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5.4 Fury Warrior Tips, Talents and gear FAQ

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This guide is an attempt answer some queestions that Fury Warriors might have. In it, I'll do my best to try and write down some thoughts, notes and tips on how to better play your Fury warrior.

I mostly wrote this guide from hands-on experience, supported by a bit of napkin math and Simcraft, but the main point of it is to make people understand how the spec "feels". You can give a weapon to a warrior, but you can't run it through his enemies' bodies for him.

Should you have any comments, questions or tips to share about the rotation, tips, gear or talents, just ask them down below and I will do my best to answer any question and reply to your comments as soon as I can.

Note: This is only a Fury guide, which I will maintain updated to the best of my abilities. The Protection guide has been written and is being maintained by Estarriol and can be found here. The Arms guide is written and maintained by Sajakain and can be found here.


5.4 Fury Warrior

0) 5.4 Changes

Quite a lot has changed for warriors in 5.4, here's a summary of the changes that are going to affect Fury Warriors:

  • Warrior Stances now have a 1.5-second cooldown (down from 3 seconds).
  • Deep Wounds damage has been increased by 65%.
  • Hamstring is no longer on a global cooldown.
  • Intervene now also breaks roots and snares when used. (Changed back in 5.4.2)
  • Shattering Throw no longer costs rage.
  • Shield Wall and Spell Reflection no longer requires a shield.
  • Titan’s Grip now works with polearms.
  • Bladestorm's cooldown has decreased to 60 seconds (down from 1.5 minutes).
  • Bloodbath's snare and bleed effects are now two separate debuffs.
  • Both healing components of Enraged Regeneration have been buffed by 100%.
  • Impending Victory has been buffed slightly.
  • Storm Bolt now has a duration of 4 seconds (up from 3 seconds), and has an off-hand attack for Fury Warriors.
  • Vigilance no longer transfers damage to the Warrior.

Most of there are quality of life changes, however, a few are noteworthy: The Vigilance change basically gives us a Pain Suppression, so it's going to become a very useful CD to have in raids. Also, the Storm Bolt buff makes it very attractive to Fury Warrior. With the CD reduction trinket, you can fit Storm Bolt inside every CS which should make it a batter choice than Bloodbath when Warriors get their BiS gear.

1) Frequently asked questions:

1.1 Fury or Arms?

Unless you are playing in a top 100 guild where every single point of DPS counts, play whichever one you prefer. You'll always have an easier time and more fun playing a spec that you're more comfortable with. Both spec are close enough that they are viable enough for casual raiding.

However, if you really care about maxing every single aspect of your DPS, you will have to Dual Spec in both DPS specs. Fury is still ahead of Arms in single target fights, however the 5.4 changes Buffed Arms cleave and AoE to a point where they destroy Fury's. At lower ilvls, however (about below 510-515) Arms will win on both ST and AoE.

To sum it up:

  • Single target: SMF or TG
  • Cleave and AoE: Arms

Note: The gap between SMF and TG is pretty small. See next question.

1.2 Single Minded Fury or Titan's Grip?

Short answer is: It doesn't matter. Just go with the best weapons you have available. The higher the ilvl, the better it is. Switching from T14N (ilvl 496) weapons to T15N (ilvl 522) alone can easily boost your DPS by 15k to 25k, depending on the secondary stats on those weapons. SMF and TG are close enough in value that going with whichever one oyu have the best set of weapons for will always give you the best results.

If you have equivalent weapons for both specs, TG will pull slightly ahead of SMF with the 5.4 changes. Once you get the CD Reduction trinket, TG with Storm Bolt is going to go even farther ahead of SMF. Considering in 5.4 AoE, Arms will be our go-to spec, TG would be a ver good choice for Fury in 5.4 if you're lucky enough to get the weapons you want.

1.3 I saw that thing where a warrior used a 2-handed weapon in his main hand and a one-handed weapon in his offhand...

DO NOT DO THIS. You are losing way too many stats while doing this. Mainly, you are not getting the 35% damage buff from Single Minded Fury, and you're lacking the bigger secondary stats of a 2-handed weapon. No matter what you do, ALWAYS use 2 weapons of the same type.

1.4 Can I go Titan's Grip for the better AoE and switch to Single Minded Fury mid-fight to benefit from the improved execute?

No. Well, actually, you *can*, but you should NEVER do this. Switching weapons puts the Single Minded Fury passive ability on a 30 seconds internal cooldown. This basically means that should you switch to 1 handed weapons mid-fight, you'll lose 30 seconds of ~35% increased DPS, which no matter how good SMF's execute is, you won't be able to make up for.

Note: Equipping a shield does not trigger this effect, though with the 5.4 change to Shield Wall you should seldon need to equip shield as Fury.

1.5 Did the haste buff in 5.2 change anything for us?

No. Same stat priority, same rotation. Fury only got one small buff in 5.2 and it doesn't change the rotation at all. The RRPM trinkets, meta gem and T15 set bonus did make haste a small bit better for us though, as long as you have all 3 of the mentioned pieces of gear on you.

2) Rotation tips

2.1 Fury's 2 speed DPS system.

Simply put, Fury lives on a 6-14 DPS priority.

What this means is, for every 20 seconds (which happens to be Colossus Smash's cooldown, not just a coincidence) you'll have 6 seconds of button smashing frenzy, followed by 14 seconds of sleeping, going to grab a coffee and taking a walk in the park.

With time, you'll learn to appreciate and live with the "micro-burst" rotation. Whereas a DoT classe's DPS timeline might look pretty constant, a Fury warrior's PDS timeline looks like a saw blade, with the DPS peaking at insane numbers every 20 seconds.

2.2 Colossus Smash

This is the ability that makes a Fury warrior's DPS so good. If you can use it correctly, you're in business. If you don't know what you're doing with that skill and only use it mindlessly every time it comes of cooldown you're doing something wrong.

For every Colossus Smash you want to have at least 60, preferably 80-90, rage pooled up. If you're below that amount, it might be worth waiting a GCD or two to get one more Bloodthirst in to get more rage. Also, you want to get into your Colossus Smash debuff window with 2 charges of Raging Blow available if possible, and at the very least 1 charge.

Once you hit the Colossus Smash button, you have 6 seconds to wreck havoc. Raging Blow is by far the skill with the most Damage per rage you have, so you want to use all its charges inside a CS window. You still want to use Bloodthirst on cooldown to generate more RB charges and more rage. Finally, you also want to spam Heroic Strike as much as your rage allows, since it is off the GCD. Heroic Leap also being off the GCD, if you don't need it for movement of if a particular positioning isn't required you can use it inside a CS window for more DPS. Should you decide to do so, just HLeap from one corner of the hitbox of the boss to the other.

A perfect CS window would look like this: BT -> CS -> RB (HS) -> BT (HS) -> RB (HS) -> RB (HS).

A sub-20% CS window would look like this: BT -> CS -> Execute -> Execute -> Execute -> Execute.

2.3 Saving Rage

When the 6 seconds CS window is over, you now have 14 seconds to prepare for the next one.

This means, no rage spending unless you really have to. (i.e. you are about to cap) The only skills you use should be the ones that are rage-free, or really cheap. In order of priority: Bloodthirst to generate rage, Dragon Roar (should you have chosen that talent) (Note: Dragon Roar Should only ever be used right before or right after a CS, when you have the Bloodbath buff on you), procced Wild Strikes (remember that with 5.2 they are now entirely free), Heroic Throw, Impending Victory (should you have chosen that talent).

If you get too close to capping rage, your default rage dump should be a non-procced Wild Strike. If the Wild Strike is currently free due to Bloodsurge OR if you're going to cap rage before WS comes off the GCD then you may use Heroic Strike to dump a bit of rage.

Note #1: Some people might feel the need to fill *all* their GCD as Fury. This is not needed. If you don't have a free, or really cheap skill off cooldown and you're not about to cap your rage, just let the GCD go without casting anything.

Note #2: You should only use Raging Blow outside of the Colossus Smash window if you reach 2 charges of it, or if its remaining charge is going to drop before CS comes off cooldown.

Note #3: Sub-20%, you can use RB outside of CS as you want to save Rage for Executes, and therefore RB isn't used inside of CS from that point on.

2.4 Berserker Rage

This pretty useful button has two main uses: First, it forces an enrage, increasing your damage by whatever % your mastery is at. Second: It forces a Raging Blow charge, allowing you to cast this spell more often.

While not totally disregarding its first function, there are 3 main uses to BR in a Fury warrior's rotation:

  • Forcing a Raging Blow proc inside of a CS window: If there is more than 2 second left to the CS debuff, you can use BR to force a RB proc and get one more RB in before the end of the CS debuff.
  • Keeping a RB charge from dropping outside of a CS window: If there's less than 1 second left on the RB charge and less than 10 seconds remaining on CS's cooldown, you can use Berserker Rage to force a new RB charge, resetting its duration and making it last long enough to use in the next CS window. This however, becomes less and less necessary as our crit goes up, because even if the RB charge doesn't make it to CS chances are BT will crit before the next CS.
  • Forcing an Enrage during a sub-20% CS. If CS doesn't crit you won't be enraged for the full duration of it, and having both enrage and CS up is a *huge* damage gain for Execute. You can use BR to force a full enrage during CS and have all 4 executes on steroids.

3) Talents and Glyphs

3.1 Talents

Whereas the Icy-Veins warrior guides have a good breakdown of which talent is best for the maximum DPS, my idea here will be to say which ones could be useful under specific circumstances, as well as defending my favorite ones. I will not go over the description of each individual talent; the IV guide does that very well already.

Tier 1:

Juggernaut can be useful only if you really charge regularly more often than every 20 seconds. However, this is really unlikely to happen. Double Time, on the other hand, is my personal choice here. It offers you a huge buff in your burst mobility.

On most fights, you're going to need to move quick from one point to another, and then you'll be able to stay around that point without needing to charge for quite some time, which gives time to get both Double Time charges back up. As I said, Juggernaut is also a very good choice, but it is very hard to use it to its full potential.

Verdict: Double Time should be default, Juggernaut whenever the movement is regular and predictable.

Tier 2:

Doing a bit of napkin math, 1 talent really pulls ahead in a perfect situation:

Second Wind heals for 3% of your health per second, or 180% per minute as long as you are below 35%.

Impending Victory heals for 20% every 30 seconds, or 40% per minute.

Enraged Regeneration (assuming you use it while enraged, which shouldn't be too hard at above 30% crit chance) heals for 40% every 1 minute.

In terms of raw healing, Second Wind has no competition. However you are almost never below 35% long enough for it to be worth it. Its strength comes from constant AoE damage, a là Heroic Will of the Emperor or Primorius when he gets the Raidwide Damage mutation, allowing you to easily survive to the damage for a few seconds before a healer heals you. Second Wind also has a Strength in being a "Choose and forget" talent.

Impending Victory's heals are a bit lackluster, however, the talent is a (minuscule) DPS increase. On top of that, if there is a fight with a lot of adds, its value is diminished as getting procs of Victory Rush overrides the purpose of this talent. Also, if there is a time where you can't melee the boss or the adds, Impending Victory is useless to help you in those situations.

Enraged Regeneration is a good cooldown, however it has a rather long 1 minute cooldown. It is still a substantial 40% heal every 1 minute. In a situation where there is some predictable big burst of damage coming every 1 minute to 90 seconds, (i.e. Tortos' Quake Stomp) Enraged Regen is a strong cooldown to rapidly top you off. It also gains strength in situation where you can't melee your ennemies and therefore can't use Impending Victory (i.e Lei Shen transition phases).

Verdict: Enraged Regen or Impending Victory depending on the type of fight, Second Wind in very specific fights (or for soloing old stuff).

Tier 3:

If there are spells to interrupt: Disrupting Shout.

If there are adds that need slowing: Piercing Howl

If there are adds that need to be rooted *and* there is someone else that can mass-slow them: Staggering Shout

Verdict: See above.

Tier 4:

This one is between Dragon Roar and Bladestorm.

  • If the fight is purely single target, go Dragon Roar.
  • If there is 2 targets or more that you can hit with Bladestorm at any point in the fight, take it.
  • However, if you're part of a chain stun rotation on groups of mobs more often than once per minute (think Challenge Mode dungeons), then go Shockwave.

Verdict: Dragon Roar on single target, Bladestorm on AoE.

Tier 5:

This one is a fight by fight basis.

Safeguard if you need to often reduce damage on an ally, be careful if you use it on a tank, you are going to eat the boss' next melee attack.

Mass Spell Reflect if there is spells worth reflecting on other raid members. If you're only using it to reflect spells of yourself, then make a macro to equip your shield and cast Spell Reflect and get a better tier 5 talent.

Vigilance if your raid can make use of another external cooldown. As of 5.4, Vigilance doesn't transfer damage to you anymore, so you can freely use it on any raid member without fear of dying.

My default choice is Vigilance, you never have too many defensive cooldowns. However, remember to switch to any of the other 2 talents if combat mechanics make them more useful.

Verdict: Vigilance by default, Safeguard or MSA if they can serve your raid better.

Tier 6:

Number wise, Storm Bolt and Bloodbath are the only 2 viable options. For TG, Storm Bolt barely outclasses Bloodbath and should be your default choice for 5.4 (Though BB is close enough that you shouldn't fare too bad if you prefer to keep it). If you decide to take Storm Bolt you'll want to use it on cd even though half the uses won't benefit from CS.

For SMF, you will want to keep bloodbath until you get the CD reduction trinket (Evil Eye of Galakras), and at least the Flex version (LFR one won't cut it). In that case, you should take Stormbolt, as it will line up with every Colossus Smash for massive damage.

Verdict: For SMF: Bloodbath, unless you have Flex+ Evil Eye of Galakras trinket, then go Storm Bolt. For TG: Storm Bolt or Bloodbath until Galakras trinket, then Storm Bolt.

3.2 Glyphs


I cannot stress enough how awesome Unending Rage is. Take it. 20 more rage to pool for CS windows is pure awesome.

Heroic Leap is very good too. You can never have enough mobility. Take it, unless some other glyphs are better suited for the situation.

Your other choices are: Rude Interruption if you have anything at all to interrupt is a DPS increase. If you don't have a druid, rogue or protection warrior to keep the sunder armor debuff applied, you can use the glyph of Colossus Smash to keep the debuff applied yourself. Finally, if there is a lot of AoE, Raging Wind is a DPS increase.


They are all cosmetic. So take Blazing Trail. Fiery Charge. Come on guys, what can be more awesome?

4) Gear

4.1 Stat priority

Without inv_jewelry_orgrimmarraid_trinket_03.jpgThok's Tail Tip:

  • Hit (to 7.5) = Exp (to 7.5) > Crit (to ~42-43%) >= Str >= Mastery > Crit > Haste > Hit (to hard cap)
With inv_jewelry_orgrimmarraid_trinket_03.jpgThok's Tail Tip:
  • Hit (to 7.5) = Exp (to 7.5) > Crit (to infinity and beyond) > Mastery >= Str > Haste > Hit (to hard cap)
Note #1: If you don't have the legendary Meta Gem and/or RPPM trinkets, Haste will go below Hit (to hard cap) in both lists.

Note #2: The list above is only a rough representation of what your stat priority should look like. Since many stats can overcome each other at different gearing tresholds (Crit/Str/Mastery mainly) you're better off simming yourself to see where your own stat priority is at.

4.2 Weapons

Available weapons in Siege of Orgrimmar are as follow:

  1. 1 Handed:
  2. 2 Handed
Always remember the rule that generally, an higher ilvl weapon will be better than a lower one.

For TG, Xal'atoh will obviously be BiS. For SMF, Kil'ruk's Furious Blade will be BiS unless you are an Orc, in which case Malkorok's Skullcleaver will be your go to weapon.

4.3 Trinket ranking

Once again taken from Collision, on the US Warrior Forums

Click here to see the full results of the simulations.

For single target:

  1. Evil Eye of Galakras
  2. Thok's Tail Tip
  3. Skeer's Bloodsoaked Talisman
  4. T15 Trinkets (Primordius > Ji Kun > Twins)
  5. Fusion-Fire Core
For AoE (At least 3 targets):
  1. Fusion-Fire Core
  2. Evil Eye of Galakras
  3. Thok's Tail Tip
  4. Skeer's Bloodsoaked Talisman
  5. T15 Trinkets (Primordius > Ji Kun > Twins)

And you've come to the end of my small guide. I hope it did help you. If you have any question or comments about this guide or Fury warriors in general, just post them down below or send me a private message.

I will also take in considerations demands and suggestions about things I should add, remove or fix in this guide with open arms :)


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Allright, I call this one tentatively *almost* complete. I need to do quite a but of simming to get the right value on the trinkets, though I can say for pretty much certain that Gaze of the Twins and Primordus' Talisman of Rage will be BiS.

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Added temporary trinket ranking (looks like Fabled feather and Gaze are actually BiS, though if you can't get rid of the Hit on Ji-Kun, Primordius' Talisman will be pretty good too)

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Great guide, easy to understand and I do appreacate the discussion on CS (no longer mindlessly using it on CD). Just have one stupid question. From the tanking prespective (espically as prot warrior), the main problem I have is getting threat, not keeping it. The pull is always the most stressful part, espically in dealing with mobs. So, from that point of view, dpsers using dragon roar is my nightmare due to the pushback. I haven't seen to many warriors using dragon roar at all, but I have screamed at some druids for using typhoon on pull, making it very difficult to get threat on a group of splitting mobs. I'm not sure on what your (or others) experience has been on this, but I've tried to think about the tank's job when dpsing. Not sure if anyone has thought of this or if this has ever been a problem for other tanks, but thought I would throw in my two cents.

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[...] So, from that point of view, dpsers using dragon roar is my nightmare due to the pushback. I haven't seen to many warriors using dragon roar at all, but I have screamed at some druids for using typhoon on pull, making it very difficult to get threat on a group of splitting mobs. I'm not sure on what your (or others) experience has been on this, but I've tried to think about the tank's job when dpsing. [...]

I have talked about this quite a lot with both my tanks, and the word I got from them is that the DR pushback isn't enough to be much of an annoyance. Their main AoE threat abilities (i.e. Blood Boil and Spinning Crane Kick, since I raid with a blood dk and Brewmaster monk) have a bigger range than the pushback of DR, so it's not too bad. The main concern, I think, is to make sure that the DPS warrior know to react in the event where they pull aggro. (Usually Die by the Sword is enough to survive until the tank regains aggro).

A druid's typhoon or a shammy's thunderstorm are something else however, because their pushback is much bigger.

Finally, I will say that opening with DR is not that bad of an idea, if you know that your tanks can keep aggro, since you usually have 1 or 2 GCD's to wait on the pulls for your enchants/trinkets to proc before you pop all your CDs. However, I have seen a lot of warriors using DR after the CS window too. Both ways work, it all depends on how confident your tank is of keeping aggro.


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First off thanks for the guide! I love the advice. It is written in warrior speak and easy to understand and apply. I have been raiding as Arms and I am trying to transition into Fury. I prefer Arms but to help my guild, I need to be able to take the next step and max out my deeps as SMF or TG, depending on weapon drops. This guide is a great starting point for learning the rotations and what to do and not do. Thanks again!

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Switching weapons puts the Single Minded Fury passive ability on a 30 seconds internal cooldown.

Do you know if equipping a shield in the offhand slot (through a macro in order to pop Shield Wall) triggers this?

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I don't think so, but I'll check tomorrow -- going to bed right now. I'll give you an answer as soon as I know.

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I don't think so, but I'll check tomorrow -- going to bed right now. I'll give you an answer as soon as I know.

Nevermind, silly question, I just checked - it does not!

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I was wondering if you would have any recommendations on how to macro Bloodthirst /heroic strike together if possible and the same for RB an HS

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You should not macro Heroic Strike with any ability, as the use of heroic strike cannot really be predicted.

You only ever want to use HS in 2 situations: First, if you're about to rage-cap and Wild Strike is either free (procced) or currently on cooldown. Second: During Colossus Smash, as much as your rage allows. So your HS usage depends very much on how current rage level and macroing it would not only make its use non-optimal, it would probably even be disruptive to your rotation,

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So what do you think about trinkets? ATM I'm using upgraded Heroic Primo and normal Gaze. I didn't see any Ji-Kun trinkets so far (we killed it 8times in normal and 8 times in HC mode + 16 bonus roll, 0 trinket Posted Image )

Im planning to use hc primo and hc jikun if it drops. or hc gaze is better than hc primo? I think jikun's trinket should be nr 1 but what should be nr2? Posted Image 3% crit always and str procc or str always and crit procc....huge dilemma Posted Image

Edited by Tomekk87

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It's in the list at the end of the post, but at equivalent ilvls, Gaze is better than Prim, mainly because the buff lasts 20 seconds, and therefore you will be able to carry it into CS even if it procs at an inappropriate time.

Also, proc rate on Prim is low enough that you almost never see past 3 stacks of it.

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thanks for your answer :) maybe I will try both versions and we'll see ;) btw I had lots of times 5 stacks of rampage sometimes it even procced when I had 5, soooooo... I like this trinket :)

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I've looked at my logs just for fun, and in my last 3 raiding night (a bit over 9h total) this trinket stacked to 5 a grand total of 10 times. I don't have the heroic version just yet but still... It's not a *bad* trinket, like Spark is for example, but Gaze is definitely better.

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So what about WS during CS bursts? What's it's priority? Let's say you have a RB proc and a WS proc. RB goes first I suppose? And then you spam WS while also spamming HS and keeping BT on cooldown?

And what if RB procs during the Execution phase? Do I still spam Execute, or can I use the RB in there too?

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Hi Snowcat. Under CS burst you have to use as many spell you can on CS time debuff.


So on your example, if you have >= 1 charge of BT & a WS proc, you have to do:


CS > ((RB+HS) > (WS + HS) > BT > (WS + HS) > (WS+HS) ...


if you have a RB proc on the BT, of course you replace (WS+HS) by a RB + HS


Most important is that you arrived on CS time with max rage (120 with glyph) + Enrage (debuff of course)


Do not forget to use berserk rage to get RB.


You have a lot of different priorities depending on your rage, your proc, your enrage buff


PS: You can switch (WS+HS) on rotation if you do not have RB proc by a HeroicLeap under CS debuff. (particulary, if you have many mobs)


Hope it will help you.

Edited by epurator

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You only want to use WS during CS if you don't have a RB charge. RB's Damage is much higher than WS, but in the event where you weren't lucky enough to get enough RBs to fill in your CS, WS is the next best alternative.


Keep in mind that a non procced WS costs 30 rage, so if you use one during CS you won't be able to use HS as much.


RB becomes a simple filler during Execute phase, so you want to use your charges as soon as they pop, because RB is cheap. During CS you exclusively want to use Execute as it is by far your highest damage ability. Outside of CS, RB takes priority over Execute unless you have 90+ rage.

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I edited the guide with most of the 5.4 changes, and I changed the formatting a bit too, should be easier to read now.


I just need to update the BiS trinket list and the guide should be set for 5.4, but for those who are really curious BiS trinkets should be between these 3:


inv_jewelry_orgrimmarraid_trinket_11.jpgEvil Eye of Galakras

inv_jewelry_orgrimmarraid_trinket_06.jpgSkeer's Bloodsoaked Talisman

inv_jewelry_orgrimmarraid_trinket_03.jpgThok's Tail Tip

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Preliminary math shows that Evil Eye of Galakras & Thok's Tail Tip should be BiS.


Tier 6 Talent should be StormBolt for Titan's Grip, whereas SMF will want to keep bloodbath until we can get our hands on the Galakras trinket.


Also added your SoO weapon choices in the OP.

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Ragebarr, thank you for the posts and the early gear evaluation. My PTR testing was inconclusive because it was so difficult to find stable groups running the new raids, so I'll likely be testing both Fury and Arms in 5.4 live to see which I prefer, but this reminds me of the Dragon Soul days, when so many Fury warriors (myself included) switched to Arms for better output.


I was rather sad to see the usage of polearms  as the only Fury-specific change in 5.4, and to make matters worse, the only strength polearm in SoO has Haste on it. Oh, the humanity!

Edited by Larssen

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The polearm change is mostly a QoL change, as it didn't make sense to have 2h str weapons unusable by Fury warriors imo. As far as the stats on them, there isn't must you can do, other than hoping for next tiers to have polearms with better stats.


As far as the DPS numbers go, I'm really mitigated. In a sense I'm sad that I'll have to go Arms on some fights to be optimal, but on the other hand I'm glad Fury is still viable so I won't have to stay Arms full time.

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      Our raid times are Tuesday and Thursday from 5:30PM to 8:30PM server (PST) with raid invitations sent out a few minutes prior to that.
      We're interested in you if you fit the following criteria:
      Raid attendance is essential. We don't want people sitting on the bench but we also want to make sure we're raiding 6 hours per week. We expect you to be available for at least 90% of our raids. Be on time and prepared for raids. This includes flasks and other consumables. Discord is mandatory and a working mic is desired. You're appropriately geared for our current content. Effort and thought have been put into your gear/gem/enchant choices. You wouldn't show up for a job interview looking like a *filtered*, why would you apply to a guild with improper gems or some insane spec? You're up to date with your class. We expect our raiders to perform to the best of their abilities. You have a computer that's not run with hamster power or requires a hand crank. Some encounters are taxing on a computer's resources so if your toon can't even handle Orgrimmar it's not likely to do well with 20+ whelps that need AOE'ing. You may be interested in us because:
       <Fun is for Casuals> uses the personal loot system. There is no loot council, or DKP. We won't eat your babies the first time you stand in something you have no business being in. Repeatedly do it and we'll break out the bibs and BBQ sauce. We provide a limited amount of consumables and flasks on hard mode raid nights.  Discord isn't a circus during raids. We're focused on the job at hand and you should be too. We don't want someone to miss a an interrupt because they were distracted by fart jokes. We are not interested in you if you fit the following criteria:
      You roll on BoE items then sell them. Unwilling/unable to spend an entire evening on one boss during progression. While this is rare, it can happen. Drama queens. If you have a problem bring it up to E. This is his job. Don't announce it in guild chat or during a raid. Your issue will have nothing to do with 99% of the guild. You are 17 or younger. We try to keep guild and discord chat PG-13 but occasionally a few four letter words appear out of nowhere. Additionally, we don't want someone's mom interrupting their raiding to get homework or the dishes done. Follow the instructions at https://gow.gg/fun-is-for-casuals under the Recruitment tab if you would like to apply.
    • By Daevilmonkie
      Welcome Adventurers! The time has come upon us, FINALLY! The moment in Classic WoW history us diehard, loyal WoW nerds have all been waiting for. WRATH CLASSIC! Arthas Did Nothing Wrong (ADNW) has just begun recruiting (For WotLK Classic) hard-core, casual, rp, pvp, pve, raiders, anything you can think of, you are welcomed here. Although our main focus in ADNW will be progressive raiding, 10 and 25 man and pvp content, we look to have someone for just about anything. Currently we are recruiting for our CORE 10M team composed entirely of irl / internet homies. We are in need of just 1 HEALER (Highly prefer a disc priest with a shadow off spec) and another DPS. Preferably lock or Shadow priest. We are looking to fill our B 10m team entirely, so we can pool together for 25 man’s when it comes time to crush 25m. This guild was founded by a group of tight nit friends recently, who have been around since TBC. WOTLK was our turning point in WoW, and we CANNOT wait to get another crack at this and MAKE IT RIGHT. Come join the adventure of a chill environment full of helpful hands and knowledge. Feel free to reach out to me Via Discord: Daevilmonkiexp#9239 OR Bnet: Daevilmonkie#1280 just let me know you are interested in the guild and we can have a convo! ARTHAS DID NOTHING WRONG!
    • By Azhurea
      Shattered Fates is seeking Heroic Raiders for AOTC
      We are Heroic raiding team in Shattered Fates on US-Alleria/Exodar/Khadgar/Medivh.
      We raid on Thursday & Friday, from 8pm CST to 11PM CST.
      We are 9/11 Heroic Sepulcher
      We are an AOTC focused raid team established in Legion. We are a friendly, casual team that works together to have fun and kill bosses. We are looking for like minded people to fill out our ranks.
      Contact Azhurea-Medivh , or Moirasha-Medivh
      Team Noz Requirements 9.2
      Item Level 250.
      Appropriate progress with Soulbinds/Conduits for role and spec.
      Majority optimal stats
      Appropriate trinkets, gems, & enchants.
      Knowledge of class mechanics, optimal rotation, and optimal talents per type of encounter.
      Ability to follow all instructions and strategies. 
      Effective communication skills for use of Discord.
      Regular attendance with notification in advance for absences.
      Ability to work well as part of a team. 
      Team Noz is recruiting all DPS specs, plus DPS with Healer OS.
      Shattered Fates gladly welcomes casual members.
      In Game Azhurea-Medivh
      BN: Azhurea#1665
      Disc: Azhurea#5188
    • By Velovictus
      Heyas all! Here's a short music video paying homage to all the protection warriors out there Much Love!
    • By Tsukoyomi
      I am going the corpselance support build for Necromancer and the build has me taking Corpselance with Brittle and the pestilence set on top of that, if I were to take off the ability Corpselance and change it to another ability say for example Bone Spikes with Frost spikes, would the damage decrease an amount that it would not be worth it?
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