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I've tanked off and on (mostly just leveling/heroic dungeons) for years. I'm pretty familiar with how tanks and specific classes work, but I'm looking for more general info here. I'd like to get into tanking end-game content but I don't think I'm quite there yet. I've been watching videos on general raid tanking (movement, awareness, etc.) and I always read/watch fight guides, but I feel like there are more general things I could do to improve.


What are the most important things for me to be able to see when tanking raids? I know I would need to be able to see the other tank's stacks/debuffs, as well as boss frames with a cast bar, but is there anything else I really need to view? I use DBM so spell timers, etc. are included in that, ElvUI for my UI which keeps it pretty clean, and I use WeakAuras to show CDs and other info pertinent to my class (Stagger for monks, Resolve, and so on).


What keybinds do you typically use for tanking? I'm used to using 1 to 0, -, and = (I have a Naga mouse so it's 1-12 for me), then the same keys with shift or alt modifiers. Ctrl seems to be a little hard for me to reach comfortably. Note: A & D are unbound for me; I use W, S, Q, E and my mouse for movement. I typically would use Shift+1, Shift+2 for ST/AoE taunts, but I'm wondering if there's maybe a better keybind to try out for those.


Thanks for any help smile.png

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Not sure if it'll help...

This is what I used when raiding in 2012.


The debuffs on the target filtered by Demo Roar / Thunderclap etc (insert all the debuffs any tank can provide here)

So if you notice a slow or AP reduction not in place you can apply it.  Normally covered but at start of fight can help by applying a debuff so the other tank can concentrate on threat.

Can make that into a collection of icons filtered using weakauras (Slow / AP Reduction etc) if you wish.


What you need to see too is adds (if offtanking, generally more fun!)

Really annoyed me seeing tanks look for something to do when 5 seconds earlier an add came in and is currently about to kill a healer >.>


Keybinds, all around my hand.

Common ones close.

If taunt failed, AoE taunt on Shift + that button so save thinking about a seldom used button mid fight.

I found having Skull, X etc on keybinds made dungeon runs very quick - As last mobs dying, mark next ones.


Have only just returned for the free week, so some of this may be out of date :)

Replied as I'd seen no replies.

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Nice one on catching this Fizz, it must have slipped past us!


When I tank, I generally have three people in mind that need to be tracked:

  1. Me
  2. The enemy
  3. The other tank

Unless you're raid leading, the rest of the raid generally doesn't matter to you. Have a clean, simple representation of the other tank on your screen. Know where he is, how much HP he has, debuffs etc.


The enemy is an obvious one here. You should have your timers in a place that can be easily checked, but that aren't in the way. A simple, clean cast bar can also help so that you can see exactly when things are coming in. 


Your own debuffs and buffs are always going to help. Some Weak Auras that show these are always helpful and can really maximise your performance as a tank.


For keybinds, I use A-S-D for movement, since I feel I don't need the backpedal key. I then have Q-W-E-R-T-F-G-V-C-X-Z all bound, as well as 1-6. I then have shift and alt modifiers of all of these. It all depends on what you're comfortable with, as well as your hand size, which fingers are strong/fast, how far apart your keyboard's rows are.

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I too use a Razer Naga for WoW and of course a Blackwidow Ultimate for my keyboard of choice. Most hotkeys are of course on the Naga's number grid but I actually dont use all of them. 


In terms of tanking I have a few Shift + ( Insert letter keys here ) assigned for my defensive spells and cds. i.e. Shield Block, Elusive Brew, Rune Tap, and Savage Defense are all assigned to shift+z. Just feels smooth to me having it set up like that for your more commonly used AM abilities. 


Primary addons I use for monitoring this stuff would be MSBT ( Miks Scrolling Battle Text ), and Ovale Spell Priority. Give those a try if you like. :D 

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I guess your life is pretty important :D And certainly a focus on your mate.


Then you would appreciate to have some WeakAuras to see the state of your actual cooldowns

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On 5/13/2016 at 11:38 AM, StormLash89 said:

I too use a Razer Naga for WoW and of course a Blackwidow Ultimate for my keyboard of choice. Most hotkeys are of course on the Naga's number grid but I actually dont use all of them. 


In terms of tanking I have a few Shift + ( Insert letter keys here ) assigned for my defensive spells and cds. i.e. Shield Block, Elusive Brew, Rune Tap, and Savage Defense are all assigned to shift+z. Just feels smooth to me having it set up like that for your more commonly used AM abilities. 


Primary addons I use for monitoring this stuff would be MSBT ( Miks Scrolling Battle Text ), and Ovale Spell Priority. Give those a try if you like. :D 

I use the same mouse, and same Shift+ configurations for tanking, with one exception. My shift+ spells and cooldowns are also bound to the Naga's number grid. I keep my main rage generators on 1-3, AOE on 4, charge on 5, and my taunt on 9 so its still accessible, yet im less likely to fat-finger taunt when im not actively tanking the boss. My less used, but still necessary skills are on the other keys.

As for what to see during raiding, i always have a focus on the other tank, and i turn on focus targeting on the minimap. During add fights, trash, and multi-boss fights, its a good idea to know where your other tank is so you know if adds need to be picked up.. Keeping them on focus also makes it easier to track their debuffs. Also, I keep raid frames up so i can see if a dps or healer is pulling aggro off a mob that we dont have covered.

Omen Threat Meter is another great addon for tanking, especially when you are still working on getting geared. Some damage meters include a version of a threat meter, which eliminates the need for another addon. I use Details, which provides multi-window meters like damage, threat, healing, CDs, interrupts, etc.

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The things I think a tank should monitor, in addition to the above:

1/ the incoming damage type (phy or magic)

2/ the whole raid HP with debuff (a heal interface), required for 2 things:

  a/ use properly the defensive CDs

  b/ raid lead (imo tank is the best role for real leads). Note : do not tell your healers who needs healing, they know their stuff ! this is so annoying

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Incoming damage type is actually a fair point, especially if you're playing something that has to choose, such as a Warrior, about which damage to mitigate.

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      I can't say Thank You enough to everybody that posted advice and encouragement in my first thread. It was very helpful and I've taken a lot of it to heart and put it to work. I have had so much fun doing like most things in life you are leery of...once you try it you only regret NOT doing it sooner. 
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