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[US-Ysondre] [H] Old School Hooligans

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You want to join Old School Hooligans because:

- It is a casual guild that makes the most out of their play time while having fun.

- They maintain a positive, respectful, and mature community environment.

- They are considerate of the needs or desires of players with families.

- They understand that real life is more important than the game.

- They have been around since Wrath of the Lich King.

- They have an active roster that currently peaks between 20 and 30 players on at a time.

- They have officers dedicated to PvE, PvP, achievements, and pre-Mists of Pandaria content runs.

- Their calendar is always full of raids, PvP, achievement runs, and other fun stuff.

- They have two Pandaria raid groups, are building a third, and have future plans for 25-man raids.

- There are many members who are doing arena, and regular/rated BGs together.

- The guild bank is kept stocked with useful items that people actually need or want.

- They have an awesome website with active forums.

- They do not tolerate asshattery!

- Making friends is awesome, and way more fun than playing alone!

- You are for the Horde!

For more information regarding the guild, please take a moment to visit our website at:


Players interested in our guild are encouraged to contact Truzzle (aka Zorpep/Macheezmo) or Adajade (aka the various characters beginning with Ada) in game. These two officers are a husband/wife team dedicated to introducing new guild mates and helping with any questions or concerns that come up during recruitment.

Edited by Truzzle

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We're still looking for some of everything. Tanks and healers are always a plus, especially a tank that can commit to a Friday night raid. Edited by Truzzle

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There are very few large active guilds on Ysondre left, and we are one of them! We're raiding, doing rated, non-rated, and world PvP, doing achievement runs, and leveling alts. It's much more fun to do things with awesome people, so send me a message if you are looking for a great community to join!

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