capping points alone while a team of bots runs towards the middle of the battleground mindlessly. 


Undoubtedly, one of the changes that needs to happen is the way Blizzard address the botters. Currently, banwaves simply don't work well enough. I really feel like a dedicated team would allow Blizzard to target the cheaters faster and more efficiently. I understand that resources are limited, but I really think returning to games of 10 players vs. 10 players in Warsong Gulch would benefit the game immensely, rather than 5 bots and 5 players vs. 2 sets of 5 premade players. This is an extreme example, but you get my point. Bots need to be dealt with.


The second point I want to touch on is the cosmetic system that Venruki mentioned based on the Burning Crusade system. Progression, as well as recognition of that progression, is what keeps MMOs going. Currently, the progression system around the rewards of PvP is extremely stale. You pass 2000 rating and are immediately rewarded with being able to buy the entire set of elite gear. I'd love to see a system implemented that allows for gradual progression, unlocking each piece of gear after every 100 rating or so. 


This would give players more of an incentive to push for rating rather than just capping, since they are more likely to achieve the rating required. This doesn't make it any easier, it simply means that players that are, for example, 1780 rating might already have their elite shoulders and the next piece is only 20 rating away. In the current system, a 1780 team has a 220 rating climb ahead of them to get any of the gear. It's not a major climb by any means, but it definitely seems like to lower rated teams.


The last point I'd like to touch on is the prestige system. I think this is one of the best additions to the expansion for PvP. This system is going to help and damage the game so much, but I still think it's going to be amazing. The gradual progression of prestige through PvP is a new thing in WoW, only being visited briefly in the old-school rank system. It's a welcome addition, since it gives people some form of incentive to do battlegrounds. Battlegrounds became the 5-mans of PvP, with players rarely visiting them outside of the first weeks of a new season. This will hopefully get players back into them and participating.


The big problem, of course, is botting. We're going to see more bots than ever in battlegrounds because people will want the maximum prestige as fast as possible. We can only pray that Blizzard target bots more frequently, as well as more real players queuing into the battlegrounds.

TL;DR - According to Venruki, he's hopeful for Legion on the whole. The prestige system is a big plus, but we need proper policing of bots for PvP to really succeed. If they can maintain the same modicum of balancing that they had in WoD, we might be set for some fantastic PvP.

General Conclusion


It's that time when we consolidate and really take a look at the question being presented to us. 


Is Legion going to save WoW?


This is a question that is filled with so many traps and so many problems that it becomes a true nightmare to answer. If I had been asked the same about WoD, I would have said it would be the most amazing expansion ever. There were some major problems that we didn't foresee and that we never could have. Instead, I will pose another question to you:


Do I think Legion will be enjoyable?


You bet I do. From what I have seen so far, I am so unbelievably excited for this expansion that I am struggling to put it into words. From the dungeons I have experienced on the Alpha to the new PvP realm, I simply can't wait. The look, the feel, the style, everything. I think Legion is going to be amazing, BUT Blizzard have to keep up the same quality throughout.


Warlords had a fantastic start, but the content and social drought was too much. They need to finish as they started, keeping content flowing and ensuring they keep the same quality. If the game continues as well as it is starting so far on the Alpha, I think this might be a return to the WoW we grew to love once upon a time.


Let us know what you think about Legion and what you think are the high points of the expansion so far. Are you as excited as this obviously ecstatic writer is?


Fingers crossed that Blizzard finishes this properly. 

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Imo, if they just keep their promises instead of abandoning them like they did in WoD, that will redeem then in the eyes of a lot of players.

Otherwise, it's a Blizzard game. Ofc it will be well made :) They learn from their mistakes. Look at Diablo 3. It's a completely new game

P.S. The reason I think WoD was lacking so much, was that the brunt of the work was on this expansion. Hope Thal'Dranath isn't abandoned. 

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Imo, if they just keep their promises instead of abandoning them like they did in WoD, that will redeem then in the eyes of a lot of players.

Otherwise, it's a Blizzard game. Ofc it will be well made smile.png They learn from their mistakes. Look at Diablo 3. It's a completely new game

P.S. The reason I think WoD was lacking so much, was that the brunt of the work was on this expansion. Hope Thal'Dranath isn't abandoned. 


Yeah, the ideas put forward so far are just excellent. If they can deliver on what they have put forward and then maintain that throughout the xpac, we're in for a real treat. 


Even with D3 there were naysayers, saying they had ruined the Diablo franchise. I guess it's impossible to please everyone!

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It's a difficult question for me. I really liked WoD for the most part, but what has killed it for me is as Treckie said in his closing statement, the social aspect.


Both of my guilds have died this expansion. My raiding guild hordeside, and my more casual guild made up of some old friends alliance side. Without an active guild the game feels incredibly isolated, the only time I really interact with other players now that I'm not raiding is when I'm doing timewalking dungeons. (damn you mount!)


I'm not going to go into why I think this happened, as I said I like the expansion but it is deeply flawed in ways which have already been discussed over and over in different places. It's just I think for legion to be a success it's those players which have left that need to be catered to, not me who will likely still be playing until the game ends anyway - as well as what was already mentioned in making the world feel more alive by getting players out of the garrison.


From what I've seen of Legion, I think it has a good chance yet all the friends who have left who I've asked about it are still in the 'maybe' phase. I'm hoping they manage to raise the level of hype prior to the release, perhaps when the beta comes out - and as was already said provide more frequent content for all aspects of the game when the expansion hits.

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From what I've seen of Legion, I think it has a good chance yet all the friends who have left who I've asked about it are still in the 'maybe' phase. I'm hoping they manage to raise the level of hype prior to the release, perhaps when the beta comes out - and as was already said provide more frequent content for all aspects of the game when the expansion hits.


It seems like this is a problem for many people right now. Warlords looked amazing and look what happened. It's going to take a lot for some people to "trust" the advertising of Blizz again this soon.

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My big issue with WOD is the HUGE gap between the the last added content and the new expansion. I feel like there should have been another raid added when HFC was and then HFC added around now. I would also love to have then continue merging realms. I'm from a merged Med pop realm and it just seems like more people are still moving onto high pop realms to raid. 

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Too hard to say about Legion. It.... feels... like they got their heads out of their rears... but at the same time, WoW will never be what it once was. 

Too much lore twisting has gone on. So many class tweeks and rebuilds. MMOs change and die off over time.

WoD was good but Blizz SERIOUSLY dropped the ball. Basic things (like half flooded ships in the horde garrison harbor for example) are STILL unfixed. Major bosses just killed in the matter of moments.


Hardly anything was epic at all in WoD. WotLK had build-up over build-up as weeks and months went on. You did a quest line and there he was suddenly, messing with you. Then we got to pull back for a moment and spend some time in Ulduar. Then back at gearing up for ICC. The entire time, the theme of the fallen king being thrown at us. Every time a patch came, something epic happened. None of that feeling came in WoD. Pretty much just railing the quest railroads around Draenor, learning lore. Not to mention, WoD wasn't even out a year and it was over.


TL,DR: If Legion doesn't "save"/restore WoW to some level... I think that will be all she wrote. 


...unless of course they screw with the timeline and we go back in time to pre-DK Arthas and a very alive and well King Terenas and Uther the Lightbringer. 

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So I don't get why people keep saying WoW is dead, it's not! I mean every expansion people come back to the game and subscribers hit around 10 millions or more. And then it starts to decrease. To around 5, 6 millions again. So what's here to save? WoW is not lost.

Now with Legion, it's the same deal. People will definitely come back for it, WoW hits 12, 13 millions or so and then people start to complain about how boring WoW is again biggrin.png  LOL, and start leaving the game yet another time. Again WoW will have 5, 6 million players and STILL remains the most popular MMORPG. And people keep saying WoW is dead, well it is your opinion but this is activision-blizz that will make 2-5 Billion dollars per year for years.

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From what I've seen of Legion, I think it has a good chance yet all the friends who have left who I've asked about it are still in the 'maybe' phase. I'm hoping they manage to raise the level of hype prior to the release, perhaps when the beta comes out - and as was already said provide more frequent content for all aspects of the game when the expansion hits.


It seems like this is a problem for many people right now. Warlords looked amazing and look what happened. It's going to take a lot for some people to "trust" the advertising of Blizz again this soon.




This is key for me.  I have had a large number of old guild friends who quit in Cataclysm / Mists of Pandaria come back for the beginning of Warlords of Draenor due to how great it looked.  However a large proportion of them left within the first 3 months of the expansion.  Some, not all, will make it back for Legion, but this is their last chance with WoW - if they are stung again they won't come back for a third time I doubt.

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My big issue with WOD is the HUGE gap between the the last added content and the new expansion. I feel like there should have been another raid added when HFC was and then HFC added around now. I would also love to have then continue merging realms. I'm from a merged Med pop realm and it just seems like more people are still moving onto high pop realms to raid. 


Yeah, I would loved to have seen a smaller raid like TotFW filling the gap, just to at least give us something new to play around with. It seemed like Blizz sorta gave up with WoD though, so let's hope all those resources were allocated well in Legion!


Hardly anything was epic at all in WoD. 


That was a huge problem for me. As we discussed in Treckie's interview, it didn't feel right to just kill of Ner'zhul in a 5-man or Kargath at the start of Highmaul. These are huge figures in lore, but we crushed them way too easily. A multi-boss end fight would have been awesome, where we fight multiple warlords at the same time. Could have been much more "epic".



So I don't get why people keep saying WoW is dead, it's not! I mean every expansion people come back to the game and subscribers hit around 10 millions or more. And then it starts to decrease. To around 5, 6 millions again. So what's here to save? WoW is not lost.

Now with Legion, it's the same deal. People will definitely come back for it, WoW hits 12, 13 millions or so and then people start to complain about how boring WoW is again biggrin.png  LOL, and start leaving the game yet another time. Again WoW will have 5, 6 million players and STILL remains the most popular MMORPG. And people keep saying WoW is dead, well it is your opinion but this is activision-blizz that will make 2-5 Billion dollars per year for years.


The problem here is that a bigger corporation like A-B will see WoW as a failing game, since it is losing money if subs fall even further. When it becomes that much of a chore to maintain for a smaller audience, they will just put less and less resources into the game. 


For me, Legion will be the decider. They will put a lot into the expansion and if it isn't worth it, they will just slowly draw resources away until people stop playing it. 


This is key for me.  I have had a large number of old guild friends who quit in Cataclysm / Mists of Pandaria come back for the beginning of Warlords of Draenor due to how great it looked.  However a large proportion of them left within the first 3 months of the expansion.  Some, not all, will make it back for Legion, but this is their last chance with WoW - if they are stung again they won't come back for a third time I doubt.


It's almost sad to see it happen, but WoD was a huge betrayal of trust. The amount of stuff that was promised and never came to fruition was crazy, followed by a huge content drought. This mixed with the changes to raid-group sizes just meant so many guilds struggled to work. Players left because they were unhappy, players left because they didn't like the merger (10-mans merging to meet 20-man mythic requirements) and it all just bundled together into a ball of disaster.

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 I really hope they will keep their promisses this time. As you say, they kept a part and made almost everything easier (Why?)

I don't say the raids are to easy, at least not when you and your group/guild are new to it, but... outside of the instances you can easily gear up. Like some of my chars, never raided and I haven't put much time or better said effort in them, but their gear is around ilvl 700. Just do the garrison and shipyard orders, do a bit pvp (like a few hours farming of Ashran) and you have ilvl 625, 700/710 gear for easy Honor points.

Friday I went with a pug and some friends/guildies with my Blood DK, 1st time in hc blackrock. I did a few bosses  on normal with him as frost dps (peeling agro away) and my hunter a few months ago. But about the mechanics... for example I made a big stupid error.I'm honest about it. I forgot to switch back from unholy to blood in the Furnace... I was like WTF why am I out of runes and why am I loosing aggro so fast, reaction of the other players was...  you're doing fine you peel the mobs off of us easily etc etc. (lol) But than I noticed I wasn't in blood stance.! (still banging my head, long time ago i made such a mistake. I should have noticed to on my low health-pool). Anyway, switched back and I peeled most mobs of off the other warrior. just staying alive with ease, with a little help of the healers ofc.  But the point is, most bosses didn't make it through the 1st phase.!  1 wipe, because people weren't slowing or killing the wolfs. I didn't even notice i was over last and that they told me to just die. I had peeled off a few percent when they were alrdy dead. << THAT shouldn't be even possible.

Trains...  I was hit Full by a train, cause I moved the boss to late. I didn't even loose 5% of my health, and the boss and adds were sticking on me like glue. I'm not the best tank on a DK, kinda new but i like the selfheals i hate the empty runes.

Because I always have been a Warrior tank and love the rage.!


That's what I've missed after ICC.

The builds are to similar, there aren't any personifications anymore. Almost ALL builds are the same, hell even my tank and dps talents are the same.! And they are the same as most other chars.

I misss the time you could a have totally different build than others, but still the same or even better outcome in dps, heals, treat and/or survivability.

Now it's often... you need this build and at least this ilvl  and have done that achievement. otherwise you're even kicked out of 5-men's or raids.


Proving grounds as base for the ability to sign up for normal or heroic instances...  Big failure imho.  it's all about burst and a very short timer...  why?  What when that's Not my playstyle? So I have my chars geared etc etc for durability, high dps or tanking/selfheal over longer periods. But not really bursting, so because my playstyle is not as seems to be required in the PG's, I'm not allowed either to do instances.!? 

I fail in PG's, but I'm high up in the top on recount or skada, almost never die against elites even when pulling to many. My gear is Mythic ready, But I fail in bg's  so still not allowed to do normal or heroic instances...  WTF?


These bonus rolls....  I rolled 6 times, I got 5x gold and 1x a item. not even procced.

thus vendor stuff.

Could be done better by Blizzard imo.




I haven't heard anything about Better support for for "newer" hardware. (newer as in available for the last 10 years or so?)

Most, if not all, CPU's are multicore... so why is still only 1 core used? << FYI I have a 4GHz hexa core on my main gaming rig and 1 GPU (gtx670).  My other rig has a 4GHz Quad core and 2 GPU's (gtx275) in sli.

Almost No difference, both only show 1 cpu in use.! And doesn't matter if I run windows 10, windows 7 or Linux. In Linux my fps is btw still to low.  IMHO FPS should be around 50-60 in high load to be playable / allowed.


I can give an example of a other f2p game, i'm only talking about the graphic option here btw.  (World of Tanks.)

You have 2 base choices there, install SD or HD.

SD is for weaker / older pc's, HD is for the newer stronger ones and includes High definition graphics.




About Hunters.  (Not demon hunters)

It seems there will be a Lot of new animals to find and/or tame, even taming quests if I have read it right..., 

but how should we do that, I mean, even now we don't have any room/space for (new) pets.!!!!!???


I have been forced to abandon pets that I wanted to keep, because they aren't tameable anymore or only available while questing (summoned, anyone?), or special tinted/colored, very very rare, rare elites etc etc, I can go on and on.

Why not give us unlimited store space, like the mounts and little pets. 

We can only have 4-5 pets with us anyway, so that shouldn't be any problem.




I'm also curious how the melee hunters will be. If they are a good replacement for survi

val hunters.





About people coming and leaving...

That will always be the case, with every game. And it's difficult to make everyone happy.

But... when it happens so often after each other that people quit after a few weeks, than there's something wrong.

As Blizzard tries to keep the players, by nerfing bosses and making content much much more easy...  I think that's exactly the opposite way.


Can you guys remember how difficult it was in the past when you met a Elite 1-2 levels higher than you? Or even at the same level?  You thought twice before engaging them, or you rather went around them. They could one-hit you...  but now? 

Go to Shatrath city and just ride your mount around agrooing a lot of normal and Elite mobs. Who cares, they die without any problem for you....   < That's bull, shouldn't be possible at all.  That's what's driving people away.


It's all to (fckn) Boring and Easy.  (Not only my words.)




About flying Mounts in Draenor...  IMHO the Worst thing Blizzard has done.

You have people with and without flying ability atm.

The people Without flying ability are kind of fucked.!  Litteraly, you want to reach that semiboss that can drop a mount?  You first have to kill all those npc's, mobs and elites between you are that boss... Even before you have killed the first two mobs, you see people fly up again. That semi boss is dead within seconds after it's engaged. 

When 2 people with flying mounts go down, they'll start attacking, Nobody is waiting for those that don't have a flying mount.  When you say something about it...  you get the reply that you suck and should un-install WoW.


Another reason why people leave this game...  the behavior  of other players.!





Legion,  no garrisons?

Both a good and not so good thing.   Garrisons are cool, they are great...  at least the idea. 

The big failure was and still is is that thanks to how it's still set up, there's NO use in leveling Any Production Profession anymore.  Only gathering professions are still a little viable atm. And also almost obsolete, because why would you learn anything? Just farm your mine and garden and build the building with the profession you want. And voila!  You can make your three items or unlimited source of potions and elixers.


The effect is also seen in less actual contact between people. You just make some stuff for yourself and build a new building for something else.

It keeps you a bit busy, but it has ruined the whole idea behind the AH and trading.

Also only three (3) items...  so when you have these 3, you're done. You only have to upgrade them or replace them with drops. But when you replace them with drops, chances are very big that your other gear also already has been upgraded thru drops or rewards.  So needles to make other gear with your buildings, again  a big failure or missed opportunity.


It's ilvl 630 or 640, ... ilvl 640  that's also the gear ilvl you get when you use the powerlevel (instant 100) option...  So why not remove the 3 item limit and improve something of the trading and gearing of people.


Even the garrison and shipyard do give better / higher (blue and purple) ilvl gear.!


The idea behind it was good...  a year ago, in the absolute beginning... but it didn't change or scale with the content.



Again all reasons why a lot of people just quit playing, because it's to Boring, not fun anymore, thrown away money and time for their now useless professions or they just expected more or better as was promised by Blizzard.!.

A reward isn't always a item, it's more than often just a feeling, a thought, something you have accomplished. << Which almost or totally has been removed by Blizz.




ps. it's not all that bad. Because otherwise I and a lot of others wouldn't play this game anymore. :P



I can go on with giving examples and options, but I guess you know what I mean.

I can just hope that some of Blizzard are also reading all our comment and really take them into notice. And think about it.

Some things could be changed before Legion and other things could be implemented or taken care when legion comes out.



Regards and keep on playing.



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"Save WOW."


WOW doesn't need saving. If WOW died today, It would still be a ridiculously monumental achievement that no other company could hope to replicate, until maybe we get a virtual reality MMO.


With that said, sure, there's room for improvement. Many have commented on how easy WOW is. I definitely think that more care should be put into the mob design and that it shouldn't be so easy to clear quests and dungeons. This would force people to work together, much like "the old days" people love to reminisce about.


However, gear and loot should scale appropriately. When I get an epic item, it should feel EPIC. I remember when getting a blue item felt really awesome! Now it's standard. 


LFR could be a little bit more difficult, too. I think it would force people to pay attention and learn the fights.


Sometimes you have to go backwards to move forwards.

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About people coming and leaving...

That will always be the case, with every game. And it's difficult to make everyone happy.

But... when it happens so often after each other that people quit after a few weeks, than there's something wrong.

As Blizzard tries to keep the players, by nerfing bosses and making content much much more easy...  I think that's exactly the opposite way.


I think that's one of the big problems. They reduce the complexity to cater to a slightly more casual audience, but a casual audience will often have a fleeting love for WoW. The diehard players that would prefer the challenge are the ones that stick around. 


It's always difficult to find the right balance, especially since they would have to remove so much to bring the game back to what it was once upon a time. I definitely don't think we should return to Vanilla-style, where we spend half of our raid days farming materials rather than raiding, but I would like to see more of a challenge outside of instances.



Sometimes you have to go backwards to move forwards.


I agree with this sentiment, but sometimes it can be difficult to take a step forwards when you're already half-way off the huge cliff behind you. I still play the game and I will in Legion, but Warlords did many things wrong. Blizzard took a good few steps backwards and they've put themselves in a position where they can't really move backwards anymore. If they do, there won't be a "WoW killer" because there won't need to be one. Legion, for many people, is a form of last chance. If the same broken promises happen, we might even see a fall to Vanilla-level subs.

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I love the new ease of access and quality of life changes as far as leveling goes. I usually play a bit more than my friends so it will be nice to have the options to do certain zones with them rather than having to wait for them to catch up in levels before we can continue to quest together.

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One big problem that seems to be on everyones lips in the pvp community is the ability pruning. It seems that they've removed to much and might take away the small things that took the skillgap a bit higher

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Great post.It´s not that i hate WoD,but some things could have been better.Legion looks promissing, and got me a lil bit hyped.Hope they get it right this time.

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Great article! When Legion was announced, I didn't really have high hopes for it, but as time passes, I'm getting more and more attracted to it!

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Greetings Icy-veins. I'm excited for loads of things, that is true. But to be honest I am kind of scared as well, since there is a lot to be done wrong in this expansion. Artifact weapons truly look good and have some nice traits, but personally i would ask how are we going to develop them in next patches and what will happen to them in the end of Legion.


Also i am excited for the PvE concept. There are 10 dungeons and I've seen few of them in YT previews and such. They look really nice and have really nice design, but what i would be again scared of is the scaling and the difficulty in heroic or challenge modes.


PvP concept is really looking nice with the small amount of information i have, but again, question is, how will the gear, talents and prestige work? I really look forward to it.


And last point: Lore... This is one thing I am really looking forward to and what interests me probably the most. We have a chance to see new and old characters and also we could have a chance to encounter or at least get some more info on Old Gods. Scaling system looks also really amazing. Since I am an alt person, i love to get all classes on max lvl, so this would allow me to progress the Broken Isles in any way i want. But again the negatives... I am really worried about the length (in hours) of each zone in Broken Isles. Some sources say that one zone only takes about one and half hour to complete which is too fast, but that is my personal opinion.


I know this was supposed to be "Why i am hyped for Legion" comment. But I just can't write all positives, without leaving out possible negatives, which are important. To me chance to get into beta of Legion is the chance to test the game and point out the bugs and glitches made in the game and help in one way or another improve the game for normal players, rather then play it as one. I will have a chance to do that when it launches. 

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One big problem that seems to be on everyones lips in the pvp community is the ability pruning. It seems that they've removed to much and might take away the small things that took the skillgap a bit higher


Yeah, this is something that probably should be revisited. If an ability is used by so few people that it needs to be removed, why can't it just stay in the game and let the people that do use it, use it. I understand that most Mages won't be de-cursing, but it can be a big thing if there is, for example, a curse in a Mythic-only part of a fight that they can help remove. It won't damage the gameplay of anyone to keep it in.

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I personally hope that Blizzard took WoD as a humbling experience. The game as a whole, and the trust the playerbase had in them took a huge hit. And if they simply continue on without acknowledging that, then I feel like critical mistakes will be made a second and third time. Which... yeah. Not a good thing.

However. Legion does look amazing! They took some major steps forward that, for the longest time, I never thought Blizzard would take. They appear to be embracing the idea of player choice with things as big as leveling where you want. To smaller things like choices that effect nothing more then story. Plus embracing the choice of wearing what you want with the major transmog changes, plus motivation for PvPers to keep Bging with the cosmetic items you can get from the prestige system.

In short. I believe the more choice the player has, the better the game will be. Even if the choices seem small and mundane, or are completely cosmetic. So this is a very good, strong direction for Blizzard to be taking.

But that's only one triangle in the triforce. Gameplay and mechanics are also a huge aspect, and that's where things are having me a little shaky at the moment. As a big pvper, I'm keeping a close eye on the pruning situation. But, I'm also keeping an open mind about the whole thing. Given, I don't have access, I can only see the situation through other peoples eyes. I understand wanting to make pvp more friendly and inviting to others, especially with E-sports exploding in the best kind of way. We definitely cant argue that more pvpers would be bad. But hopefully it's not at too big of a price. We'll see.

For the record though. Completely hate this constant revamps.... Not a big fan of worrying if  I'll still enjoy my current class, that I invest all my time into, come this time next expansion. That...yeah... that I'm not so fancy over. With all these changes, I'd like to hope that it's them laying the foundation to something a tad more permanent  in the long run as well.

So! I do think Legion has the potential to 'save' WoW. The announcements they've made proved that they've learned a thing or two as time has went on. The looming question is however, will it all make it into the game? Or will Blizz repeat their biggest mistake and fumble the ball as the game releases? 

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Here is the issue with this question in my opinion ......


What classifies as saving WoW?


If it means the return to WotLK subscription numbers then the answer is a definitive "no". The marketplace is much different than it was then and Blizzard has burned bridges along the way. With all of the competition that is now out there getting to 11 - 12 million subs is just not a feasible goal.


If saving WoW means making an enjoyable game, Blizzard has a very good chance at success. Blizz has always crafted a solid product that was enjoyable to play. Yes, I realize for many WoD missed the mark. I do feel that much of the disappointment is not that the game is "bad", but rather it fails to meet a standard that Blizzard themselves has set. When You set the bar, you darn sure better hit it every time.


Success could also mean repairing the image loss and hurt feelings caused by WoD. In this case, Legion CAN save WoW but I am not willing to say yet that it WILL. Blizzard needs only to deliver on their own promises here. That may sound like a very easy thing to do. In a corporate world where you are dealing with the hopes of millions of customers, it can become harder than you think. WoW has a HUGE hype train attached to it. A train that can often gain its own momentum. The ability to control this train and deliver on what Blizzard promises and clearly separate those promises from what is conjecture believed by the masses will determine their success.

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    • By Stan

      Our returing player guide is stuffed with relevant information for players that haven't played WoW for a  while and they'd like to give it a go in 7.3.
      If you haven't played WoW for a while, we have a guide for you with all relevant information.
      The main goal of the guide is to keep it short and simple.
      General Tips
      In Patch 7.3, the 3rd relic slot will be unlocked immediately once you reach 110 and there's no need to complete individual campaigns all over again. (Source) You can forget about the Broken Shore content. Artifact Knowledge is now shared. All player start at AK Level 41 and will automatically gain 1 AK Level per week. Only one new Legendary item is added in 7.3. Any player that defeats Argus the Unmaker can get Insignia of the Grand Army. It's rewarded from the quest called The Death of a Titan. More details about the Netherlight Crucible can be found here. Two new factions are added in Patch 7.3: Argussian Reach & Army of the Light, both having new emissary quests. A new Heirloom with an interesting affix was added to the game.  Man'ari Training Amulet. Sacrifice 10% HP to gain 40% increased movement speed for 10 seconds. There are no plans to enable Draenor flying for those that haven't unlocked Draenor Pathfinder. Patch 7.3 Content Rollout
      Not all 7.3 content will be available on day 1.From the latest developer Q/A, the content rollout should look like this:
      Week 1
      Krokuun and the first two chapters of the Argus story will unlock.   Players will be able to unlock Krokuun World Quests. Week 2
      The second Argus zone Mac'Aree will become available and with it the third and fourth chapter of the Argus story. Once you progress through those chapters, you will gain access to Mac'aree World Quests, Kil'jaeden's Terrace World Quests and Western Mac'Aree World Quests. Invasion Points will also open. Week 3
      The last week marks the opening of Argus's last zone, Antoran Wastes. Players will gain access to Antoran Wastes World Quests, the Netherlight Crucible and the new dungeon - Seat of the Triumvirate. All you need to know at this point is that Argus has three zones and once you finish the story in each zone, you will gain access to world quests.
      Reputation Catch-up
      We datamined two Bind-to-Account items related to reputation catch-up with Broken Isles & Argus factions. Sources remain unknown for now. Nathrezim Tome of Manipulation increases rep gains with Broken Isles factions by 200% for 2 hours. The item's intended for alts and doesn't work past level 109. Demon's Soulstone can only be used on Argus and the item increases your reputation standing by 1,000 with all factions. It's good for catching up reputation with the Nightfallen. Gear Catch-up
      New Relinquished items are being added in 7.3 with a base item level of 910. (Source) All items can be purchased for 650 Veiled Argunite (a new currency from Argus World Quests). Crafted 7.3 gear is of ilvl 885 and can be upgraded with Primal Sargerite via Primal Obliterum up to item level 935. Old crafted gear can't be upgraded past 900. You can disenchant it into Chaos Crystal. There's a new shoulder enchant on Argus that will help you farm Primal Sargerite. More information can be found here. Dungeons have had their ilvl increased by 20 item levels on every difficulty. Normal: ilvl 845 (was 825) Heroic: ilvl 865 (was 845) Mythic: ilvl 885 (was 865) World Quest rewards scale up to item level 895. (Source) With the introduction of the Netherlight Crucible, you can now target specific relic types. Antorus the Burning Throne
      The raid won't open immediately with 7.3, but at a later point (probably in Patch 7.3.5). Once Antorus opens, Legendary items will have a base item level of 1,000. (Source) For more information about Patch 7.3, check out our Argus hub.
    • By Stan

      Season 4 isn't ending this week and during Hallow's End, you'll be able to queue up for Headless Horseman at a lower level for a chance to get The Horseman's Reins mount.
      Season 4 Cutoffs
      Blizzard's periodically updating cutoffs for Season 4 and you can find them here.
      Placeholder for tweet 897976866178334720 Season 4 End Date
      PvP Season 4 isn't ending this week.
      Placeholder for tweet 899704462972919808 Hallow's End Queue @ Level 23
      Blizzard has been updating world events to allow lower level players to queue up for bosses like Ahune and Headless Horseman will be no exception. When the event is next up, you can queue up at Level 23. The latest update to Hallow's End introduces a new battle pet Naxxy, purchasable for 150 Tricky Treats.
      Placeholder for tweet 898581888222101504 Patch 7.3: Crafted Items Upgrading
      Pre-7.3 items can be upgraded only to item level 900 using Obliterum. New 7.3 crafted items (base ilvl 885) can be only upgraded with Primal Obliterum up to ilvl 935. More information can be found here.
      Placeholder for tweet 897964671298265088
    • By Stan

      Many players are still waiting for Patch 7.3 to go live, before they complete the Mage Tower Challenge for their Artifact weapon appearance, because with increasing item level, the challenge becomes more trivial. If you have your appearance unlocked and think how good you are, you probably haven't heard of Muddymonk!
      The player wrote on reddit that he finished Mage Tower Challenges for each class / specialization - that's a total of 36 challenges. Congratulations! We're posting some screenshots and the rest can be found by visiting the link at the bottom of the article.

      You can find more screenshots here.
    • By Stan

      Patch 7.3 adds entirely new crafted items for professions and a new obliterum to increase their item level up to a max of 935. We datamined all new recipes that were added in Build 24473. Most of them are tied to new Profession quests.
      Instead of bumping crafted items that existed since Legion launch, Blizzard decided to add an entirely new tier of items, available on Argus (no-fly zone).
      Crafed gear can be upgraded through Primal Obliterum by +5 ilvls (up to a maximum level of 935). Requires 1 Primal Sargerite and the target item must be soulbound New Items
      Astral Glory - new Argus herb Empyrium - new Argus ore Fiendish Leather - new Argus leather Lightweave Cloth - new Argus cloth Primal Sargerite - new reagent from Transmuting (requires 25 Bloods of Sargeras) New Gems Argulite Chemirine Labradorite Lightsphene Alchemy
      Lightblood Elixir - Use: Increases damage by 100,000 against demons. Only usable outdoors on Argus and the Broken Isles. Lasts 30 min.
      Lightblood Elixir (Rank 1) Lightblood Elixir (Rank 2) - more efficient craft Lightblood Elixir (Rank 3) - chance to create multiple elixirs Astral Alchemist Stone - new ilvl 885 trinket
      Astral Alchemist Stone (Rank 1) Astral Alchemist Stone (Rank 2) - more efficient craft Astral Alchemist Stone (Rank 3) - chance to create multiple stones Tears of the Naaru - Use: Shows the location of all nearby demons on the minimap for 30 min.
      Tears of the Naaru (Rank 1) Tears of the Naaru (Rank 2) - more efficient craft Tears of the Naaru (Rank 3) - chance to create multiple Tears of the Naaru New Transmutation - Transmute: Primal Sargerite > Primal Sargerite
      Empyrial Breastplate - new ilvl 885 Plate Chest
      Empyrial Rivets are needed to craft the Chest Empyrial Breastplate (Rank 1) Empyrial Breastplate (Rank 2) - more efficient craft Empyrial Breastplate (Rank 3) - even more efficient craft Felslate Anchor (Felslate Anchor) - Use: Attach an anchor to your legs which sends you plummeting towards the ocean floor. Only usable in water.
      Feast of the Fishes (Recipe: Feast of the Fishes) - Use: Set out a Feast of the Fishes to feed up to 50 people in your raid or party! Restores 2,400,000 health and 1,200,000 mana over 20 sec. Must remain seated while eating. If you spend at least 10 seconds eating you will obtain all of the powers of a fish.
      Fishing Artifact
      Underlight Emerald (Deep Green) new green appearance for Underlight Angler Herbalism
      Astral Glory - Restores 1% health every 5 sec for 15 min
      Astral Glory - Gather Astral Glory more effectively Astral Glory - Find rare materials when gathering Astral Glory Astral Glory - Receive a chance to gain a small heal over time when gathering Astral Glory Engineering
      Gravitational Reduction Slippers (Schematic: Gravitational Reduction Slippers) - Use: Affix the Gravitational Reduction Slippers to your current footwear allowing you to jump higher and fall farther. Wormhole Generator: Argus (Schematic: Wormhole Generator: Argus) - Use: Teleports the player to a random location on Argus. Inscription
      Mass Mill Astral Glory - Mill multiple Astral Glory at once Jewelcrafting
      Design List: Argus Crowns - Jewelcrafters can now craft ilvl 885 crowns
      Empyrial Crown of the Cosmos - new ilvl 885 Cloth Helm
      Empyrial Crown of the Cosmos (Rank 1) Empyrial Crown of the Cosmos (Rank 2) - more efficient craft Empyrial Crown of the Cosmos (Rank 3) - even more efficient craft Empyrial Crown of the Depths - new ilvl 885 Leather Helm
      Empyrial Crown of the Depths (Rank 1) Empyrial Crown of the Depths (Rank 2) - more efficient craft Empyrial Crown of the Depths (Rank 3) - even more efficient craft Empyrial Crown of the Elements - new ilvl 885 Mail Helm
      Empyrial Crown of the Elements (Rank 1) Empyrial Crown of the Elements (Rank 2) - more efficient craft Empyrial Crown of the Elements (Rank 3) - even more efficient craft Empyrial Crown of the Titans - new ilvl 885 Plate Helm
      Empyrial Crown of the Titans (Rank 1) Empyrial Crown of the Titans (Rank 2) Empyrial Crown of the Titans (Rank 3) Design List: Argus Gemcutting - epic Gems have been added to the game
      Deadly Deep Chemirine - +250 Primary Stat and +188 Critical Strike Masterful Argulite - +250 Primary Stat and +188 Mastery Quick Lightsphene - +250 Primary Stat and +188 Haste Versatile Labradorite - +250 Primary Stat and +188 Versatility Mass Prospect Empyrium - Prospect multiple batches of Empyrium at once
      Fiendish Shoulderguards - new ilvl 885 Leather Shoulders
      Fiendish Shoulderguards (Rank 1) Fiendish Shoulderguards (Rank 2) - more efficient craft Fiendish Shoulderguards (Rank 3) - even more efficient craft Fiendish Spaulders - new ilvl 885 Mail Shoulders
      Fiendish Spaulders (Rank 1) Fiendish Spaulders (Rank 2) - more efficient craft Fiendish Spaulders (Rank 3) - even more efficient craft Mining
      New Mining Techniques have been added to the game
      Empyrium Deposit (Rank 1) - Increase the amount of material found in Empyrium Deposits Empyrium Deposit (Rank 2) - Chance to find rare materials in Empyrium Deposits Empyrium Deposit (Rank 3) - Increase the amount of material found in Empyrium Deposits Empyrium Seam (Rank 1) - Increase the amount of material found in Empyrium Seams Empyrium Seam (Rank 2) - Chance to find rare materials in Empyrium Seams Empyrium Seam (Rank 3) - Increase the amount of material found in Empyrium Seams Skinning
      New Skinning Techniques have been added to the game
      Fiendish Leather (Skinning Technique: Fiendish Leather (Rank 1)) - Gather Fiendish Leather more effectively Fiendish Leather (Skinning Technique: Fiendish Leather (Rank 2)) - Find rare metarials when gathering Fiendish Leather Fiendish Leather (Skinning Technique: Fiendish Leather (Rank 3)) - Gather Fiendish Leather more effectively Tailoring
      Lightweave Breeches - new ilvl 885 Cloth Legs (Design: Lightweave Breeches (Rank 1))
      Lightweave Breeches (Rank 1) Lightweave Breeches (Rank 2) - more efficient craft Lightweave Breeches (Rank 3) - even more efficient craft
    • By Stan

      Primal Obliterum can only upgrade new Patch 7.3 crafted items to item level 935. Pre-7.3 items can only be upgraded to 900 with Obliterum.
      To upgrade Obliterum into Primal Obliterum, you will need 1 Obliterum & 1 Primal Sargerite. Another Primal Sargerite will be consumed when you upgrade an item with Primal Obliterum by 5 ilvls.

      New 7.3 Crafted Gear
      Only the following items can be upgraded to 935. It doesn't matter if you craft older items after 7.3 goes live, they won't go beyond 900.
      Astral Alchemist Stone Empyrial Breastplate Design List: Argus Crowns Fiendish Shoulderguards Fiendish Spaulders Lightweave Breeches Placeholder for tweet 897964671298265088