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Hello Everyone,

We are a semi-hardcore level 25 Alliance Guild from US Aerie Peak.

Unfortunately, this will be another one of those recruitment post, but WAIT!

We do offer a-lot, such as:

- a very friendly atmosphere, a lot of laid-back folks (outside of raid of course).

- a mature community; away from all those kids! (don't let the age range fool ya!)

- a community with a fair system (loot, raid slots, no cliques, no trolls, no drama)

- a community that accepts; casual players, avid PVP players, and dedicated raiders!

And to top that off, we offer Asian gnome strippers! And yes, they will accept copper, mastercard, visa, and paypal. No C.O.D please!

All we ask from you:

- have the same mindset as described above

- if you do plan on being a dedicated raider:

  • you must be active, and punctual
  • you must show up to the 2 nights dedicated for raiding
  • you must know that you are expected to carry your own weight
  • you must also be okay to take constructive criticism ( able to take responsibility and not blame others for your own mistakes!)

Our Schedules:

Group 1: wed & thur @ 6-9 p.m PST

Group 2: mon & tue @ 6-9 p.m PST

All other activities are being done on weekends such as:

  • Night for pvp drunk night!
  • Night for rbgs
  • ALT toons run
  • Guild Farm nights
  • ... and many more.


Group1: 1 tank 1 rdps (non hunter please)

Group 2: OPEN for all

PvP: We are LFM ALL are always welcome!


Contact Us:



As you can tell from this post, we are a casual guild but when it comes to progression we do like to be focused, so don't let the "casual" stop you from joining us! What makes us seem casual is the 2 nights a week we spend on raiding, as oppose to some that raids 5-6 nights a week.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post, and if we are not the right fit for you, we hope you all the good luck in finding the right guild for you! Again, thanks and GL!

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