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[US - Hyjal][H] <Mirage> Fresh Start, Mythic Raiding

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Name: Mirage

Server: Hyjal-US

Faction: Horde

Recruiting: All classes

Raid Times: Tuesday & Wednesday, 6pm -10pm server (PST)


The Guild


Mirage is a newly created guild on the Hyjal-US realm with the primary focus of completing mythic raid content at an efficient pace. The guild will be kept relatively small, and attendance of raid members will be key to the success of the guild. Raid times will include two nights per week, at 4 hours per night, totaling 8 hours of raiding per week. This is on the low-side relative to other mythic raiding guilds, and therefore members will be expected to be on time, well prepared, and to make the most out of the available time. Loot will be distributed via master looter at the discretion of guild as to add the biggest benefit to progression. 


The Leadership


Mirage was founded by raiders with experience spanning the life of WoW. Including experience in raid leading a server first guild throughout Vanilla and Burning Crusade. Leaders of the guild have since wanted to return to raiding after obtaining a more reasonable work/life balance. Mirage is not aiming to be a server first or world-record breaking guild, but is meant for individuals without a ton of time to play the game, but still want to complete the most difficult content it has to offer. 


Expectations of applicants to the guild:


  • Good attendance. Raids should only be missed due to extenuating life circumstances. Your day to day schedule should account for our raid times. 
  • Willingness to use our discord server for voice communication. Certain roles may be required to use a mic, but for general members only being able to listen will be required. 
  • Members are expected to know how to play their class properly, and to know the mechanics of any encounters we may be doing on a given raid. This includes using resources like forums, youtube, wowhead, etc to obtain information on being a competent player and applying it.
  • Members are expected to be able to follow directions, and to learn and adapt to encounter mechanics quickly. A player should not be dying to the same avoidable mechanic over multiple attempts, for example.
  • Be a self-sufficient player. As Mirage grows into a successful guild we will do our best to provide members with enchants, consumables and repairs. Members should however be prepared to have their own stock of said items, at least while Mirage is building up its resources. 
  • Patience. Mirage may not raid right away. And when we do, there may be nights that are very frustrating for various reasons. We are looking for people that understand this, don’t take things too seriously, and can keep their cool during high stress situations. We want mature people, basically.
  • It is encouraged that members are familiar with tools such as those provided on simulationcraft.org and warcraftlogs.com. This is not a requirement so long as members are able to play at a competent level. We will be more than happy to assist new members in learning to use these tools if they desire. 

Some specifics that are not expected of applicants to the guild:


  • Add-ons are left up to the discretion of each individual member. We highly recommend certain quality of life add-ons such as Deadly Boss Mods or BigWigs, and Recount or Skada but ultimately if the guild member is able to fulfill their role within the guild to a competent level we aren’t concerned with what add-ons they use. 
  • Item level is not relevant to the guild at this time. If you can adhere to the expectations listed above, we will be willing to work with you/increase your item level.
  • While we would like to know the age of our members, there is no age restriction. We will accept players of all ages, it is only required that you act like an adult and are respectful of other members.
  • Although raiding experience is always a plus, we welcome players with little to no raiding experience. If you have read the above expectations, and are willing to learn, you are welcome to apply. 

Projected Timeline


Mirage is meant to be a fresh start guild. What that means is we’re not going to be jumping directly in to Mythic HFC. The goal of this guild is not to clear Mythic HFC before Legion. The goal of this guild is to create a solid base of raiders in preparation for Legion and be ready to clear the Mythic content when it releases. There is not a definitive answer on how much raiding we will do before Legion. We will be leading pick-up groups through Normal/Heroic Hellfire Citadel during scheduled raid times while recruitment is going on. We will also be running Mythic dungeons to help increase item level while we build our foundation. Attendance to the pick-up groups during the recruitment phase is optional. As Mirage recruits members, less raid spots will need to be filled with pick up members until we have our core raid group completed. Once that happens, raid times will be more strictly enforced and proper progression will begin. The goal is to have the core raid group completed and ready to raid by the time Legion is out. 


If you feel like you would be a good fit for Mirage please apply at mirage-guild.com or contact me at Battle.net ID spurx#1260 in game. 

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