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12 Win Deathwing Warrior Arena

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My second 12 win warrior run of the year.  


Draft:  Some fantastic cards - Fiery Winaxe, Death's Bite * 2, Arcanite Reaper, Sludge Belcher, Obsidian Destroyer AND DEATHWING.


VIDEO 1: Frothing Berserker for 20 (to the FACE). 



1: WIN vs Mage: I get greedy waiting till very late into the game to play my Deathwing. Polymorph says hello to Deathwing. Despite misplaying initially, some tense weapon plays win me the game along with a super LUCKY Fen Creeper. The Mage was not happy!    


2: LOSS vs Priest: The Priest actually was able to hang on after Deathwing was played! He also managed to clear an Obsidian Destroyer. Priests and their spells! I essentially ran out of cards and lost.  


3: WIN vs Paladin: I actually managed to get value from King's Defender :-) Thankfully the Paladin had a slow start.  


4: WIN vs Hunter: An incredible game that finishes with Frothing Berserker hitting 20 to the FACE!  




VIDEO 2: Weapons weapons everywhere!   



5: WIN vs Shaman: Weapons and the Stormwind Champion win the day.  


6: WIN vs Druid: Sparring Partner is such a great card when comboed with Stormwind Champion. Gnomeregan Infantry finishes the game.   


7: WIN vs Mage: Chow vs Amani starts us off. Arcanite Reaper into Death's Bite finishes it.  


8: WIN vs Shaman: Battle Rage into Execute wins the game.  


9: WIN vs Rogue: Board presence wins.  




VIDEO 3: Obsidian and Belcher vs Murloc Tinyfin?  



10: LOSS vs Rogue - A really close game. Deathwing comes down - but he has a Cobra :-(  He ALSO had Tinker's Oil and Deadly Poison to finish me off.  


11: WIN vs Paladin - An AMAZING game. The Paladin had great cards - Sunwalker, double Murloc Knight, Keeper of Uldaman, Aldor Peacekeeper, etc. However, my taunt wall won me the game - even after it got consecrated. A 5 card Battle Rage was icing on the cake which gave me lethal.  


12: WIN vs Rogue - I misplay a couple of times. Regardless, Sparring Partner on a Spectral Knight causes a concede.  


13: WIN vs Mage - By turn 5, I am top-decking, with Deathwing as a dead card in my hand. Coldlight Oracle draws an Execute which slays a giant :-) Deathwing comes down at the right time, but it wasn't enough. The Mage survives on 1 health until I finally end the game with a weapon. They call it a 'win axe' for a reason.  


14: WIN vs Druid - I use Battle Rage for one draw at the start, in order to keep the pressure up. My taunt wall seals the game. He even casts 2 spells to buff up my Trogg - which strangely kills his taunt! In the end, his Murloc Tinyfin was no match for my Belcher and Obsidian!  


The Deck  

Inner Rage  

Execute * 2  

Zombie Chow  

Fiery War Axe  

Battle Rage  

Cruel Taskmaster  

Haunted Creeper  

Jeweled Scarab  

Sparring Partner  

Stonesplinter Trogg  

Youthful Brewmaster  

Fierce Monkey * 2  

Harvet Golem  

Razorfen Hunter  

Spider Tank  

Death's Bite * 2  

Gnomish Inventor  


Twighlight Drake  

Arcanite Reaper  

Fen Creeper  

Sludge Belcher  

Spectral Knight  


Obsidian Destroyer  

Stormwind Champion  


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      Hello DKs. (I dunno why it does this annoying thing with the background)
      I have been playing around with different WeakAuras for a few weeks now and i finally found something that works really well for me personally in PvP.
      Both BGs and arena.

      I have a small screen to work with, so i would try to fit as much info in as i could, on as little space as possible, without having any info there that i didnt need.

      I also found out... With all the pressure and fast thinking happening in pvp, you dont have time to look all over your screen to see important CDs or hp points or whatever.
      So again, i've found a way to track everything i need to know, without moving my eyes to the edges of the screen.

      I am by no means any expert on WA and my designs are pretty basic, for some they might look abit cluttered, but everything that i link here, is quite easy to change.
      Deletes single groups u dont want, or change colours/sounds anyway u like it.

      I really hope you people enjoy what i have made and i hope some of you can use it for yourself.
      It's the first time i ever do post stuff like this... Now, i'll explain what the different auras do:

      Asphyxiate stun:
      Pretty basic. It will show a stun icon, with a small timer underneath.
      If you dont like the timer, u can delete the group and u can even change the texture to a progress texture, then the bar would deplete as the stun timer went on.
      I do prefer the timer underneath cause of diminishing returns, it often doesnt stun the full 5 sec.

      CC and Disruption cooldowns:
      Mind freeze (interrupt) and Death grip on the same height
      Asphyxiate and Gnaw (ghoul stun) on the same height.
      These icon will only if the given ability is on cooldown. It will not if it is ready
      Often times there are so many icons on your screen counting down, so i made this to quickly find out what CC is ready.

      Apocalypse - Dark Transformation - Soul Reaper cooldowns:
      I put these in the same group, cause they are what i use basically everytime they are of CD (if im in range of my target ofc)
      They contribute to the very important sustained damage of unholy and it was important for me to track them close to each other.
      They will both bounce in and yellow text will appear when an ability is ready - Something i made so i never miss or forget one of these as i am focusing my target.

      Festering wound tracker:
      Obviously one of the most important things to keep track of for unholy.
      I've tried with different icons and progress bars, but fact is that, even though they look prettier and more neath, they aren't as practical.
      So i made a simple, yet very effective tracker for it.

      A flashing purple wheel appears if you are in combat and no wound is active on your target.
      It bounces and turns red if there are 1-2 stack active, cause this is where you should apply more debuff before detonating.
      Standard purple colour will appear with 3-5 stacks, cause with this amount you are free to detonate your wounds and not having to reapply new ones or worring about there being to many. (Because you are obvioulsy free to Festering strike if you are at like 3 stacks)
      It will flash purple/white when there are 6-8 stacks, cause here you need to detanote and not reapply anymore festering strikes, atleast until it reaches below six.

      Offensive burst/go for kill/swap target cooldowns:
      I didnt put "Blighted rune weapon" in with the other sustain damage CDs because i feel even though it is good for sustained damage, it does not need to be used of cd.
      It works very well if you want to surprise swap to a different targets.
      There are stacks for BRW and timer for your gargoyle - Again, a very simple but very effective design, that tells you everything you need to know. These will also disappear when they are ready.

      Scourge of worlds proc:
      Very, very important debuff to track. Changes your priority alot of times in your rotation for the next 5-6 secs.
      Even though it could work with the normal icon and the design is cool, it is again. Not practical for pvp, cause u need ONLY to see useful info.
      So i made it very simple with a standard timer, so u never miss the debuff and it doesnt clutter your screen.

      Sudden doom proc:
      These can ofcourse be changed to any texture you might like better.
      1 bar appears with 1 proc - 2 bars appears with 2 procs.
      Again for practical use - Minimize the amount of numbers and bars on your screen with this.

      Virulent plague:
      I sometimes forget to reapply this in stressed situations. I made this aura to make sure it never happens.
      A white flashing icon shows when it is not active, a simple sound plays when it runs out and a white bar shows the progress.

      Really hope you guys enjoy it and will give me some feedback!
      I love playing around with WeakAuras and just as i have had alot of help from others designs i really hope someone can use mine.
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      I don't know about you guys but I have had 7 arena runs under the new format with some really decent decks but terrible results... 11W-21L... I like the fact that we can get rarer cards now, but there seems to be something not clicking. By comparison before the changes my last 10 runs were... 41W-30L...
      What you guys think?
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      Undaunted Gaming League is a family based guild, that means most of us have families and careers and are unable to play WoW at all times, that is recruiting players to band together for core teams. We would like to form teams for arena, RBG's, Daily Mythic dungeons, raid progression, gold making, and even battle pets. Even if you are a casual player that is looking to socialize, or want a team to work together on professions, we would like to help you help us. 
      http://undauntedgamingleague.enjin.com/home is our guild site, feel free to stop by to fill out an application and email a guild member for an invite. If you would like additional information, please message a player in game or myself directly darkmograine#1675
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