[EU - Khadgar] [H] <Crescent> 10man - 3raids/week

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About us:

'Crescent' is an adult, English-speaking guild which strives for progress and excellence in game play. We're looking for mature players who enjoy a very sociable atmosphere as well as a healthy progression with no yelling or finger-pointing in raids. Most of our core raiders come from Scandinavia & UK, the average age is around 26 (both co-gms are 30+, very experienced, raiding/leading since Vanilla).

Our progression:

5.1: 5/16 hc (the guild transferred to Khadgar in February)

5.2: 2/12

Raid times:

Wednesday, Sunday, Monday 19:20 - 23:00


- 21 years of age or above

- experience with heroic/hardmode progression raiding (the past expansions DO count!)

- geared for current content, with professions, gems, enchants and reforging

- repaired and equipped with Flasks, Food & Elixirs before each raid

- high attendance

- able to use Mumble (voice chat)

Actively recruiting:

Druid: tank & healer

Monk: tank & dps

Warrior: dps

Death Knight: open

Priest: open

Shaman: open

Warlock: CLOSED

Hunter: CLOSED

Rogue: open

Mage: open

Paladin: healer

Hybrid classes are expected to have a raid-ready offspec.

If this sounds like the guild for you, then apply today!

More information can be found on: http://www.crescent-khadgar.enjin.com/ or by contacting Lionizer#2931 and Dyaeblca#2972

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