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[US-Stormrage][A] Looking for more for Mythic Legion Team - T/W/Th 8-11pm EDT

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Pandaemonium is a Mythic progression-oriented guild. Our aim is to recruit players that have a drive to succeed coupled with dedication, skill, and experience. We describe our playstyle as “raiding on a budget”, as such, we strive to be as progressed as our time restrictions allow. Given our limited raid schedule in comparison to other progression-minded guilds, it is important that every minute is spent effectively learning and conquering new bosses and mechanics.

We are a collection of individuals who are dedicated to improving our characters and quality of play on a daily/weekly basis. It is imperative that our members and prospective applicants realize that they must have good "footwork" as described by good personal awareness both environmental and situational.

Pandaemonium is comprised of people who have invested themselves in a long-term commitment to a hard-working raiding guild. Our goal is not to achieve realm firsts — however, we do expect our raiders to play their classes as if that is our goal.

Legion Raid Schedule
With an average 9 hours per week and a small roster, Pandaemonium expects that our raiders maintain near 100% attendance during progression. All times are server time, which is US Eastern.

  • Tuesday: 7:45pm invites, 8:00pm first pull, 11:00pm last pull
  • Wednesday: 7:45pm invites, 8:00pm first pull, 11:00pm last pull
  • Thursday: 7:45pm invites, 8:00pm first pull, 11:00pm last pull

We are looking for consistent raiders that can make at least over 90% of our progression raids. Consistency is key. If your schedule is hyper-variable or you have no control over changes that might be wrought forth at a later date, please have the common courtesy to not have us waste an investment our time time.

As a progression guild, we NEED people who understand the value of participation and are dedicated to our team. We schedule the team for the night in advance expecting that the class composition and/or players requisite to down an encounter will be present; if you fail to show, you waste 20+ other peoples' time who were counting on your participation. We WANT people who want to be here. If your only interest is the accolades associated with killing bosses or you just like to farm content for gear, you will not be a good fit for Pandaemonium.

What do we expect from you as a raider outside the raid?

Do your boss research. We expect full research on bosses with understanding of all mechanics prior to the raid.  The bosses and strats will be discussed on our forums., and as you find information from other sources, we want to see your tips and tricks shared there for the entire team.  We want our raid time devoted to attempts, not explaining basic mechanics to one or two people who failed to research, and we want more collective knowledge than just reading the wowhead strat or watching one Fatboss video.

Review the raid.  We post our logs on our web site and expect our members to discuss the previous night, so we can go back in with improvements the next raid before we even get back in the instance.  

Be prepared. We expect you to show up to raids with everything maximised.  This includes (but is not limited to, best gems, best enchants, max food/flasks, full valor).  At the beginning of the tier, we expect you to acquire all of the best possible crafted gear and BoEs. If you do not have the time or the gold to get these things, you do not have the time to be a Mythic raider.

Be self-sufficient. We are a raiding guild, not a daycare center. We are not here to hold your hand or babysit you. While our guildies love to do stuff together.. if you need valor, enchants, gear or raid food, it is your responsibility to make sure you get it done before the raid. This includes not constantly begging for help in guild chat. Everyone has things they need to get done, so sometimes we all have to be able to get things down without guild help. No one is going to prompt you to do boss or class research - we expect your to get it done because you want to be a valuable member of the team.

What do we expect from you during the raid?

Be on-time.  Every single one of us has set this time aside to raid.  If you have a ‘personal issue’ that makes you late or not show without posting out well in advance, you are discounting the time and dedication of your fellow raiders who also had to manage their personal lives to be available and on time.  

Know your class. Not only do we expect you to know your class rotation and perform at a level commensurate with the content, you also need to know which spec is best for each boss as well as know which glyphs and talents can be switched to benefit the team’s success at downing the boss.  We would rather see you take a DPS loss to glyph another interrupt or learn to run around to perform a mechanic which will clear the room of fire, over having you epeen about your ranking for a fight.

Have a voice. You must install Discord with push-to-talk with a working headset. At Mythic level, even DPS will need to be able to make calls occasionally, so you must have a working microphone. Please make sure your set-up does not allow your game and background sounds to come through your microphone.

Raid awareness. Show us 20 people who are alive at the end of a fight, and we’ll show you a dead boss.  While we need everyone’s performance to be at its best, learning the mechanics is the absolute key to progression. One of the things we look at first in the logs is your survivability. Another is that you were on the right target(s).  If you are crazy high on the meters but die all the time and refuse to do what is asked of you (correct targets, decursing, interrupts, etc), you are not a good fit for this team.

Good attitude. Be prepared for sometimes several hours of wiping sometimes on a hard progression boss.  We expect mature discussions of improvements, as well as the understanding that sometimes it’s necessary to just repeat the same think over and over in order to identify the problem.  We want members who are patient and who won’t lose their tempers and point fingers during a tough encounter.

Have fun! Last, but not least. We expect you to have a sense of humor. Most of us use this game as a way to socialize, have an escape from stress, and we generally do not take ourselves too seriously. We have fun, and intend to keep our environment a reflection of that.

What can you expect from the guild?

  • A group of adults, mainly working professionals, that bring dedication, knowledge, skill and helpfulness to works as a team to overcome very difficult encounters.
  • An Officer team dedicated to do what is best for the guild and the raid team.  This includes benching someone that is low DPS or fails to mechanics.
  • A fair loot system.
  • Organization and transparency, so everyone knows what is going on and what is expected.
  • Guilds repairs 24/7 along with providing all consumables.
  • A strive to progress forward through current content pushing ourselves along with you to be the best that we can be.
  • An active, mature, fun group of people who you will actually enjoy seeing on raid day!

We ask a lot of our raiders, but our goal is to hold everyone to the same standards — from GM to Recruit — so everyone is getting back as much out of Pandaemonium as they put in!

If what is stated above sounds like what you want, we welcome your application.

Current Recruiting Needs
We are currently recruiting for all classes and specs, and we encourage all to apply as we build a team to finish out this expansion on a high note.

We do ask that all applicants keep in mind that the main focus of this guild and it's recruiting officers is to put together a team that can make solid progress on any boss we stand in front of (or behind). We are not here to coddle anyone, we are not here to belittle anyone, but to put the best 20 players together to accomplish any task set before us.

While we are putting together our team for Legion, we may put together Heroic runs, or even a Mythic if we can field the team for it.

If you have any questions before you apply, please don't hesitate to contact one of the recruiting officers:

  • Shredar (Joe#12534)
  • Ziudrivat (Cwise61#1751)
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