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Returning Warrior just a bit confused about Arms

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I quit about a month after Mists came out due to lots of logistics issues with the 10-man raids and my guild imploding due to just not being able to progress at all in MSV. I recently resubbed and dusted off my level 90 Warrior (who is in heroic blue gear, ~463 iLevel). I am (or was before I quit) main spec Prot and offspec Arms/Fury whichever was better at the time.

Prot seems largely the same as I recall from Mists launch, but I'm trying to wrap my head around the recent Arms changes because they certainly changed from what I recall before leaving. With the changes to Overpower, do we have more of a strict rotation now? It seems like we do something like:

CS (if up and not applied) > MS (on cooldown) > OP x2 > (Filler: Slam/Roar/Throw/etc) > (Repeat)

but sometimes I'll hit the Filler portion and not have the rage to do a Slam, and I've used the others. Is there more to this deceptively simple priority? With 2 OPs being generated minimum, by the time those two are used MS usually ends up being off cooldown, or close to it.

I'm clearly missing something, but what?

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I think you just need to switch MS with CS in the priority. Rage feels quite different for arms since 5.2. Using MS on cooldown is your absolute priority. Once you've used MS, CS and your OPs, then just go with Dragon Roar>Impending Victory>Slam. By then MS should be off cooldown again.

If you're careful, you should not be rage starved.

If you find yourself nearing 80 rage, then you can get 1 heroic strike in your rotation, but do not overuse it, else you will definitely get yourself rage-starved.

Hope this answers your question,


P.S.: In a week or 2, I'll try to have my Arms Tips and FAQ Guide up on these forums, it should answer this kind of questions, hopefully... No prmoises though, I'm raiding as Fury/Prot atm so I don't have as much time as I'd like to give to arms... :(

In the meantime I'll stay on these forums to answer any question I can :)

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The new changes with 5.2 to the Arms Warrior can take a little bit to wrap your head around after coming back from a previous patch and tier but, honestly, it's not that much more difficult.

As a starter I would encourage you to review the guide here on Icy Veins centering around the Arms Warrior Rotation. It is a good starting point to know what should, idealistically, be taking place.

Personally I am an Arms Warrior. I know the tables show Fury as doing better but I prefer Arms and, unless something changes, will always prefer Arms. The past two tiers I have been fortunate to have my DPS spec be my main spec (I was Prot MS three tiers proir). I say this simply because I want you to know I am speaking from experience as a main spec Arms Warrior in 5.2. Posted Image

For further reference, (whether it be good or bad), you can also check out one of my latest logs on 25M Jin'rokh.


With all this said, (and with hopes of not just repeating the guide provided by Icy Veins), I manage my priorities in this manner:

  • Mortal Strike
  • Colosuss Smash
  • Execute
  • Overpower x2 (Sometimes fewer / more*)
  • Dragon Roar
  • Slam
  • Heroic Strike
Now there are factors that can affect this list or the ability that I use. Rage pool, execution phase, procs, cooldown availability, etc, all play into it. For instance when you are in the execute phase you are opened up to Sudden Execute which makes your Overpower free for quite some time and that time refreshes with every execute.

If managed right there will be very few times you are raged starved because you're usually at the top of the list I provided. Keep in mind you also have Battle Shout / Commanding Shout and Berserker Rage to grant you rage as well.

If you do come across a time you are raged starved (which it can happen, do not get me wrong), then I simply pop Battle Shout or Berserker Rage. You also have options as those abilities that do not cost rage such as Dragon Roar.

I hope this helps. If you should have any questions do not hesitate to ask. I'll be glad to clarify anything. Welcome back to World of Warcraft!

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