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[EU-RAVENCREST][A] <Meltdown> PvE Progression LF New Players

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We are a brand new PvE guild (formed towards the end of 6.2.3 / March) on Ravencrest-EU [A]. Our first concern is 10-man raiding content with plans for switching to 20-man Mythic raiding after achieving our short-term goals and catching up with Warlords progression.


We're accepting both new and experienced players alike. Be sure to check out our info! If you're interested please contact us for more info!




  • Short Term Goal (pre-Legion): Catching up with Warlords progression at least up to Heroic Hellfire Citadel
  • Long Term Goal (Legion): Progression raiding aiming for World Top 100




We aim to provide a laid-back, friendly and very talkative environment, both in guild chat and on voice chat. Chit-chat isn't disallowed during raids but any raid-related stuff has precedence over smalltalk.


Raiding Times:



Monday 21:00 - 00:00

Thursday 21:00 - 00:00



Wednesday 21 - 00:00



Friday + Weekend Evenings


Our required raiding times are the only ones where attendance is measured and are scheduled for every week unless otherwise noted via the calendar in-game or the GMOTD.


The optional raid time is scheduled when there's enough interest. Attendance will be measured only for players that apply for the raid, if enough players apply.


The catchup raids are very flexible and are organized "on the go".




What we want from you:


  • Availability for raiding at the scheduled times
  • Motivation and persistence
  • Being prepared for raiding (Flasks, Pots, Runes)
  • Having knowledge about the encounters (the tactics and mechanics)
  • Having a tolerant attitude and acceptance towards suggestions and criticism
  • Being geared as much as you can from solo content (WoD: almost full empowered baleful gear)
  • Having a TeamSpeak 3 client and a microphone you will use during raids (REQUIRED)
  • Sufficient knowledge of English
  • Patience. Bosses can be hard, which results in wipes. Do not give in at the first sight of trouble
  • Optional (but highly recommended): availability for raiding a bit after the scheduled times and possibility for raid extensions at the end of tiers


Previous raiding experience is not required but is a plus. We're here to help you learn how to raid and to train you. We don't turn away new players, nor experienced players.


What you can get from us:


A friendly, talkative, healthy atmosphere for social gamingAdvice for newer playersA TeamSpeak 3 server for raiding and socializingAlt-raids for gearing your altsOur time and help with theorycrafting and researching the best possible gear combination for youA unique experience and opportunity for teaching you how to raid and lead raids in generalProviding raiding experience for newer players


Contact Information:


You can find us @ http://meltdownwow.com or ts3server://meltdownwow.com . In game you can contact:


Rexee (wuuthrad#2757)

Thormond (ShowTime#2483)


Contact Information:


All new and experienced players interested in clearing WoD and preparing for Legion PvE progression.

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